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CBeebies Radio Podcast

By CBeebies Radio

It's CBeebies for your ears! CBeebies Radio takes you to a world of sound and music where you can share imaginative adventures and listen to stories and songs with your favourite CBeebies friends and characters. CBeebies Radio is a BBC Radio service for pre-school children and can help to develop their listening skills and imaginations. It is only available in the UK. A podcast consisting of an array of classic and iconic CBeebies characters will be available every day from 6am as well as bonus podcasts and podcast compilations for those special moments throughout the year.


Go Jetters: Radio Recruits - Dartmoor

The Radio Recruits get their walking boots on for this episode based in Dartmoor National Park, a vast area of moorland in Devon, famous for its geology and spectacular views. Take the trail with the Radio Recruits as they search Haytor for a special quarry, a granite tramway and lots of wonderful wildlife.Go Jetters: Radio Recruits introduces little listeners to famous landmarks around the United Kingdom. Guided by their disco-loving mentor, Ubercorn, our Radio Recruits explore new places and discover ‘funky facts’! #CBeebiesRadio
26/05/2416m 21s

Nick Cope's Popcast - Old People

Nick is performing at a special birthday party and needs a poptastic list of songs to sing. He can’t believe his eyes when the birthday girl calls up to check on the list, and together they write today’s Popcast song.
25/05/242m 36s

Enna Gee's Adventures - Spinning Wheels

Enna is on a bike ride to see her friend Jayden, who's training at the track. In this series, Enna Gee explores the wonders of energy and power.
24/05/249m 58s

Roots and Fruits - Mango

Live from the Roots and Fruits theatre, it’s the magical wish granter Mango, ready to make all the cast wishes come true!
23/05/245m 46s

Bitz & Bob: Finding Out - Ice Cream

Bitz & Bob send Charlie, James and Grace to an ice cream factory in Cheshire to find out how ice cream is made. They join Food Scientist Sue in the factory as she explains how amazing inventions have made ice cream much cheaper and quicker to make. They also get to have a go at being food scientists and make their own flavour of ice cream! #CBeebiesRadio
22/05/2410m 9s

Hey Duggee Songs - The Numbers Song

Come and join the number jam - it's counting with Duggee!
21/05/242m 48s

Numberblocks Tales - Ten Little Numberblobs

Guess who’s hiding behind the wall of Ten’s super sandcastle.
20/05/243m 13s

Andy and the Band - We're Family

A song that captures all the adventures Andy and the Band have been on!
19/05/242m 1s

Supertato: The Tato Radio Show - The Broccoli Boogie Goes Badly

Supertato and his co-host Carrot are joined by their guest Broccoli down in the music aisle who will be teaching the dance craze that’s got the supermarket swinging. But when Evil Pea steals the beatbox and the music stops will it be the end of the Broccoli Boogie on today’s show or will Supertato come to the rescue?
18/05/249m 41s

Roots and Fruits - Fig

Live from the Roots and Fruits theatre, it’s the nicest, kindest Fig, performing his song Just Can’t Help Being Sweet!
17/05/244m 58s

Do You Know? - Piano

You’ll never guess how a piano works! Listen along with Maddie to find out.Listen… what’s that sound? Can you guess what it is? Listen along with Maddie as she explains how lots of fun and interesting things work at home and at school. #CBeebiesRadio
16/05/2410m 51s

Nick Cope's Popcast - Toads

It’s getting dark. Nick and the Popcasters spend an exciting evening helping the toads to cross the road. Will they get them all safely back to their pond to be with their friends and family? Norman waits to find out.
15/05/242m 46s

Sarah and Duck - The Cake Bake

Sarah and Duck are baking a cake for Duck's birthday. Don't forget to listen to the sounds - there's a quiz at the end of the show! Sarah and Duck embark on exciting adventures on #CBeebiesRadio, exploring the world both near and far in their own wobbly and imaginative way.
14/05/2413m 49s

Mindful Moments on CBeebies Radio

It's Mental Health Awareness Week and CBeebies Radio is marking this occasion with some mindful songs from Love Monster Book Cub, Alphablocks, Tee and Mo, Colourblocks, Hey Duggee and some mindful shows from Sarah and Duck and Musical Storyland.
13/05/2436m 27s

Hey Duggee Songs - The Singing Song

Mrs Weaver the Beaver treats us to a proper good old fashioned singalong!
13/05/243m 24s

Go Jetters: Radio Recruits - The Lake District

The Radio Recruits meet a Lake Ranger and sail on England’s longest lake, Lake Windermere. Together they go out on a boat and see the places that inspired Beatrix Potter's famous animal stories. Go Jetters: Radio Recruits introduces little listeners to famous landmarks around the United Kingdom. Guided by their disco-loving mentor, Ubercorn, our Radio Recruits explore new places and discover ‘funky facts’!
12/05/2419m 43s

CBeebies Bedtime Stories: Olly Alexander - Perfectly Norman

It's nearly time for Eurovision! And Olly Alexander is here with a special Bedtime Story, about a little boy who learns to accept that being different makes him fabulous.
11/05/244m 57s

Yakka Dee Songs - I Love Me

Let's Yakka Yak and sing with Dee about everything I love about me!
11/05/243m 33s

Roots and Fruits - Raspberry

Live from the Roots and Fruits theatre, it’s Raspberry performing It’s Cool to Be Kind and being extremely kind and very helpful to everyone.
10/05/245m 19s

Alphablocks - Up

The adventures of 26 lively letters who can make words come to life by holding hands. U gets the balloon ride of his life, but he is still unhappy - or so he thinks!

JoJo & Gran Gran -It's Time To Help The Bees

Its spring time and JoJo and Gran Gran are on a mission to help the bees.
08/05/2410m 37s

Nick Cope's Popcast - What We Gonna Do

It’s a rainy day, and Nick and Norman are bored. What can they do? The Popcast Planners help write a rainy day song and have lots of fun ideas for Nick and Norman to do outside.
08/05/242m 15s

Love Monster Book Cub - Fluffytown Bubble Factory

Join Book Cub at the Fluffytown Bubble Factory for some lovely breathing exercises.
08/05/242m 23s

Numberblocks Tales - Nine and the Windy Day

How do the Three Threes help Nine with his washing on a very windy day?
08/05/2411m 43s

Hey Duggee -The Feelings Song

Join the rabbits in a joyful exploration of feelings. They’re in their feelings man.
08/05/243m 43s

Mr Tumble Radio Show - Counting with Fisherman Tumble

Mr Tumble’s guest Fisherman Tumble counts along to Five Little Speckled Frogs, Two Little Dicky Birds and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive. Plus Aunt Polly has her Top 5!
08/05/2412m 40s

Colourblocks - A Colourful Journey

The Colourblocks are on an airship travelling through Colourland in this colourful song.
08/05/244m 0s

CBeebies Radio Music Time

This May, it's Eurovision and we are celebrating CBeebies Style with dazzling and catchy songs from Hey Duggee, Yakka Dee, Roots and Fruits, Go Jetters, Supertato and Andy and the Band. It's CBeebies for your ears!
06/05/2420m 19s

April's Best Bits: Part 3

It's CBeebies for your ears! Listen to all of April's best bits of CBeebies Radio in one go! A rubber duck race turns competitive for Molly and Magnus and ends in a splash for Mack and Alphablock I is having a dance party - by herself! There are also more stories and songs from Hey Duggee, Go Jetters: Radio Recruits and Andy and the Band.
29/04/2431m 58s
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