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CBeebies Radio Podcast

CBeebies Radio Podcast

By CBeebies Radio

CBeebies Radio takes you to a world of sound and music, where you can share imaginative adventures and listen to stories with your favourite CBeebies friends and characters. CBeebies Radio is BBC Radio for pre-school children and can help to develop their listening skills and imaginations. It is only available in the UK.


Mr Tumble's Radio Show - Keep Fit With Shopkeeper Tumble

Mr Tumble’s guest today is Shopkeeper Tumble who is trying to keep fit. Sing along to the classic Tumble tunes Keep Fit, Tidy Up & Sharing and Fisherman Tumble shares his Top 5!
22/09/23·13m 2s

Hey Duggee - Bedtime Song

Bedtime lullaby sung by Mrs Weaver, Katerina Flamingo and John the Crab.
21/09/23·4m 16s

Roots and Fruits - Peas

Live from the Roots and Fruits theatre, it’s the Peas performing their hap-pea double act and showing that, although they look alike, they definitely don’t think alike.
20/09/23·4m 56s

Numberblocks - Fifteen

Hush, hush! Agent Fifteen is here, with a smashing new way to save the day – the Super Special Secret Step Squad! Learn all about the number 15 with Numberblock Fifteen.
19/09/23·4m 1s

Go Jetters: Radio Recruits: Flamborough Lighthouse

The Radio Recruits report from the top of a lighthouse in Yorkshire. Listen in as they count the steps all the way to the top and find out why lighthouses are so important to sailors and ships.
18/09/23·4m 22s

Yakka Dee: I Love Love

Let's Yakka Yak and sing with Dee about love!
17/09/23·3m 23s

Mr Tumble's Radio Show: Quizzing With Aunt Polly

Join Mr Tumble for his very own radio show and today’s guest Aunt Polly is having fun with a quiz. Sing along to Little Bo Peep, The Friends Song and Ten in the Bed.
16/09/23·11m 39s

Go Jetters - That's The Way He Glitched It

Sing and dance along with Grandmaster Glitch and the grimbots!
16/09/23·1m 54s

Supertato: The Tato Radio Show - Freezy Peazy

Supertato and his co-host Carrot are joined by their guest Evil Pea down in the freezer aisle but when he hears that Chilli is not happy, Supertato does his best to wrap up the interview and help his friend. Meanwhile Evil Pea has other ideas to stop the show and freezes Supertato with her freezy hose – could this be the end for Supertato?
16/09/23·10m 42s

Numberblocks - Fourteen

Meet extreme Fourteen, the plucky skateboarder with a clever way of getting out of trouble. Learn all about the number 14 with Numberblock Fourteen!
16/09/23·3m 58s

JoJo & Gran Gran - It's Time To Go To The Ballet

It's autumn time and JoJo and Gran Gran are getting ready for JoJo’s first Ballet class!
16/09/23·11m 21s

Enna Gee's Adventures - Spinning Wheels

Enna is on a bike ride to see her friend Jayden, who's training at the track. In this series, Enna Gee explores the wonders of energy and power.
15/09/23·9m 58s

Andy and the Band - Save All The Animals

A song to remind us that every animal should be loved and protected!
15/09/23·3m 2s

Mr Tumble's Radio Show - Counting with Fisherman Tumble

Mr Tumble’s guest Fisherman Tumble counts along to Five Little Speckled Frogs, Two Little Dicky Birds and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive. Plus Aunt Polly has her Top 5!
15/09/23·12m 16s

Alphablocks - Blue

U is upside-down, next to an upside-down tree, and the whole of Alphaland is blue. How did that happen? This episode introduces the long U sounds, the digraphs '-ew-', '-ue-' and '-u-e-' and the words new, grew, blew, flew, true, blue, glue, rescue, tune, lute, flute, prune and mule.
15/09/23·4m 0s

Andy And The Band: Scrapbook

Andy and the Band celebrate all the fun times they’ve had together as friends.
15/09/23·1m 35s

JoJo & Gran Gran - It's Time To Visit The Orchard

It's autumn time and JoJo and Gran Gran are off to the urban orchard to pick apples.
06/09/23·10m 53s

Hey Duggee - Bathtime Song

Mrs Weaver singing a song about how much fun bath time is.
05/09/23·3m 34s

Supertato: The Tato Radio Show - Let's Get Quizzical

Join Supertato in the cereal aisle with Broccoli searching for answers for today’s quiz!
04/09/23·12m 27s

Go Jetters - Last Night A GJ Saved My Life

Sing along with Ubercorn and the Go Jetters.
03/09/23·1m 30s

Mr Tumble's Radio Show

Mr Tumble enjoys storytelling by Fisherman Tumble. Plus Shopkeeper Tumble has the News.
02/09/23·13m 13s

Alphablocks - Band

The Alphablocks have a battle of the bands to see which is best.
01/09/23·1m 15s

Bedtime Stories: Leah Williamson - Girls Can Do Anything

Leah Williamson reads a bedtime story celebrating girls.
31/08/23·3m 35s

Andy and the Band - Rio The Magician

A magical mission to help Rio learn magic see’s the band join Ganymede on a fantastical quest to the Cave of Doom. Look out for those fire breathing dragons!
30/08/23·16m 24s

Supertato - Supertato (Rocks) Song

This music video introduces Supertato, the new hero in the Supermarket. Together with his friends, Carrot, Broccoli, Tomato and Chilli they defeat Evil Pea. Supertato runs, dances, leaps and bursts out of ice-cream. It's Supertato to the Rescue!
29/08/23·2m 0s

Roots and Fruits - Cranberry

Live from the Roots and Fruits theatre, it’s the bouncing and singing Cranberries, who sweep everyone off their feet.
28/08/23·5m 20s

Hey Duggee - Whistling Song

What was that noise? A whistle? The squirrels want to learn how to whistle.
27/08/23·1m 28s

Supertato: The Tato Radio Show - Top Shelf Tomato

Supertato and his co-host Carrot are working together to find their guest Tomato who has gone missing since winning the Supermarket’s hide and seek championship. Supertato is having a hard time finding him for the show and meanwhile Evil Pea is trying her best to take over with her very own Evil Pea Radio. Will Supertato ever find Tomato and save the day?
26/08/23·11m 16s

Old Jack's Boat - The Flying Badge

Salty and Jack are lost near the South Pole, but they bump into Penguin who's practising for his flying badge. Can he help them? In this series, Jack tells tall stories from his fishing boat which will spark your child’s imagination and nurture their interest in stories and storytelling. #CBeebiesRadio
26/08/23·11m 54s

Something Special - Baking

Have fun baking with Stefan, his sister and mummy! In this fun series, Mr Tumble's spotty bag takes Justin and your little listener on an adventure to meet other children and hear what they are doing today #CBeebiesRadio
25/08/23·13m 55s

Numberblocks - Who Has More?

A dog and a cat are having a lovely picnic, but who has more buns?
24/08/23·1m 33s

Roots and Fruits - Coconut

Live from the Roots and Fruits theatre, it’s Coconut getting his moment in the limelight with his sea shanty Oh, the Big Waves - if he manages to overcome a little stage fright.
24/08/23·5m 16s

YolanDa's Live Jam - Mini Bassoon

Join YolanDa in her Live Jam studio with mini musician Timothy who plays the mini bassoon. Together they explore how music can make you feel different emotions; discover musical techniques and styles and share their love of music in a special live jam performance. YolanDa’s Live Jam series inspires little listeners to pick up an instrument and have fun with music.
24/08/23·15m 46s

JoJo & Gran Gran - It's Time To Have A BBQ

It’s summer time and JoJo and Gran Gran are getting ready to have a BBQ with Mummy, Daddy and Jared. They make BBQ juice drinks, listen and dance to music and even have a game of rounders, but when Daddy’s St Lucian cucumber salad gets ruined Gran Gran needs to come up with a Gran Gran plan. Thankfully Great Gran Gran is on hand to teach JoJo how to make a traditional St Lucian mango salad it’s a big hit with everyone and JoJo discovers her very own JoJo twist!
23/08/23·16m 12s
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