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Beautifully read and written audio stories for kids. The original stories podcast, founded in 2005.


Katie and the Cat Teacher

Katie is learning Latin - the language of the ancient Romans - at school. What's the point of this deadbeat language? Her mother says there is every point to learning Latin, especially if you are a witch who needs to understand magic. And as Katie is not making much progress, her mother finds her a Latin Tutor - a highly unusual one as it turns out. Read by Natasha.  Written by Bertie. 
19/02/24·14m 19s

The Chinese Year of the Dragon 2024

Happy Chinese Year of Dragon 2024! All over the world, including London’s Chinatown, you can see Chinese processions with banging drums, clashing symbols and a dragon dance performance. This story celebrates the rain-making qualities of Chinese Dragons
07/02/24·5m 59s

Stories, Science and Secrets Interview

We talk to our friends Matthew and Elaine Sweetapple, the Creators of Lost on Infinity by Rockford's Rock Opera, and we play the first episode of their story which now features in their Stories, Science and Secrets Podcast. The musical story of a dog called Rockford who travels to an island of extinct animals has been on our website for many years and is very popular.  The new podcast reveals the science secrets behind the story.
21/01/24·16m 53s

The Dutch Hotel - The Mischievous Ghost

A ghost is playing pranks on the hotel - some of them are funny but the trouble is, they are getting the hotel a bad name.   Who is the mischievous ghost? Parents might like our story of Cleopatra (for 16+)
14/01/24·20m 30s

Christmas in the Jungle

Happy Christmas! We celebrate with a story from the Jungle where Christmas is coming to the animals. Our tricky Monkey friend goes up the Big Mountain and meets a Christmas Elf. All the best to you from Storynory! What we want for Christmas? Leave us a nice comment somewhere please!
22/12/23·19m 6s

Birdy's Christmas Puzzles

Jake is hoping to go to Lapland for Christmas to see Santa, but it all depends on some precarious family finances. The answer lies in a series of puzzles. Can Jake's best friend Birdy, a smart crow, help him and his family to go on this special treat?
12/12/23·19m 41s

Birdy and the Dinosaurs

This is a story about an old friend of ours. His name is Birdy. He’s a crow who has lived for hundreds of years and known all sorts of important people, including kings and queens. In this story Birdy tells Jake that dinosaurs are not necessarily extinct. Birds, for example, are closely related to dinosaurs, and it's just possible that he and his sister might meet one or two.... Also, check out Kids Stories, Science and Secrets by Rockford's Rock Opera.
01/12/23·18m 56s

The Blue Jackal

A story from India's Panchatantra about a hungry Jackal who is dipped in blue dye. The animals in the jungle think that he is a god... and he takes full advantage of the situation. Also look out for our friends' podcast, Kids' Stories, Science and Secrets!w
19/11/23·13m 6s

The Enchanted Deer

A deer transforms into a beautiful girl and visits the village in search of a husband. A Hausa story from Nigeria. Visit for our full archive.  Also catch us on YouTube. 
07/11/23·5m 33s

Halloween Writing Competition

Here are your stories! The fantastic spooky results of our Halloween Writing Competition. And send us your Magical Holiday stories before Christmas for our next competition
31/10/23·36m 19s

Halloween Chants

Some Halloween Shakespeare! The witches chants Macbeth. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble! Our entire archive  going back to 2005 is on And our more grown-up stories are at  This is slightly different version from the chants we uploaded to YouTube with some animations.   We will be shortly reading out the winning entries from our Halloween writing competition.     
22/10/23·5m 32s

The Dutch Hotel: The Ghost Writer

Get in the mood for Halloween with a story from our spooky series, the Dutch Hotel. Every autumn,  the renowned historical novelist Angus MacPeabody works on his latest creation in Room 13, drawing inspiration from an old typewriter.... and perhaps from the ghosts of the hotel's past.
11/10/23·26m 25s

The Miracles of St Francis

Of all the saints, St. Francis of Assisi stands out for his deep love for animals and nature. His day is celebrated on the 4th of October, and it's a time when people around the world remember his teachings of peace and kindness towards all creatures. St Francis was born in the Italian city of Assisi in 1181. His father was a wealthy Silk merchant. He went against his parents’ wishes, gave up all his wealth, and became a travelling monk known as a friar. In this episode, I will tell you about a few of the miracles of St Francis, including ones involving birds, a fish, and a wolf. Read by Jana Written for Storynory by Bertie
02/10/23·7m 29s

Halloween Writing Competition

Halloween is on the way, so hurry up and get writing! Send us your spooky story by midnight London Time on October 20,2023. See for details.
26/09/23·2m 23s

Katie and the Invisible Umbrella

Katie is an ordinary girl, but there is one thing that is rather unusual about her. She’s a witch and can do magic spells. Her grandmother is a witch too, and she has a beautiful and very unusual umbrella. When Katie takes it to school, it is confiscated by Miss Vile. Then some unfortunate things start to happen. Story by Bertie. Read by Natasha More classic Katie stories at
15/09/23·17m 26s

The Clever Parrot and the Laid-Back Cat

A vigilant parrot and a carefree cat are friends with very different personalities. When their lives change all of a sudden, how will they both fare in their new environment? See and our sister podcast,
07/09/23·10m 54s

Damsel The Elephant

Damsel is the King's favourite elephant until one day she starts keeping bad company. A Jatarka fable from ancient India. See for text, and check out our sister podcast, https://, for relaxing stories of a spiritual nature.
30/08/23·10m 51s

The Enchanted Tea Kettle

The Classic story of a tea kettle that comes alive and performs circus tricks!
23/08/23·16m 25s

Master Snotty Nose

An old Woodcutter donates his logs to the River Dragon. In return, he receives a boy to look after - the boy has a constantly running nose, and is called Master Snotty Nose. Will he be a blessing or a nuisance to the old man?  Full text at
14/08/23·9m 7s

The Kind Old Woman

Another Hausa story from Northern Nigeria. A kind old woman helps a sick bull and shows everyone that being nice is the best magic of all. But watch out! Gizo the tricky spider is always up to something.
27/07/23·20m 8s

Birdy and the Magical Stardust

When the moon mysteriously disappears, it's up to Birdy to venture to the edge of the Earth and nurse her back to health with moon tea. Join Jake, a young dreamer, as he receives a special gift of stardust from Birdy, igniting a magical adventure.
06/07/23·12m 25s

Two Stories from Africa

Two charming stories from Nigeria.  The first is a funny fable about a Spider, a Hippo and an Elephant. The second is about a wise man who rides on a Hyena on the way back from Mecca.   Umar Isa Dandago links up with us from Nigeria to introduce the story and play the part of the tricky spider.  He also tells us about the Hajj,  or pilgrimage to Mecca, which is taking place now and features in the second story. 
28/06/23·17m 56s


Limericks old and new, whole stories in five silly lines of poetry! Join us on this journey down Limerick Lane. Sponsoored by Kiwico key word Story
20/06/23·8m 9s

The boy who flew in the Sun's Chariot

A Great Greek myth for you! It's a tale of a Greek boy named Phaethon and his extraordinary adventure that changed the face of the world. .Get ready for a tale of gods, superpowers, and a lesson that will stay with you! Listen on, and you will learn how the Sahara in Africa became a desert - or at least you will hear the story, according to ancient Greeks. Sponsored by - crates of innovative and educational projects.
28/05/23·21m 59s


Two fairy tales from England along the theme of "She Shall Go To the Ball!' There's a touch of Cinderella and hint of King Lear. These two stories are romantic and fun. Sponsored by Kiwico, promo code "story".
28/04/23·22m 13s

Tears of the Tigress

A little girl is sick and the doctors says the only medicine that can cure her comes from the tears of the tigress. The Monkey promises to trick the Tigress into giving up some tears. Will his tricks succeed? Dedicated to Hallie in New York.
15/04/23·24m 23s

Rowland and the Fairy Queen

Childe Rowland agrees to pay a ransom to the fairy queen to rescue the innkeeper's daughter. But is it a trap? Will the Queen steal the sword Excalibur?  Sponsored by
04/04/23·20m 46s

Rowland 3. Herbal Cure

Rowland's sister is healing the wounds of the Innkeeper - but the older brothers, Benedict and Edmond are convinced that he is a highwayman who tried to rob them. What is the innkeeper's secret? Sponsored by
26/03/23·13m 39s

Childe Rowland

Childe Rowland to the Dark Tower Came .... an ancient story from England about the son of King Arthur... and maybe the first of more stories.
06/03/23·19m 21s

Honest Jack

Happy Valentine! A folk tale from England about an honest boy who wants to marry his sweetheart - and receives some magical help. Dedicated to Edwyn in California who supports us on Patreon.
11/02/23·21m 45s

The Bear's Birthday Party

The Bear is throwing a birthday party. Should he ask the tricky Monkey to play the music for him?
30/01/23·11m 59s

The Year of the Rabbit

Wishing you prosperity for the Year of the Rabbit with this traditional Chinese story about the Moon Rabbit.
20/01/23·5m 11s

The Ramayana 3 - the Palace Plot

King Daśaratha is about to announce that his Son Rama will be the next King.  But Queen Kaikeyi wants her son to be king.  A plot unfolds and the king faces a terrible dilemma.
05/01/23·19m 37s

Katie and the Christmas Chimney

We re-release a Storynory Christmas favourite about Katie the Witch.  Katie's school is looking into Victorian times - including Chimney Sweeps.  How could this relate to  Katie's Chrismtas?  Find out! 
23/12/22·17m 23s

Bertie's Lost Christmas

We re-release a classic Bertie episode for this Christmas! 
22/12/22·26m 46s

The Cat Who Wanted to be a Monkey

Two funny stories about our tricky Monkey. The are both about wanting the impossible! In the first, Baby Bushcat wants to be a monkey - so he can play and have fun all day. In the second story, the Monkey wants to fly - but ends up falling - for a trick - and literally falling too! Thank you to Wondery for supporting the show. Check out Flip and Mozi's Guide to How to be an Earthling for fun and education.
05/12/22·16m 38s

Ramayana 2 - The Bow of Shiva

Rama tries to string the Bow of Shiva and win the hand in marriage of Princess Sita
26/11/22·26m 27s

Oh Lord of the Whole Universe

A Hindu prayer sung by Jana.  The words are universal.  Om jai Jagdish hare  Oh Lord of the Universe Swami jai Jagdish hare Mighty Lord of the whole Universe Bhakt jano ke sankat The suffering of your followers Daas jano ke sankat  The sorrows of your followers Kshan men door kare  In a moment you take them away Om jai Jagdish hare Oh Lord of the Universe
18/11/22·3m 4s

Ramayana Part 1

The Hindu gods are unhappy because demons are attacking the holy men who bring harmony to the world. The demons are sent by the evil Ravana, who cannot be killed by a god, but only by a man. The gods decide that Vishnu will be born in mortal form to take on Ravana.. In the Kingdom of Ayodhya, King Dasharatha longs for a son. Then his wives give birth to four sons, one of whom is Rama, the most powerful human alive.
27/10/22·27m 31s

Halloween Skeleton in the Cupboard

The Dutch Hotel is getting ready for Halloween. The Jones family, who manage the hotel, have an even more important event - the arrival of Grandma from Cyprus. Her name is Eleni, and she is not short of opinions about everything. She also reveals some of Mum's secrets (Mum's name is Angeleki) and the kids, Nafsi and Yogi, want to learn more. Why was mum afraid of ghosts when she was young? And why is she so against all superstition now?
10/10/22·20m 27s

Katie's Botanical Birthday

Katie's birthday is on its way. Last year her mum gave her a book on Botany! This time she wants some rollerblades and a computer. But her mum thinks that rollerblades are dangerous and computers cost a lot of money. She goes for a walk in the botanical gardens with her best friend, Isis. They are surprised to see Katie's cat, Solomon, is there too. So Katie turns Isis and herself into cats, and they follow Solomon through the undergrowth. What do they discover? Katie the Witch returns to Storynory!
30/09/22·12m 32s

Sir Buzz

BZZZZZZZ! A failytale from India about a magical Soldier called Sir Buzz who plays the part of a Genie.
20/09/22·19m 35s

The Princess and the Un-Golden fish

The young Princess Beatrice saves an un-golden fish. The fish grants her three wishes. She is torn. Should she make unselfish wishes for the world? Or think of herself?  A funny fairytale from our Prince Bertie series.  In the real world, we extend our respects to Her Majesty the Queen who lived unselfishly and with enormous dignity. 
12/09/22·22m 25s

Dutch Hotel - The Duel Part 3 Conclusion

Nafsi and Yogi live in London's Dutch Hotel, where their father, Alan, is the manager. They have travelled to the past to witness a duel fought by the founders of the hotel, two Dutch brothers. Now they return to the present where the legend of the duel lives on. Zelda, the hotel's owner, wants to make a documentary about the story. But is she interested in the truth? Sponsortd by Outschool/storynory.
26/08/22·25m 51s

The Greedy Bear

Happy 75th Annivesary to India! A story from India to celebrate about a poor couple who trick a greedy bear.
15/08/22·9m 51s

Monkey's Gold

The Monkey is back! He's found gold in the river, and he plans to exchange it with the man for bananas. Will the Monkey be rich? Or will the man get the better of him? And what does the Tiger think of these golden plans? Sponsored by Little Passports - use Storynory at checkout.
03/08/22·16m 13s

The Dutch Hotel - The Duel Part 2

At last - we tell you what happened in the Duel between the two brothers who founded the Dutch Hotel. In Part one, Nafsi and Yogi travelled back to victorian times. They arrived just as the brothers were arguing because they both loved the same girl. The legend is that they both shot each other. Is that what really happened. Listen on to find out.
28/07/22·17m 3s

Romulus and Remus

Romulus and Remus were abandoned as babies. A mother wolf rescued them. One of the twins went on to found Rome - the city that grew into a great empire. This is the story of how it happened. This week's epsoide is sponsored by Outschool. In the second part, we tell you heroic story of Horatius on the Bridge.
21/07/22·25m 22s

Two Musical Greek Myths

Two musical Greek myths about the origins of the Lyre and the flute. The characters include the Sun God Apollo, Hermes the Messenger when he was a baby, Pan the woodland flute player, and King Midas of the Golden Touch. Sponsored by Little Passports.
11/07/22·21m 42s

The Dutch Hotel - The Duel Part 1

The Dutch Hotel in London is haunted - or is it? There are figures like ghosts who appear, including hotel staff from Victorian times, but they are more like time travellers. In this episode, the kids who live in the modern hotel - Nafsi and Yogi - travel back in time to meet some of the hotel staff of the past. They want to know the true story of the duel between the founders of the hotel, the Dutch twins.
04/07/22·23m 5s

The Wise Girl and the Riddles

Two peasants are arguing about who owns a foal. A rich widow claims that her cart gave birth to it. Her poor neighbour is sure that his mare is the mother and the foal belongs to him. Sponsored by Outschool
23/06/22·20m 4s

The Monkey's Laughing Place

A man catches a monkey in a trap. All the animals that the monkey has tricked think he has tricked his last. But the monkey keeps on laughing. The Tiger and the Bear want to find out why the monkey thinks everything is funny. As a bonus, we read another story from our recent writing competition. Sponsored by Athletic Greens.
15/06/22·17m 29s

The Dutch Hotel's Jubilee Elephant

We celebrate her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee with this special story set in the Dutch Hotel in which we hear about a Jubilee from times past. Sponsored by Wondery and their podcast, Little Stories Everywhere.
03/06/22·16m 57s

A Portrait of a Cat

A story about clever Judith and brave Jimmy Mouse. A grand portrait of a cat is hanging on the wall of the cafe. The mice who lived their are convinced it comes alive at night. What is the truth of the mystery? Sponsored by Athletic Greens.
27/05/22·21m 36s

A Day In the Life Competition Winners

This week we read YOUR stories. Here's the three winners in our competition, A Day in the Life of a Famous Person.
19/05/22·17m 45s

The Trouble with Mirrors

Here's two Asian stories about troublesome Mirrors. One is from Korea and the other from Japan. The first is fun, the second is quite tragic at one point (just a warning for senstive types!). Our wonderful sponsor is Atheltic Greens and their boost to start your day called AG1.
11/05/22·18m 36s

Tyger! Tyger! Song

Listen to our mysterious song with words from the famous poem of William Blake (and just a touch of the Jungle Book thrown in). By the way, it's Blake's old fashioned spelling of "Tyger". And check out our Relaxivity Podcast for older kids and grownups. Sung by Jana With music by Bertie And guitar playing by Andy.
01/05/22·3m 11s

The Troobles

A crazy and fun story about some bad-behaved city kids who cause big trouble in a village and have to face the wrath of the members of the old people's home. It's written by Jana's daughter Sophie, aged 11. At the end we announce a story writing competition. Listen out for details and send us your stories!
14/04/22·16m 14s

The Jungle Book, Tiger Tiger, Part 3

The final part of the Story Tiger, Tiger - in which Mowgli leaves the village. Does he fit in anywhere?
04/04/22·7m 35s
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