Mum Talk

Mum Talk

By Emma Jaulin

Mum Talk is here for you on your journey into parenthood providing your 'nod along' and 'me too' moments plus answering all the questions we all have! I am joined by not only incredibly knowledgable guests, some experts in their field, but also Mums and Dads sharing their experience of pregnancy and parenthood. I also share my personal journey from pregnancy to life now with a baby. Mum Talk is honest, real and informative. Listeners feel part of the conversation, sitting on the sofa having a chat about parenthood. Listen in and join us!


Know Your Bits with Karen McEwen, in-house midwife at My Expert Midwife.

Hello and welcome to this weeks podcast, which brings us to the end of this series! Today Karen joins us to talk us through the female genitalia and the changes this area may go through during and post pregnancy.  Karen trained as a midwife at The University of Leeds and during her career has worked at numerous hospitals in West Yorkshire. As well as working in the Delivery Suites, Karen was a founding member of the Leeds Homebirth Team, working to support women and helping to develop midwives’ skills in physiological birth. Her passion lies in homebirths and waterbirths and also supporting women to own their choices in pregnancy and childbirth. Talking points include: What do women know about their bits? What are the parts of the female genitalia called?  What is vaginal discharge? Pre, during and post pregnancy Does vaginal discharge change in pregnancy? What are the signs of abnormal vaginal discharge? UTI’s, cystitis, thrush, self-help remedies and medical treatments. What other changes can happen during pregnancy to the vagina and vulva area? Swelling of the area, haemorrhoids/piles, vulvar varicosities and why this is more common during pregnancy and postnatally. What can be done during labour to protect your bits? Positions during birth for active birth and bed/epidural birth, benefits of water/waterbirth, perineal compresses. Huge thank you to Karen for joining us and the whole My Expert Midwife team for supporting this series of Mum Talk. It has been a dream partnership for me. I hope you have all picked up some goodies for yourselves with the discount within the podcast.  If you have a moment please do rate and review wherever you listen to your podcasts, it keeps me going and helps others find our podcast and be supported by our community.  Emma x 
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Toddler behaviour with Harriet Crouch, Parent Consultant

This week on the podcast we are talking all things toddler behaviour with parent consultant, Harriet Crouch.  From screaming, hitting, biting, whining to introducing the new baby to sibling and fussy eaters we cover it all. Harriet is a fountain of knowledge, lead by many many years experience in childcare settings and from parenting her own children, Harriet shares with us just how to handle the more challenging times every parent faces with a toddler!  Please if you have a moment leave a rating and review, it really helps for others to find the podcast and feel supported by our community. Emma x 
01/09/211h 18m

Pregnancy & Postnatal skincare with London Dermatologist, Dr Cristina Soma

This week on the podcast I am joined by Dr Cristina Soma to talk all about skincare whilst trying to conceive, during pregnancy and postnatally.  We talk through the specific products which are unsafe during pregnancy, how to avoid pigmentation, whether you can avoid stretch marks, follow treatment regimens, guidance on skincare when trying to conceive and whilst breastfeeding, plus common pregnancy skin conditions post birth and treatments for these.  If you sent in a question through mumtalkpodcast instagram we go on to answer those too! I hope you find our conversation as useful as I did, I wish I had had this convo when I was pregnant, it would have saved hours of googling! Enjoy, love Emma x
25/08/2138m 54s

Keeping it real; exhaustion, illness, anxiety, motherhood, toddler life.

Hello! This week I could have delayed putting the podcast out because it has been a week, but instead I wanted to chat with you all in the moment. It has been an emotionally exhausting week with illness, jabs, our toddler really testing the boundaries and a rise in anxious thoughts. This is real motherhood too, and this podcast is the highs and lows...too often on social media and podcasts we hear about the highs, so this podcast is a little more of the challenging times. I am sure a lot of you can relate.  Please do reach out and connect if you're feeling the same, over on mumtalkpodcast insta.  Thank you so much for tuning in. Have a lovely rest of your week.  Xxx
18/08/2141m 45s

Baby wearing and postnatal fitness with Vern Hill, founder and creator of CARiFiT.

Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of Mum Talk. Today I am joined by antenatal and postnatal fitness expert, personal trainer, trained baby wearing expert, father of two and founder and creator of CARiFiT, Vern Hill! Today Vern shares his in-depth knowledge on the incredible benefits of baby wearing for both baby and parent, including what to look for in a carrier, what if baby won’t settle in the carrier, how to dress baby in the carrier. We also chat through postnatal fitness, how to fit this into your new schedule and of course answer all your questions. You can connect with Vern and find out more information on CARiFiT at . Huge thank you to Vern for joining me on this weeks podcast, and thank you to our series sponsor My Expert Midwife. Be sure to check out their offerings at and make use of the fantastic discount code within the podcast!   
11/08/211h 3m

The Motherhood Juggle

Hello and thank you for tuning into this weeks podcast. This week I share with you our progress with Elwoods sleep and naps, Amandine’s boundary seeking, what’s coming up over the next week, my love of quarantine and I answer your questions as best I can on on newborn routine, partner and newborn bonding, toddler tantrums and keeping the romance alive (definitely need an expert on for this one)! If you have a moment please do leave a review and rate, it really helps make the podcast visible to those who may need it.  Thank you again to our series sponsor My Expert Midwife. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out their offerings at Have a lovely rest of your week.  Xxx
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International travel & hotel stays with children during the pandemic, newborn sleep & milestones, toddler behaviour & more.

Hello and welcome back for episode 4!  This week on the podcast I am sharing: our journey from France back to the UK and our experience so far of COVID test and trace system Quarantine Elwoods sleep Elwoods milestones and moments Current thoughts on expressing and introducing the bottle Amandine's moments (thats what I'll call them) the parenting moments that come with all of the above and of course answer your sent in questions! Don't forget, tomorrow, Thursday 29th 8pm we are hosting a Q&A with Lesley from My Expert Midwife on all things preparing for birth and recovery! Please join us and Lesley will answer all of your questions.  Thank you so much for tuning in again, I so appreciate you listening and being a part of our community. If you have a moment please rate and review. Lots of love Emma x
28/07/2145m 56s

The realities of mothering two; failing, jealousy, newborn and toddler sleep, heat and more.

This week on the podcast I share with you the realities of mothering two! I of course wouldn't change a thing, I adore our family of four but it sure does come with its challenges! We have been on many a failed beach trip but we did manage a very successful first horse ride and a trip to the zoo! Life far from stops when you have a toddler and newborn! I open up about my feelings of jealousy and guilt, and getting used to not being able to do anything for me. I also answer all your questions on; Newborn sleep, dealing with mosquitoes and heat, H going back to work, the realities of being away and more.  A huge thank you to our series sponsors My Expert Midwife. If you haven't already found the discount code within the podcast make sure you do, and stock up on their goodies! You can check out all their offerings at .  If you haven't already please take a moment to rate and review, it means so much and helps others find our community! xxx
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Travelling abroad with a newborn & toddler

Hello from France! On todays episode of Mum Talk I share with you our first journey abroad, actually our first long journey anywhere with two children! Our journey involved a five and a half hour afternoon ferry followed by a seven hour car journey through the night. It wasn't a disaster! We dropped all expectations for the journey and I think thats my biggest piece of advice! Over the weeks leading up to our journey we constantly explained to Amandine what we would be doing so by the time the day came she was well prepped and knew what to expect. I really do believe this made a huge difference.  Any questions at all please do let me know, DM me over at mumtalkpodcast on instagram Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope our shared experience helps for any future adventures you are headed out on!  If you have a moment please do rate and review, it truly helps others to see and be a part of our community.  Thank you again to our wonderful series sponsors My Expert Midwife, check out their offerings at and listen out for our discount gift to you within the podcast.  Xx
14/07/2145m 14s

And then there were two; Life with a Newborn & Toddler.

Hello and welcome back to series 10 of Mum Talk! This week on the podcast I share with you how these first 6 weeks with our new addition have been. It has certainly been a juggle. I share our experience of newborn sleep, feeding, routine, bonding with baby, getting out and about. I also answer all your questions which include baby carriers, the change from one to two children, how we chose Elwoods name, postpartum care, hormones and how to cope with the juggle!  I am no expert on any of the above but I hope by sharing my experience with you it will help to normalise everything we are feeling as new mums and parents! I would love to hear from you and your experience, please do connect with me over instagram at mumtalkpodcast .  Huge huge thanks to our series partners, My Expert Midwife! I honestly wouldn’t be without them through pregnancy and postpartum. Check them out here: .  Thank you so much for joining for another series. Please, if you have a moment, rate and review, it really does help other mums and parents to find the podcast and be part of our community.  Xx
07/07/211h 0m

My Birth Story - When 3 becomes 4, birthing a 10lb baby boy at home.

SURPRISE! Bonus episode sharing all the details of my homebirth birth story. TRIGGER WARNING: use of words contraction & pain. E did get stuck and needed a little help from the midwives. Please listen with care.  Surprise!! A sneeky bonus episode for you all before series 10 gets underway in a few weeks.  Within this bonus episode I am talking through my homebirth, birthing our little (big) boy Elwood. The brain is amazing, some bits I have already started to forget yet some have remained very clear. Despite Elwood getting stuck and needing some help, it was an amazing birth experience and I would absolutely have another home birth but I am well aware I can say this because we have a beautiful boy in our arms.  Within the first episode of series 10 I will be answering all your questions about today’s episode so please do follow mumtalkpodcast on Instagram and get your questions in when I pop up the question box! Happy to answer everything and anything!  So good to be back sharing with you all even if it is a little trickier than before! The mum juggle!  Huge thank you to our sponsors Purflo for supporting this episode. Don’t forget to check them out at, they make amazing sleep bags, I really rate them and they are offering you all 10% off using MUMTALK on check out across the whole range!  Xxx
26/06/2139m 28s

Preparing for Birth and Baby mini series: late pregnancy, birth pool and how it works, birth room and home birth items, nesting, car seats and the perfect changing bag.

Hello, and welcome to the final episode of the preparing for birth and baby mini series! This week I am wrapping up the series talking through all the final things I can think of. This week I am focusing on late pregnancy and the hormones, irritability and nesting urges that seem to come to me at 38 weeks! I talk through the birth pool we have very kindly been loaned by , how it works, what you receive and how it goes back. We are going to be preparing our 'birth room' on Thursday, I will be visually sharing that on mumtalkpodcast instagram so do follow if you would like to see but I talk this week through our intentions.  I also touch on childcare for different scenarios, organisation, finishing our little boys nursery and the postpartum period.  This week I share with you two brilliant products, one from Cybex who we have worked with before and really rate them. If you are after an infant car seat that swivels on a base PLUS can be used without a base and with a car seatbelt AND has a lie flat function have a listen! It really is a brilliant infant car seat. The second product, after mentioning it on episode two is the brilliant PacaPod changing bag , its beautiful, have a listen and watch mumtalkpodcast highlights at the same time so you can see what I am talking about.  Here are the links to kindly gifted PR products which have just made our nursery - the Kidly Lion Rug & Kidly Giraffe animal head  We will be back with series 10 late June/early July! I am so excited already! As always huge thank you for listening and making this community what it is. if you have a moment do leave a review and rate, it helps new mommas find the podcast.  If you have any questions between now and series 10 please reach out through mumtalkpodcast instagram! I will come back to you and will be running a few Q&A's to stay connected with you all.  Lastly don't forget to enter the amazing My Expert Midwife giveaway for international day of the midwife today! Head to todays episode post on mumtalkpodcast to enter! Lots of love  Emma Xxx
05/05/211h 2m

Preparing for Birth & Baby Mini series: motherhood chat with Rebecca Oxtoby author of Mums the Word.

This week on the podcast I am chatting to the brilliant Rebecca Oxtoby author of Mums the Word books. Rebecca mum to one joins me this week to have a wonderfully relaxed mum to mum chat. We cover; pregnancy, fears when pregnant vs now, birth, child care, sleep, relationships, identity, underwhelm, the transition through motherhood emotions, followed by a few quick fire questions around preparing for baby and so much more.  It really is a podcast to pop on in the background, curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea or if you really must beaver on with some jobs! Rebeccas books are available on Amazon, her 1st book came out May 2020 is an Amazon number one best seller and her 2nd is out in just a few days on May 1st! Next week is the final episode of this mini series and it is going to be full of so much birth prep, baby prep thoughts and feelings! Keep an eye on @mumtalkpodcast instagram this week for the question box to get your questions in!  Love Emma x 
28/04/211h 8m

Preparing for Birth & Baby mini series: what to expect early days, baby and Mumma essentials, sleep essentials, hospital bag, home-birth essentials and out and about essentials.

Welcome back for episode 2 of Mum Talk mini series, all about preparing for birth and baby! This week, as promised I am talking through what to expect in the early days for Mumma and baby (I have reminded myself by listening to a few of the episodes I recorded when Amandine was just a few weeks old - I have highlighted episodes on last weeks instagram post on mumtalkpodcast). The focus of the podcast is baby and Mumma essentials! I have by no means covered everything but it is a start! I focus on essentials post birth again for Mumma and baby, sleep essentials for baby, hospital bag essentials, home birth essentials and when the time is right to get out and about essentials! I also share essential recommendations which some of you shared over on mumtalkpodcast instagram, thank you for your input as always!  I will do a follow up post later on this week listing out all of what I mentioned as I think it is sometimes helpful to see it in black and white, so do keep an eye out for that on insta. As always thank you for listening, if you have a moment do leave a review, it means so much.  Love Emma x
21/04/211h 2m

Preparing for Birth & Baby Mini Series: pregnancy, baby's room, sibling, mental and physical preparation.

Welcome back for Mum Talk mini series, all about preparing for a baby! If you are just tuning in for this mini series, we are personally preparing to welcome baby number two in around 5 weeks which is very exciting but also daunting as I realise I have forgotten everything! In this weeks episode I share with you how pregnancy is going, my goodness is it different to pregnancy with my first. I also share with you my most recent midwife visit which included our birth chat, a few sneaky wobbles about having a home birth, preparing the baby room, preparing Amandine for the arrival of her baby brother and what I am doing mentally and physically at this moment to prepare for birth.  For this weeks podcast, which I will do every week I also asked our listeners over on @mumtalkpodcast instagram for their insight into all the topics above, I share their answers so we can combine all knowledge and you can pick and choose what sounds right for you. I will note here there were some wonderful book suggestions for sibling preparation for number two, these were: The Tale of me and the new baby What about me  I'm a big brother/sister I also mention an instagram page which is absolutely worth looking at as they share some brilliant ideas and thoughts: Big Little Feelings.  If you are not yet following @mumtalkpodcast on instagram, make sure you are! I will be sharing how I make padsicles over the next few weeks and will also be sharing lots about preparing over there! Next week I am back and will be sharing what to expect in the early days (once I have reminded myself, listening back to my early podcasts!), baby essentials (again sharing listeners we all have different opinions on what is essential), hospital bag, sleep, travel, getting out and about and I am sure as always a lot more! Please if you have a moment do leave a review, it really helps other mums to find the podcast and hopefully feel supported by our wonderful community. Love Emma xx  
14/04/2153m 18s

Finding the right nursery and preparing your little one for nursery and school with Laura Clifford, Head of Pre-Prep at Blundell’s Preparatory School.

Please note: in this podcast I do talk about pregnancy and preparing for baby. This week on the podcast, after a little catch up with me, I am chatting with Laura Clifford, Head of Pre-Prep at Blundell’s Preparatory School.  Having studied for a Bachelor in Primary Education at Edinburgh University, Laura has worked across a range of Nurseries and Primary Schools. Laura took a short break from teaching in schools to have both her boys, (now 7 and 4) but set up her own Educational Support business for families and children within this time. She provided early learning parent workshops, private 1:1 tuition, a blog and small groups for home schooled families. She returned to school life in September 2018 when she took up the role of Head of Pre-Prep at Blundell’s Preparatory School in Tiverton, where she continues to build a thriving and hugely happy Nursery and Pre-Prep up to Year 2. Laura is dedicated to support families and children particularly at the early stages of the education journey and passionate about allowing each child to develop and grow to the best of their ability.  Today Laura joins me on the podcast to talk about choosing a nursery and preparing your little one for nursery and school. We also cover all your listener questions.  Topics: What age is it recommended for little ones to start nursery? Do you see a difference if they start early? What does nursery provide children? What should parents be looking for in a nursery? What happens at nursery? Can little ones nap at nursery? How to cope as a parent when leaving your little one for the first time What are your thoughts on Forest school?    Listener specific questions:  What sort of approaches would be expected for dealing with behaviour issues? Is it ok to take our 1 year old out of nursery for school holidays or will this unsettle her? My 9 month old boy is due to start nursery soon, v spewy baby, how many clothes to pack? If starting at 3 years old, what key things should we look out for/ show a great setting? The longer you leave it to start nursery is it harder for child to adjust? Struggle leaving Mum and Dad etc? Best thing to do to prepare your 2.5yr old? Especially after lockdown/less social contact. I have heard summer babies tend to lag behind in school as they are the younger in their year. Is this true? Also worth sending them to school a year later? 14 month old does tiny naps at nursery (2 naps). How to help - she does 4 days. I didn’t realised how long waiting lists would be. When is it best to register baby for nursery? My mother in law keeps telling us to look at a private school for my child who will be starting reception, be we have an excellent state primary on our doorstep. What are the differences? What to expect of nursery during covid? Thank you so much for listening, I will be back in a couple of weeks with a brand new mini series! Covering all things baby prep and more!   Please do leave a review, subscribe and rate - it really helps other mums to find the series and be supported by our wonderful community.  Love  Emma x
24/03/211h 38m

Hyperemesis gravidarum, an honest personal experience, with my dear friend Charlotte, mum of two.

This week I am chatting with my dear friend Charlotte and mum of 2 beautiful girls about her experience of Hyperemesis gravidarum, HG. Charlotte and I met when pregnant with our first girls through our local NCT group and I remember her saying she had HG but I never knew or understood just how debilitating and actually life changing during pregnancy and beyond it can be.  Charlotte shares her honest personal experience of HG with us, I do hope if you are suffering yourself you find comfort and support in Charlottes words or if you know of someone who is suffering, you have like me, learnt just what they may be going through.  We talk about some very sensitive subjects within this podcast, please refer to the show notes below to see exactly what topics we discuss and if it is at all triggering please do turn it off and look after yourself! Topics: Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) Personal experience with HG (when it started, hospitalisation, fluids, eating, what helped what didn’t)  - how it affected you, husband and toddler  - how it effected you mentally & physically  - preparing for it with a second child  - making the decision to have a second child after such a challenging experience  Support you sought How you got through having a toddler this time around Managing friends expectations/talking about it with friends/did they understand? The change to two children How do you do it?  Has it been easier going 1-2 rather than 0-1? How are you managing through covid? Future nursery plans etc if any?  What does your routine look like? How has your toddler adjusted? Does she help out? What do you do for you / self care to keep you sane?  Thank you so much for listening. Next week is the last episode of this series and I’m going to let you decide what you would like to hear! Make sure you are following over at mumtalkpodcast on instagram where I will be posting a poll! Please do leave a review, subscribe and rate - it really helps other mums to find the series and be supported by our wonderful community.  Lots of love    Emma
17/03/211h 1m

2.5 years in & 30 weeks pregnant: Toddler life, pregnancy, birth prep and Q & A with me Emma Jaulin

This week on the podcast you have me! I am catching up with you on life with a 2 1/2 year old toddler whilst 30 weeks pregnant.  Trigger: please if you find listening to pregnancy chat at the moment difficult, look after yourself and switch off if you need to! I have done my very best to separate the chat during the podcast and at minute 33 I talk more about pregnancy so please do skip! Topics I touch on are: - Amandine 2.5 year review - A's relationship building and language development - Biking - A's new bed sparked by my incredible need to nest during this pregnancy - A's sleep environment and The Little Green Sheep Mattress and protector review: (kindly gifted) - Potty progression - Pregnancy at 30 weeks Plus I answer all your questions! Thank you so much for listening! Please do leave a review, subscribe and rate - it really helps other mums to find the series and be supported by our wonderful community.  Lots of love  Emma xx
10/03/211h 11m

Prenatal and postnatal pelvic health with pelvic health physiotherapist, Clare Bourne

This week on the podcast I am joined by Clare Bourne, a pelvic health physiotherapist with a passion to support women and men throughout their lives. She believes in talking openly about taboo topics and ensuring everyone feels comfortable to get support even for problems that may feel embarrassing. Clare has a particular passion in supporting women during pregnancy and after birth, helping them to seek treatment for any pain or pelvic floor dysfunction they experience. Clare is also a mum of 2 and having lived pregnancy and the postnatal experience she knows what a precious but also vulnerable and sometimes lonely experience it can be.  Clare joins me today to talk all about pelvic health, from pelvic floor exercises to painful sex. Plus answers all your questions! If you had questions from my chat with Charlie from Bumps and Burpees that we didn’t answer they are answered within this podcast with Clare!  General Topic: General pelvic health - what is it, what do we want, how do we want it to feel?  Questions:  Prenatal Pelvic girdle pain Had hip pain in last pregnancy and etc again - best ways to protect against this? 2nd pregnancy - need to do perineal massage? Pain during sex - under discussed topic Can a strong pelvic floor hinder pushing phase in labour? Could I ask solutions for back pain? I heard the belt is not always the best option? I’m rubbish at remembering - does doing a couple pelvic floor exercises here and there still have benefits? I have pelvic floor pain quite bad at 29 weeks will me labour likely be worse because of this? Or after it?   Postnatal Is there any way to minimise the c-section pouch of skin? C- section exercises to get rid of lip over scar? Diastasis recti: treated and is now less than 1cm but still looks awful what can I do? Prolapse Heavy dragging feeling? Had third degree tear. Pregnant with 2nd. Chance it will happen again? Can I opt for a c section? I have a pretty good pelvic floor my little boy is 9 months old but trampolines are a no go. Any tips or advice? Get a dull ache in my vagina while on my period. I had a 3rd degree tear 1 year ago - still under a physio. Post birth when I get up out of the bath I cant control the need to wee! No other issues, what to do. Starting to leak urine, almost 3 years postnatal. Help! Why is purple pushing coached so much when it can damage the pelvic floor?   Thank you so much for listening, next week on the podcast you actually have me!! I will be catching up with you all on all things Amandine and of course pregnancy and my unknown incredible nesting ability! If you are not already following head over to @mumtalkpodcast on instagram where I will be asking if you have any questions for next weeks episode.  Have a lovely rest of your week! Please do leave a review, subscribe and rate - it really helps other mums to find the series and be supported by our wonderful community.  Love Emma x
03/03/2149m 58s

Lockdown birth, growing a business during the pandemic & the importance of healthy eating with founder of Piccolo Cat Gazzoli

Today I am speaking with Cat Gazzoli - founder of Piccolo, one of the UK’s fastest growing premium baby and toddler food brands. Before setting up Piccolo, Cat worked in the charitable sector of the food world. She began her career with the United Nations food agencies in Rome, where she created campaigns and programmes promoting sustainable livelihoods for farmers, as well as promoting female parity and equal opportunities. She then became the CEO of Slow Food UK, the global campaigning organisation for good, clean and fair food. Cat a Mum of 2, birthing her second daughter in lockdown, joins me today to share her birth experience, growing a business in the pandemic with children and the importance of healthy eating as a family. Specific topics include: Giving birth to her second daughter, just as lockdown was announced in London How her bond with her NHS midwife (who has her own little boy) made her birth that much easier on her Her tips for self-care and looking after newborns in lockdown Growing a business in a pandemic while raising a family Surviving lockdowns all in the same flat  The importance of healthy eating as a family & tips on how to do so  I will catch up with you all next week, have a lovely week! Please do leave a review, subscribe and rate - it really helps other mums to find the series and be supported by our wonderful community. Love Emma xx
24/02/211h 2m

Keeping fit, happy and healthy in pregnancy and motherhood with Charlie Barker, founder of Bumps and Burpees

This week on the podcast I am joined by Charlie Barker, founder of Bumps & Burpees, a community of mums and mums-to-be wanting to stay fit, happy and healthy during pregnancy and into motherhood.  Charlie a former gymnast, later became a personal trainer and specialised in pre- and post-natal fitness and health.  Her goal is to help mothers build core strength and stamina so they can support their bodies through pregnancy and beyond. Today Charlie joins me to talk about her personal experience of conceiving, pregnancy, her birth story and shares general advice for women around pre and post natal fitness and how to fit in time to exercise. We also answer your listener questions which include: Exercises for pelvic girdle pain  Where to start with exercising again? How do you set realistic fitness goals with a baby/babies? How much standing is too much standing during pregnancy? Is it possible to walk too much during pregnancy? Should there be a limit? Any tips for exercise whilst wearing baby? Post natal exercise that doesn’t feel like your bits are going to fall out? Exercise for diastasis recti? Are there any safe exercises for your core during pregnancy? Or just avoid all? What ab exercise are safe in pregnancy please? My core still feels like jelly 20 months pp. what can I do to strengthen it? I do insanity 3 times a week. Should you stop exercises that cause that ‘heavy’ feeling down below or is that new normal?  Exercises that are good for rebuilding pelvic floor? Any advice on exercise POP, is running ever achievable again? Working out around baby and older sibling? There are a few questions we haven't answered which are better suited to physio advice. I will be chatting with a physio later in the series and will get answers for you! Thank you so much for listening, I will catch up with you all next week, have a lovely week! Please do leave a review, subscribe and rate - it really helps other mums to find the series and be supported by our wonderful community.  Emma xx  To find out more go to Instagram @bumpsandburpees
16/02/211h 17m

Weaning, eating as a family & taking the stress out of meal times, with founder of 'What Mummy Makes' Rebecca Wilson

This week on Mum Talk I am chatting with Rebecca Wilson founder of @whatmummymakes. Rebecca is a mum, recipe developer and founder of the popular What Mummy Makes food channel. Sharing her easy, quick, fresh meal ideas, suitable for all the family, including babies reaching the weaning milestone as well as older siblings. Rebecca wants to show parents and carers that introducing solid foods can be fun, exciting, easy and delicious! Today Rebecca shares with us where her passion for cooking came from, how what mummy makes came about, weaning and meal time tips plus answers all your weaning questions!  Specific talking points include: Rebecca’s upbringing and where her love of food and cooking came from.  How WMM began and grown to over 400k followers on instagram in just a couple of years. Weaning & Meal times How to cook just once for you and your baby (all of Rebecca’s recipes are suitable for babies from 6 months old, plus older children and parents too) Making the most of your family mealtimes - the benefits of eating with your little one Raising confident little eaters - tips and tricks  Tips for fussy eaters Weaning hacks and cooking for children  Favourite go to quick recipes How to plan and organise meals to take the stress out of feeding your family  Pantry staples to have in your cupboard Followed by Listener questions. Thank you so much for listening, please do leave a review, subscribe and rate - it really helps other mums, parents and carers to find the series and be supported by our wonderful community.  Love Emma x
10/02/2146m 15s

Twins, support and the early days with Amanda Thompson, co-founder of Bundle London and Antenatal Teacher

This week on the podcast I am joined by Amanda Thompson, co-founder of Bundle London and Antenatal Teacher. Amanda is a qualified antenatal teacher, having gained her qualification with the NCT. She is also a baby massage instructor and has supported new parents for over 12 years. Being a mother of 5 herself (2 sets of twins and 1 in the middle – now all in their teens), she completely understands how challenging and wonderful parenthood can be. Amanda’s passion stems from struggling in the early days with loneliness, feelings of being out of control and trying to sift through reams of conflicting information.  Today Amanda shares with us her personal experience especially with two sets of twins and professional expertise of those newborn early days. We go on to talk about how important support for mum is, caring for your baby, newborn sleep, baby massage and touch on breastfeeding and when to seek help.  Specific topics: -Inspiration behind becoming an antenatal teacher -Early days - support for you and your baby (fourth trimester) -Caring for your baby  -What to expect from newborn sleep  -Benefits of baby massage  -Breastfeeding - how to know you are doing it right for you and when to seek help? You can reach out to the wonderful team at Bundle London here:  Thank you so much for listening! I will catch up with you all next week, have a lovely week! Please do leave a review, subscribe and rate - it really helps other mums to find the series and be supported by our wonderful community.  Lots of love Emma x
03/02/2151m 46s

Preparing for birth with Lesley Gilchrist, Registered Midwife, Co-Founder and Clinical Director of My Expert Midwife

Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of Mum Talk. This week I have the absolute pleasure of chatting to Lesley Gilchrist, Registered midwife, Co-Founder and Clinical Director of My Expert Midwife.  As a Registered midwife, Lesley has worked in some of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe and has extensive experience as a labour ward co-ordinator and community midwife. With over 16 years’ experience in bumps, births and babies, Lesley is an expert in pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal care, specialising in the effects and treatment of birth trauma.  Lesley is extremely passionate about tackling pregnancy taboos and improving the experience of pregnancy and childbirth by empowering women with choices that will make a significant difference and that is exactly what she joins us here today to do! We talk through preparing for birth and answer all your questions!  Talking points include: preparing for birth: perineal massage - what it is and how to do it preparing for a c-section preparing for a hospital birth (including what and how to pack your hospital bag) preparing for a home birth  how to protect your perineum during birth Listener questions include: - How is covid affecting the choices that labouring mums have? - Traumatic 1st birth, are second births genuinely better or should I be prepping for forceps? - Is there any way to avoid second baby being breech if first one was? - Would it be possible to use a birthing pool for VBAC? - Pros and cons of epidural  - Taking baby aspirin when TTC? - Is 2nd labour quicker? First was 2 hours! - Best position for delivery with prolapse? - Is it unlikely you can have an epidural with your second? - Is it ever possible to have a home birth VBAC? - Are there differences in care if giving birth age35+?  - How common is it to delivery vaginally after having a c-section with first baby? - Is a second c-section a good idea or more risky that attempting a VBAC? - I had pain down there until 6m pp, saw a pelvic floor physio but never discovered the cause. I’m wondering if it could be from pushing when baby wasn’t in the right position? - Are elective c-sections at 40 weeks or 38 weeks assuming everything good with mum and baby? A huge thank you to Lesley for coming on the podcast and sharing all her extensive knowledge and expertise with us. You can find more over on the My Expert Midwife blog, head to . Thank you so much for listening, if you have enjoyed and haven't already please do leave a review and subscribe.  See you next week Emma xx
27/01/211h 4m

New series: Having a 2 year old catch up on motherhood and 23 weeks pregnant

Welcome to a brand new series of Mum Talk. Thank you for tuning in! In this weeks episode I am catch up with you all on: Amandines language development, sleep, potty regression, toddler testing and naughty words! I talk through my current pregnancy, thoughts on having a home birth this time around and being pregnant with a toddler.  I answer your questions around pregnancy, toddler beds, preparing for the new baby, our festive period, mum guilt and more.  If pregnancy chat is a trigger for you at the moment (which I can completely understand) tune out between 41.65 -65 minutes.  Thank you so much for listening, please do review and subscribe if you aren't already.  Love Emma x 
20/01/211h 7m

Series End: 27 months in, pregnancy at 17 weeks and gender reveal and motherhood questions

I can't quite believe we have come to the end of yet another series!  On this weeks episode: - I am sharing what we are up to, our Christmas activities and where we have hopefully reached a compromise on Father Christmas traditions!  - Pregnancy (head to minute 29 if pregnancy is a trigger for you and you would like to avoid it). Within pregnancy I share the gender and emotions surrounding this, Pelvic Girdle pain, anxiety, 16 week midwife appointment and current thoughts on birth. I then move on to your questions and share the wonderful advice and experiences from our listening mums! These include: - child learning French when not spoken in household - when to have baby no.2 - stopping driving 2 year old to sleep - worries about 2nd baby pushing marriage over the edge - how lockdown has affected babies - dealing with sadness of stopping breastfeeding - group B strep experiences - coping with hyperemisis - gender disappointment - child care for baby no.1 when labouring with baby no.2 - sending 1 year old to nursery - secondary infertility A huge thank you to all of you who have listened through this series! I cannot wait to connect with you all through series 9! Make sure you are following @mumtalkpodcast on instagram for updates and the odd Q&A over the Christmas period and we will be back next year!  Lots of love Emma     
09/12/201h 3m

27 months in: Christmas traditions, explaining Santa to children, breastfeeding, colic, inlaws and more

Hello! This week covers such a broad range of topics once again all with wonderful advice and shared experiences from you! This week we chatting about Christmas Traditions and how to start creating them for your little ones. We go on to talk about explaining Santa to children, stocking or Christmas Eve box and mixing traditions.  I also talk through your requested topics and questions this week, sharing wonderful experiences, advice and tips from other mums who have been through similar. Topics include; tv, routine, toys, stopping breastfeeding, returning to work, colic, inlaws and so much more! As always thank you so much for listening. Do subscribe if you haven't already and please do leave a review.  Catch up next week Emma x
02/12/201h 0m

26 months in & 15 weeks prego: pregnancy, potty training and telling sibling of new baby

Hello! Thank you for tuning in this week.  Today there are four parts to the podcast, starting with pregnancy (if this is a trigger for you skip to 16 minutes in). Pregnancy chat is followed by your array of questions, followed by potty training and telling a sibling of a new baby.  On the podcast this week I am sharing your advice and experience with both potty training and telling a sibling of a new baby. What is better than other mums advice who have been in the exact place you are now? I explain why I have done this on the podcast, but it is so incredibly helpful and I really appreciate all of you who wrote in to share your experiences with all of us.  Back next week!  Please do head over to mumtalkpodcast on instagram to be a part of the conversation and share your wonderful advice with us all on the podcast next week. I will be putting question boxes up in the next few days. Lots of love Emma x
25/11/201h 2m

26 months in: Scans, pregnancy, potty training and forest school

Hello! This week on the podcast I am chatting through what has been going on for us these last couple of weeks. Big news and topic is we have started potty training A...eeek! I share with you how we have gone about it and what advice we have taken on board.  At the beginning of the podcast I talk through our scan, pregnancy symptoms and decision to take the NIPT private scan, if you are TTC and this is a trigger for you please do skip forward to minute 19 ( you will hear me at the beginning of the podcast invite you to skip forward).  I hope you enjoy this weeks podcast, please do subscribe if you haven't already, leave a review and mention it to your Mumma friends who may want to join the community.  Lots of love  As always you can connect with me over at mumtalkpodcast on instagram.  Emma xx  
18/11/2042m 20s

Lockdown and festive ideas!

On this weeks podcast I answer your questions which have me chatting a little too much about Christmas, but with lockdown starting tomorrow I do believe a little festive spirit is needed!  Topics include:  Lockdown ideas Fun festive things to do through lockdown and into December Play/toy recommendations Present ideas and briefly touching on what we have changed with A's sleep (do listen to last 2 weeks podcasts for Sleep) and relationships with toddlers in lockdown.  Within this episode I share my thoughts on the fabulous Out n About Nipper Single. As you'll hear I think it is fantastic, if you'd like to take a closer look here is the website link (This product was gifted in return for an honest review).  Have a lovely rest of your week and I so appreciate you listening. If you're not yet subscribed please do, and I always appreciate a review if you have a moment.  Emma xx 
04/11/2049m 43s

Sleep Special with Hattie Frank, Certified baby and toddler sleep consultant

I feel like this weeks podcast is the podcast you have all been waiting for! Even if we have perfectly sleeping children (I can only dream) with the clocks going back this week I bet not so many of us enjoyed our 'extra hour in bed'! Today I am joined by Hattie Frank, certified baby and toddler sleep consultant, founder of Not Another Peep. Hattie kindly reached out when Amandine wasn’t sleeping well and after speaking with her and gaining so much insight, getting her on the podcast was an absolute must and luckily for us all Hattie agreed! Hattie starts by outlining the perfect sleep setting for your little one and things to check if they are waking. We then move into your questions, split into under the age of 1 and over the age of 1 to help with clarity.  We so hope this podcast helps many of you, I can honestly say that even making the smallest of changes with Amandine we have noticed a huge difference! Amandine has gone from recently waking and needing to be settled up to 5 times a night to waking once and self settling....and as you can believe I am over the moon! You can reach Hattie at or on instagram at notanotherpeep.  Please if you love this episode and the podcast do rate and write a review, it helps so much and especially helps other mums to find our community! Also if you are not yet subscribed, subscribe and the next episode will land right on your phone.  Have a lovely rest of your week Emma Xxx
28/10/201h 11m

25 months in: Sleep sleep sleep

To those skipping ahead if the beginning of the podcast is triggering head to (14:18) 14 minutes 18 seconds in. Todays podcast focuses on sleep and Amandine's lack of it! I share what we have implemented and what effect this is having on her sleep and my sanity!  At the start of the podcast I am also sharing about early pregnancy.  Enjoy Lots of love and don't forget to head to @mumtalkpodcast instagram to get your questions in for the next few podcast recordings!  Emma xx  
21/10/2034m 22s

Pregnancy Loss with Natalie Lowe

TRIGGER warning: within this podcast we talk about miscarriage. On the last day of Baby Loss Awareness week I would like to share this chat I had the honour of having with Natalie Lowe. Please ensure you have read the show notes before listening to this podcast. Natalie Lowe, whom some of you may recognise from Strictly come dancing, now mum to a beautiful baby boy Jack, bravely shares with us her devastating miscarriages. It was such a pleasure speaking to Natalie. She gives us an insight into a dancers career, her life on Strictly Come Dancing, magically meeting her husband, planning a marriage in 3 months and finding out she was pregnant with her first baby just before.  On return from her wedding she was told of her miscarriage, devastating news that started a downward spiral in her life. 5 months later on her honeymoon she found out she was pregnant once again and history repeated itself. Natalie shares with us how she got through this incredibly painful time, how and where she reached out for help and support.  I hope Natalie and I’s conversation today can be of some support or comfort to anyone who has been through or is going through a miscarriage.  Natalie is an ambassador for Miscarriage Association. If you need to reach out you can access support here:  Sending you all love  Emma xx 
15/10/201h 14m

Baby Loss with Jen founder of Teddy's Wish

TRIGGER WARNING: Please ensure you have read the show notes before continuing to listen to this weeks podcast as it could be triggering. This week is Baby Loss awareness week ( 9th-15th October) which is not only a time for parents, families and friends to come together but also a time to raise awareness of how pregnancy and baby loss affects thousands of families every year in the UK.  In August it was an honour to speak to Jennifer, the founder of Teddy's Wish.  Jen suffered the devastating loss of her son Edward in 2014. In todays podcast she not only speaks incredibly bravely from experience but also talks about hope, available resources and what Teddy's Wish can offer to bereaved parents. You can reach out to Teddy's Wish through the below links: Teddy's Wish Website Teddy's Wish Instagram I so hope listening to todays podcast and Jen's words we are able to offer you some support if you are in need. Sending you so much love. Emma xx  
12/10/2037m 42s

25 months in and a new series with new news

Welcome back for a brand new series of Mum Talk, thank you for tuning back in. This weeks topics include: Early pregnancy scans Sleep 'progression'/ regression Toddler emotions &  Q&A On the podcast I also share with you how you can support the podcast, to do so CLICK HERE and head to 'Become a Patron'.  Lots and lots of love and I am so grateful for your support! Emma xxx 
07/10/2052m 30s

Why I took a step back - Bonus episode

Trigger warning - during this episode I am sharing my experience over the last few months TTC. If you are going through this also this may be supportive but may be triggering. An unedited, raw sharing of why I took a step back from everything these last few months. As you know we have been trying for a year and it all became very overwhelming. I know there are so many of you going through something similar, I wanted to share this so you know you are not alone and it is ok to feel the way you are feeling. The emotional rollercoaster of TTC is another one of these less talked about topics, so I hope this podcast will offer support. I'll be on social @mumtalkpodcast if you want to reach out!  Lots of love  Emma xx  PS. Series 8 is coming soon!!
23/09/2033m 27s

On mum guilt, overview of baby items, body respect season finale!

As you can see by the title, this weeks episode is a little bit of everything. Briefly discussing mum guilt pangs I have had this week, I them dive into my most popular asked questions on DM's - where I share our most favourite baby items and things we would use again and again and again, from cot sheets to carriers to travel adventure essentials. There is so much more than what I mentioned but I didn't want to overload! I then go on to touch on body respect! Thank you so so much for sticking with me and giving me all of your support this series, I am so so appreciative of all the emails, DM's and messages. Please if you haven't already, subscribe, rate and review and keep in touch during this break through @emmajaulin or @mumtalkpodcast on instagram!  Lots of love Emma x
15/07/2044m 22s

22 months in! Allergy testing and Q & A

Hello! Firstly thank you all for all of your support from last weeks podcast, I really felt the love, thank you! This week A had her allergy skin prick testing, I am sharing our experience of that, plus my google rabbit holes on reducing toxicity and just a small chat about getting my period and where I am at in my cycle for trying to conceive. I am also talking through your questions with your help! Some of you very kindly sent me your experiences in answer to certain questions that were asked on Mum Talk instagram and it just shows how wonderful this community is and how all of us sharing our experiences can be so so helpful! Ill be doing the same next week so make sure you are following over at @mumtalkpodcast Your questions include: Navigating challenging grandparents of family members Sleep training - good/bad experiences Little one fighting lunchtime naps A walking at 18 months Choosing A’s name Outdoor adventures in Devon  Best thing for nappy rash  Potty training 2.5 yr old boys Deciding where to settle and have family PTSD after labour - after care and support Teeth brushing Thank you so much for listening. Please do subscribe, rate and review! It means so much! Emma x 
08/07/201h 1m

Open heart catch up and Q and A.

Amandine is 21 months and 3/4's. There were way too many topics discussed on this weeks podcast to try and fit them all in the title! On todays podcast I touch on; conceiving, sleep, first haircut, ticks, weaning, separation anxiety, pelvic floor, reusable nappy journey, pressis, potty training and a little of my life history!  As always I love you all for listening, if you have a moment please rate and review. Here is the link to my other instagram for the day to day life with A @emmajaulin Do DM me with topics of questions for next week! Can't wait. Lots of love Emma x
01/07/201h 16m

21 and a half months in

Hey everyone, me again this week! Its so so lovely catching up with you all, I have missed you. This week I am chatting all t things Amandine sass pretty much; potty training (lack of), pregnancy apps, work, travel, veggie patch, the effect lockdown has had on Amandine and how we think it is starting to show! Plus I answer your questions on thumb sucking, career and teething. As always please do let me know you are listening and if you have a moment please review, rate and subscribe.  Lots of love Emma x 
24/06/2036m 9s

Positive Birth Story during COVID-19 & IVF Journey with Dr Stephanie Ooi

This week on the podcast I am joined by Dr Stephanie Ooi also know as the @the_gp_mum if you follow her on instagram. Stephanie, mum of two girls, a 3 year old and a newborn, kindly shares with us her birth story during COVI9-19  and her IVF journey. In more detail Stephanie shares with us how her fourth trimester is going, how she is feeling, the leap from 1-2 children and how her eldest daughter is with her new sister! We go on to talk about Stephanies’ IVF journey and birth story of her newborn,  just 7 weeks ago. We manage to squeeze in answering a couple of your questions on allergies and conception. As always do let me know you are listening!! Tag us in at @mumtalkpodcast . PLEASE if you have a moment do leave us a 5 star rating and subscribe, it makes a huge difference and makes the podcast more noticeable to parents who may find it helpful too! Lots of love and have a good rest of week, until next week! Emma x
17/06/2057m 54s

21 months in

You and I collectively thought it was time for a catch up so here I am sharing in my waffly fashion what's going on with us at the moment.  Topics include: conceiving, lockdown, A's eczema flare up, allergies, potty training, sleep, activities, body image and of course a lot more amongst the natural chat!  Enjoy and pleaseeee tag me if you make it all the way through....THANK YOU for listening!  Please if you have an extra moment leave us a 5 star rating and subscribe, it makes a huge difference and makes the podcast more noticeable to parents who may find it helpful too! Lots of love  Emma 
03/06/2050m 31s

F*cked at 40 with author, creator and mum Tova Leigh

Hello! This week I am chatting with Tova Leigh, mum to 3 children, writer and hilarious content creator…plus avid user of TikTok! We are chatting all things F*cked at 40, her wonderful book which I urge you to read. We talk through themes throughout the book which really resonated with me. This weeks podcast is a wonderfully relaxed chat and insight into Tovas life.  Check out her hilarious blog and find Tova on instagram through the links below: Website -  Instagram -    Let me know you are listening!! Tag us in at @mumtalkpodcast and here is my @emmajaulin account I mentioned at the beginning. PLEASE do leave us a 5 star rating and subscribe, I don’t ask this very often but especially at the start of a new series it makes a huge difference and makes the podcast more noticeable to parents who may find it helpful too!   Lots of love    Emma Xxx
27/05/2033m 34s

Weaning with Charlotte Stirling-Reed, the Baby and Child Nutritionist

I am delighted to share with you my chat with Charlotte Stirling-Reed, known in our house as the queen of weaning!  Charlotte is The Baby and Child Nutritionist giving parents confidence in feeding their children. From weaning, fussy eating and beyond, Charlotte works with brands, celebrities and parents to share positive, evidence-based advice on giving children a healthy start in life. If you follow the fantastic Joe Wicks you’ll also know that Charlotte has helped to write 'Wean in 15', Joes new book which is now out!  During this podcast we have covered a lot, answered all your questions but of course there will be more questions and you will most likely be able to find the answer on her blog and on her instagram. Today we talk about how to start weaning, allergies, digestion, dairy, milk and alternatives, liquid intake, eggs, fish, eating as a family, language at mealtimes, salt, chocolate and more. Do check out Charlottes blog and instagram, which guided me through weaning, there is so much fantastic information there!  Website - Instagram -  Thank you for listening and PLEASE do leave us a 5 star rating and subscribe, I don’t ask this very often but especially at the start of a new series it makes a huge difference and makes the podcast more noticeable to parents who may find it helpful too!  Lots of love  Emma Xxx
20/05/201h 1m

Positive birth story during COVID19 with Dr Punam Krishan

TRIGGER: Dr Punam Krishan talks of birth trauma and PTSD from her first birth 6 years ago. On this weeks podcast I am kindly joined by NHS GP and mum Dr Punam Krishan, mum to her 6 year old boy and new baby girl just a few weeks old. Today Punam is sharing with us her beautifully positive birth story. Punam gave birth to her daughter in early April during the peak of COVID-19 and is sharing this today in the hope it will help other mums giving birth at this time.  Punam suffered severe birth trauma and PTSD with her first birth (now 6 years ago) and amazingly through her second birth just weeks ago feels more of her trauma has healed than ever through such a magical experience.  I truly hope you enjoy listening to my chat with Punam, I was covered in goosebumps on numerous occasions during our chat as she described her experience. Enjoy and as always I love hearing from you so please do pop me a message or DM to @mumtalkpodcast . You can find Punam at @drpunamkrishan Lots of love and stay safe Emma Xxx   Please note all regions, all hospitals are different so please do make yourself aware of your hospital regulations for birth at this time. 
13/05/2032m 26s

Raw motherhood with special guest Ali Bastian

Welcome to Series 7!  TRIGGER WARNING: please note this episode includes Ali’s experience of miscarriage and a very positive caesarean birth.  Oh what a way to start a new series!  I recorded this podcast with Ali on Friday and we just knew it was one for your ears…NOW. This week I am talking with my cousin Ali, who you may know from your tv screen or on stage. Ali has stared in Hollyoaks, The Bill, Doctors, Chicago UK Tour on stage, many more AND on strictly come dancing in 2009 and she made it all the way through to the semi finals!! Ali has just become a Mumma to baby Isla who is 7 weeks old and I couldn’t be happier for her and her husband David. Ali gave birth literally just before we went into lockdown and through this podcast shares with us her journey into motherhood.  Todays podcast is raw, honest and my goodness contains, I don’t know what the word for it is…just MORE. Whenever Ali and I talk somehow we always end up going really deep. We wanted to say if you are resonating with some of what we are talking about (and you’ll know the parts I mean) do talk it through with someone, a professional or someone you trust.  Just some of the topics we touch on include; pregnancy, miscarriage, relationships, hypnobirthing, birth, recovery, insight into the female acting world, challenges and fears.  Also have your pen and paper ready as Ali mentions some of her favourite mum & baby products towards the end, a few I hadn’t heard of!  You all know you can always drop me a line … in fact please do…let me know I’m not the only one with these thoughts. I love love hearing from you! DM me over on @mumtalkpodcast or @emmajaulin on instagram. Love to you all  Xxxx
06/05/201h 18m

19 months in BONUS: routine, activities, weaning, potty training & more

Hey everyone, love that you were all keen for a bonus episode! Today I am sharing what is going on for us during this lockdown and answering your questions (from our experience) on; routine, weaning, potty training, managing screen time, activities, postpartum yoga/fitness, relationships and teeth! Lots of love Emma
17/04/2053m 7s

Knowledge is Power with Dr Laura Lenihan: From Coronavirus and birth to folic acid.

TRIGGER - we are talking about coronavirus in pregnancy and what birth will look like to share as much knowledge as we can.  On todays bonus episode with Dr Laura Lenihan we are talking through Coronavirus; guidelines, symptoms, at home treatment and evidence based knowledge. Laura shares with us as much information as she can on pregnancy and coronavirus, what this will mean for your birth plan and birth. With both the HSE and NHS being overrun at the moment we also chat about when we should be seeking medical help for non coronavirus symptoms and how to do this.  In addition to this Dr Laura Lenihan answers your sent in questions around folic acid, dentist trips, exercise after birth and chicken pox vaccine.  I hope you find this episode informative and gives you knowledge to help ease any anxiety you may be feeling.  Find Dr Laura Lenihan at @drlauragp on instagram and view her highlights for more information. Finally a huge thank you to the HSE, NHS and all worldwide doctors, nurses, health care workers putting themselves and their health on the front line to help us. Lots of love and stay safe Emma Xxx Please note: Dr Laura Lenihan has answered our questions to the best of her knowledge using the Irish, UK & WHO guidelines. This information is changing daily, sometimes hourly so please refer to your countries guidelines and health service especially if listening abroad.  
25/03/2045m 28s

18 months in & end of series: breastfeeding, nap transitioning, ideas for home fun, vaccines, development

Hello, this weeks episode brings us to the end of series 6! This week I am catching up on all things A and her sass levels plus answering your questions on breastfeeding, nap transitions, conceiving, home balance, ideas for things to do at home, my thoughts on the chickenpox vaccine, food aversions and lots more.  Sending you all lots of love and thank you all so much for listening to this series of Mum Talk! Heres to series 7! Head over to mumtalkpodcast on instagram and please do keep in touch! Love  Emma xx
18/03/2041m 3s

Montessori approach with Vanessa

Today I am chatting with Vanessa, a qualified Montessori teacher with a Diploma Level 4 in Montessori Pedagogy (birth to seven) early years education.   Vanessa gives us a fantastic overview of the Montessori approach and how we can bring this into our homes and every day lives. If you have any questions please drop me a DM on mumtalkpodcast instagram or email or you can always get in touch with Vanessa directly through her beautiful website  Enjoy! Emma 
11/03/2039m 55s

18 months in: parenting, rashes, outbursts, conceiving and A blowing our minds daily

This week you have me and I am sharing with you what is going on with us at the moment. It has been a long few weeks of illness, topped off with a glorious rash. I am also sharing walking, talking, outbursts, sleeping, eating, parenting and our continued journey on conceiving.  As always I love hearing from you, DM me on mumtalkpodcast insta or email Love  Emma
04/03/2039m 12s

Positive Birth Story with Charlie

This week is a little throw back to a recording with one of my friends Charlie, professionally a doctor, when we both had our 6 month old kiddos with us! Lots of baby squeaking in this one.  Charlie shares with us her pregnancy, birth story, potential mastitis, returning to running and motherhood so far. Enjoy! As always please do get in contact through mumtalkpodcast instagram or Lots of love Emma Xxx
26/02/2032m 5s

17 months in: fear, sleep, phase, postpartum periods and winter moods.

Hello! On this weeks podcast: Sleep Phases Sickness Fear Staycation Periods & Mood If you're feeling a little 'me too' whilst listening please do get in touch through DM on mumtalkpodcast instagram or email Love  Emma xxx
19/02/2026m 15s

Play continued with the Five Minute Mum, Daisy Upton

Continuing the theme of play, today I chat with Daisy Upton aka Five Minute Mum. Mum to two children, teaching assistant, instagram star and huge blogger I chat with Daisy about teaching and developing our children's knowledge through activities we can create in 5 minutes. We of course chat about her newly released book (in stores now!), how it came about, her inspiration and why this book is for all parents. As always I love to hear from you so please DM me at mumtalkpodcast or email me at Enjoy! Emma xx    
12/02/2037m 13s

Play with Emma Worrollo kids culture expert

This week I am joined by kids culture expert Emma Worrollo, founder of The Pineapple Lounge and The Playful Den instagram account and blog! Today, naturally, we are talking all about play; encouraging independent play, imaginative play, stages of play, how we should be playing with our little ones, passions, messy play, playing with dolls and creative play. Plus we talk about the much agonised over topic as a parent of phones and screen time! I loved hearing what Emma had to say on play as I am always wondering if I am doing the right thing when it comes to play, I hope you find our chat as insightful as I did.  As always please reach out on mumtalkpodcast instagram channel or emmajaulin, or you can always email me at Lots of love Emma x
05/02/2048m 32s

16 months in: Playtime, potty training, periods & relationships

This week is catch up week with me. I am chatting all things motherhood and babyhood; travel, first steps, toddler groups, baby gym, periods, so much more and answering your questions from potty training to relationships. Enjoy and please let me know you are listening, I love hearing fro you! Emma Xx  
29/01/201h 2m

Mindfulness for Mums with Izzy Judd

On today's episode of Mum Talk I am joined by Izzy Judd, a mother to two gorgeous children, wife to Harry Judd of McFly, an incredibly successful musician herself and a Sunday times best selling author!  Today Izzy joins me to chat about her journey and her new book 'Mindfulness for Mums' out now!  I hope you all enjoy listening. As always I love to hear from you so always feel free to drop me a note at or DM me on 'mumtalkpodcast' instagram. Love Emma xx
22/01/2039m 26s

16 months in: Happy new year, happy new series!

Welcome back for a whole new series, series 6 of Mum Talk!  Today we are catching up on all things Christmas, time away, your questions on sleep and general beginning of series chat!  Plus I give you my honest thoughts on the new 360 Cybex Gold Sirona S i-Size car seat. Recommended by a lot of you, Cybex kindly sent us one and I LOVE it! You can also check it out HERE. As always, I love hearing from you so do get in touch at or DM me on mumtalkpodcast instagram.  Love Emma x  Notes: A is 16months at time of recording. 
15/01/2058m 32s

15 months in: bonus episode

You just can't keep me away! Happy bonus episode!  Since Series 5 ended I have been a little quiet on social media and emails in an attempt to step back. I felt myself being sucked deeper and deeper in my little whirlpool of overwhelm. This week on the podcast I open up possibly more than I ever have before, on where I am at right now and what I am doing to make myself feel a little better. I am sharing this in the hope that it may be of support or comfort to anyone listening feeling the same. Self care right now is an absolute must for me and I am very lucky to be able to share a little gift with you all from Sainsburys who have kindly sponsored this bonus episode of Mum Talk. Listen in and then click right here on this link and all will become clear. Enjoy!  Of course with Christmas right around the corner requests have come in for me to do a gift guide...this was something I just couldn't do this year but I have shared a few ideas within the podcast. I hope it's helpful. Thank you so so much for all of your support this year! Here's to lots more nattering away in 2020! Merry Christmas and the happiest of wishes for the New Year See you in January for Series 6! Love  Emma  Xxx This episode is sponsored by Sainsburys #AD  
11/12/1951m 36s

14 months in: The Mum Juggle, series end

It's true, series 5 has come to and end...with an unexpected guest appearance from Amandine! Her nap ended a touch too early when I was mid convo so do excuse the odd baby or I should now say toddler noise in the background. The Mum juggle is REAL! Today is a catch up on all things, feature topic being stopping breastfeeding!  I also touch on; Sleep, Play, Guilt, Work, Help with Amandine, Exhaustion and how I have been fairly unsuccessfully trying to juggle it all!  If you take one thing away from todays podcast let it be an encouragement to ask for help before it gets overwhelming. HUGE thank you to all of you for listening to this series, I cannot wait to share series 6 with you and of course another thank you to our sponsors Bugaboo for their support through Series 5! Don't forget their gift to you is running through November, the whole range can be found at Head over to @mumtalkpodcast for Series 6 updates! Lots of love  Emma xx
13/11/191h 3m

Food Allergies with Natalie and Gareth founders of The Allergy Badge

This week I am chatting with Natalie and Gareth founders of The Allergy Badge. Natalie and Gareth have 3 children and one of them has a life threatening allergy to dairy and also nuts. We chat all about living with allergies, how to find out if your little one has an allergy, whether there is any genetical link, how they found out, travel, nursery, children parties and so much more!  They are doing brilliant things, and building a wonderful community. Please do go and check them out over @theallergybadge and at . Next week is the last episode in the series! Can you believe! What would you like me to chat about? DM me @mumtalkpodcast or email me at  Series 5 is supported by Bugaboo and don’t forget to listen closely for your treat from us to you! Head to to view the full range.  Lots of love Emma Xx
06/11/191h 0m

Bilingual Acquisition with Dr Christina Schelletter

How I have got this podcast up in time with little A ill I don’t know, but I am so pleased I have managed because it is brilliantly informative! This week I am chatting with Dr Christina Schelletter an expert in bilingual acquisition, bilingual processing and language disorders.  Christina has published many research papers (one I attempted to read and swiftly couldn’t understand) but also has a ‘Introduction to Bilingualism’ book coming out very soon (CLICK HERE FOR LINK). Christina joins us this week sharing her professional knowledge but also drawing from personal experience. Christina is German and brought up two daughters bilingual! As Hendrik and I embark on this journey with A, I ask her ALL the questions; Is it harder for babies to learn two languages?  What are the recommendations? Can both parents go between languages? Methods to increase exposure to the minority language. Best ways to increase vocabulary.  If parents are both English or one language, can another language be taught at a young age? Starting to write French.  Is it true that children speech is delayed when bringing them up bilingual? And so much more as always! This week also marks episode 8 of a 10 part series! But do not fear we are of course back for Series 6! What would you like to hear? DM me at mumtalkpodcast instagram or email me at  Series 5 is supported by @bugaboostrollers . Make sure you listen closely to the interlude and right to the end of the podcast for their little gift to you! We’ve got you covered! Be sure to head to for the full Bugaboo range which we talk through this week.  I know I ask this every week but PLEASE do subscribe, most importantly RATE and review, it really does help others to find this podcast.  Tune in next week for all things children and allergies!  Emma Xx
30/10/191h 13m

Facing the unexpected at the 20 week scan with Cat and Andy

TRIGGER WARNING - pregnancy experience. This week I am joined by two wonderful listeners sharing their story.  Cat and Andy were told at 20 weeks their baby had a cyst on its brain and they share their pregnancy journey so far with us on the podcast.  I am so grateful Cat reached out, thank you both for joining me on the podcast this week and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little girl! Series 5 is supported by @bugaboostrollers and if you’ve been listening closely you will have noticed a little gift from them to you! Be sure to head to for the full Bugaboo range. Please do subscribe, rate and review if you have a moment and please get in touch, feel free to DM me on ‘mumtalkpodcast’ instagram or email at Keep your eyes pealed on mumtalkpodcast instagram for registration for Mum Talk Live Exeter on 18th November!  Have a lovely rest of your week Emma Xx
23/10/1941m 30s

What to expect, prenatal and postnatal with UK Midwife Anneke Brown and Sarah Wallace

I know there are so many of you wonderful listeners who are listening during your pregnancy or have just given birth, this is one for you! This week I am chatting with UK Midwife Anneke Brown about what to expect for prenatal care and post natal care, whether you bring your baby into the world in a Midwife led birth unit, labour ward or home birth. We also talk through; Baby checks What's normal for newborns in the poop and pee department Breastfeeding tips for new mums  Meeting babies needs How to introduce your baby to a sibling  What to pop baby in for its first night home/Dressing a baby when coming out of hospital  Recovery after baby Sex post birth  Motherhood and so much more. Towards the end of the podcast we are joined by Sarah Wallace cofounder with Anneke, of Komu, who tells us all about their digital postnatal support service. You can find out more HERE!  If you have any questions whilst listening please do DM me at mumtalkpodcast or email me at and we will get them answered for you!  Huge thanks again to Bugaboo for supporting Series 5 of Mum Talk and for the extra special gift they are giving Mum Talk listeners! Head to for more info and the full Bugaboo range. Please do subscribe, rate and review, it really does help others to find this podcast.  Catch up next week Emma Xx Series 5 of Mum Talk is supported by Bugaboo (AD).      
16/10/1959m 35s

13 months in: Motherhood

You have me this week! Like the good old days, having a real natter away on all things life with A! I try to get through as much as I can, honestly I could have gone on for a lot longer and there was a LOT more I wanted to cover but A woke up so I’ll have to save it for the end of the series! Below covers some of what I touch on; Doctors  Billingual chat  Feeding Injections Car seats Heartburn Baby proofing Routine Nursery Mum guilt  Lots of questions and possibly one of my favourite questions of all time for Hendrik; ‘what should we as mums know about being a new dad’ And of course SO much more.  As you guys know Series 5 is supported by @bugaboostrollers. You’ll notice a change in interlude today, all about their newly launched car seat the #BugabooTurtle by Nuna; very fitting as I am chatting a little about car seats (we need the next group up). Make sure you listen closely to the interlude and right to the end of the podcast! Be sure to head to for the full Bugaboo range.   Please do subscribe, rate and review, it really does help others to find this podcast.  I love hearing from you, please feel free to DM me on @mumtalkpodcast or email me at Tune in next week for a fab chat with a UK Midwife giving us insight into what we can expect from pre and post natal care.  Emma Xx
09/10/191h 13m

Parenting with no vision with Charis & Scott

Today I am honoured to provide a space for two incredibly inspirational parents to share their story. Charis and Scott, parents to a beautiful baby girl a few months younger than Amandine are parenting with an added challenge. Scott lost his sight 12 years ago and is parenting with no vision. After chatting regularly on social media we met (in real life) at the Bugaboo Ant launch event where I hosted a live panel conversation and I managed to persuade them to join me on Mum Talk a month or so later! They are just AMAZING, their incredible strength and outlook on life ahead shines through their words. Scott is passionate about raising awareness, educating and normalising the conversation around visually impaired parenting. If anyone has any questions from this podcast there will be a question box on @mumtalkpodcast stories now, or connect with Scott on instagram @dadcantsee . If you have a moment please do subscribe, rate and review, it really does help others to find this podcast. I love hearing from you, feel free to DM me on instagram or email at Catch up next week Emma Xx Series 5 of Mum Talk is supported by Bugaboo (AD). Head to for more info and the full Bugaboo range.
02/10/1941m 22s

Baby Teeth with NHS Dentist & clinical teacher in Paediatric Dentistry, Dr Jemma Hook

This weeks podcast is all about baby teeth! The minute Amandine’s teeth started coming through, it was yet another topic I had plenty of questions on! I am joined by the wonderful Dr Jemma Hook who works as an NHS Family Dentist and also as a clinical teacher in Paediatric Dentistry.    Today we talk about; Why we brush baby teeth  Flouride  Toothbrush advice How to brush teeth Baby’s first trip to the dentist Thumb sucking and pacifiers  Teething and remedies  Drinking from an open cup  Nutrition and teeth & so much more!    Jemma shares fantastic content over on her instagram @themummydentist . Do let Jemma or I know about any questions you might have from listening to the podcast!    Also on the podcast, we have a couple of days left in France, A has been a little under the weather but is now very much coming out the other side!   Huge thanks to Bugaboo for supporting this podcast and for our strollers. We are absolutely LOVING the #BugabooAnt whilst being away. Head to for more info and the full Bugaboo range.   Please do subscribe, rate and review, it really does help others to find this podcast. I love hearing from you, please feel free to DM me on ‘mumtalkpodcast’ instagram or email at   Catch up next week Emma Xx   Series 5 of Mum Talk is supported by Bugaboo (AD).
25/09/1945m 26s

Parental Mental Health & Relationships with Clinical Psychologist & Couples Therapist Michaela Thomas

Welcome back for Episode 2 of Series 5! This week on the podcast I am joined by clinical psychologist and couples therapist Michaela Thomas from The Thomas Connection.  Today we chat through; Parental mental health, post natal depression, baby blues, perfection, self compassion, self care and parenting, male depression, relationship changes and challenges when baby comes, managing partners expectations and so much more. Michaela shares not only her professional knowledge but also from her experience as a mother and wife.  If listening to Michaela during this episode you feel like chatting to her more please do get in touch with her HERE. Michaela also offers Skype calls if you are not local to her clinic. This weeks episode is coming to your ears from France. At the beginning of the episode I share with you our travel experience and use of our @bugaboostrollers #BugabooAnt through an airport and onto the plane! Head to for more info and the full Bugaboo range. Please do subscribe, rate and review, it really does help others to find this podcast. I love hearing from you, please feel free to DM me on ‘mumtalkpodcast’ instagram or email at Catch up next week Emma Xx Series 5 of Mum Talk is supported by Bugaboo (AD).
18/09/191h 18m

12 months in: New series Q & A and catch up

Mum Talk is BACK for series 5, and I have so much to share with you. Firstly a huge thank you for all of your support since the beginning of Mum Talk! I am super excited to announce that Mum Talk series 5 is supported by Bugaboo. If you’re anything like me you’ll spend months researching for your perfect stroller, head over to where you will find the perfect one to fit your lifestyle!  This weeks podcast is a huge Q & A and has been shaped by you and what you all wanted to know! Thank you for your questions and I hope chatting through what we have experienced across the different topics will be helpful.Topics include: Weaning  Relationships  Breastfeeding  Work/life balance - nursery etc. Sleep & Naps Bilingual language  A’s 10-12month check up Babes and dogs 1st Birthday pressi ideas - links below to our favourite gifts  Scandiborn Teepee - kindly sent to A for her birthday! My No.1 go to shop for everything baby. Baghera Plane Trihorse Wooden Marble Run HappyPie swing Bedtime Story Cushion Sarah & Bendrix And as always SO much more!  Once again a huge huge thank you to YOU for listening and to Bugaboo!  Tune in next week to go deep into parental mental health and relationships. Please do subscribe, rate and leave a review if you have time. I love hearing from you all so please get in touch, either DM me on mumtalkpodcast or email me at Love Emma Xxx
11/09/191h 6m

10 months in: End of series Q & A

Firstly a huge thank you to tuning in to series 4 and all your support. This weeks episode concludes series 4 of Mum Talk Podcast. Series 5 will be coming to your ears in September and I cannot wait!    This week I catch up on all things Amandine and I plus answer as many of your questions as I can within an hour!    Topics covered:    Crawling & baby proofing Routine, sleep and naps Weaning and my go to insta accounts to follow  Potty training  Reusable nappies  Feeling stuck at home  Plans for work My favourite recent purchases (not ad’s or sponsored)   & of course your questions where we cover sleep, weaning, cutting baby nails, baby skin, mattresses, routine and travel, getting used to the cot and much more!   Lastly a huge thank you for all the reviews on the podcast, I so so appreciate it! The winners username of the Ergobaby carrier from the reviews is ’ABBLE#’ please pop me a DM!    Please keep in touch through @mumtalkpodcast on instagram or feel free to email me at   Look forward to catching up in September!    Emma    Xxx
31/07/1956m 2s

Women's health; post pregnancy & birth focus with Dr Brooke Vandermolen

This week on Mum Talk podcast I am sharing with you the incredibly informative chat I had last week with Dr Brooke Vandermolen (@theobgynmum), an obs and gynae doctor and mum.    Topics covered: Fertility and breastfeeding Getting pregnant after birth  Getting pregnant without first period after birth Contraception after birth Recovery after birth Having sex for the first time after birth Prolapse  Lack of sex drive and breastfeeding Cervical Smear First poop post birth Plus answering questions you sent in!    Do listen right to the end of this podcast for a sneaky little giveaway!  Next week we close series 4 with a huge Q & A! Head over to @mumtalkpodcast where I’ll be popping up question boxes throughout the week within stories.   So looking forward to catching up with you all next week! Emma  Xx
24/07/1941m 48s

Relationships, overwhelm & pulling up the drawbridge with Steph Douglas

I am joined by the wonderful Steph Douglas, mum of 3 and founder of Don't buy her flowers. I connected with Steph through instagram after relating hugely to what she was sharing about her relationship and bringing up 3 children. Steph's sharing totally keeps me sane, whilst we were recording I was constantly nodding along. Steph is incredibly honest and open about her marriage and how bringing 3 children into the world has affected their rhythm. On the podcast we chat about the natural ups and downs in relationships, how to survive the stresses of everyday and trying to avoid constantly being on each others back, bringing it back to kindness, love and most importantly communication. We also chat about overwhelm and how if not managed can lead to full on manic mode! And of course Pulling up the Drawbridge, if you haven't yet read Stephs blog post, read it HERE.  Enjoy and as always please do feel free to connect with me @mumtalkpodcast on instagram or email me at Have a lovely rest of your week Emma Xx    
17/07/1951m 27s

From Live Panel to Podcast - talking all things 'travel' in celebration of the launch of the Bugaboo Ant

BONUS EPISODE - Mum Talk X Bugaboo    I am so excited to bring you this very special bonus episode! Last week I hosted a LIVE Mum Talk panel discussion on travelling with a family as a part of the launch event for  @bugaboostrollers’ brand new ultra compact travel stroller, the #BugabooAnt and I couldn’t have been more honoured to do this.   The panel discussion continued onto this podcast (thank goodness it did as we had so much to share), where I am joined by my wonderful panel guests and mommas Emma and Olivia. We share not only tips for going abroad but also when the word travelling means to just leave the house, especially during the early days.    Plus I was lucky enough to sneak on the designer of the #BugabooAnt, Aernout Dijkstra-Hellinga , father of two, to tell us all about his inspiration behind the design and key features. Whilst he is chatting click HERE and take a look at the #BugabooAnt.    The #BugabooAnt is available exclusively for pre-order in-store at John Lewis and Partners and nationwide from September, I highly recommend you check it out!    Thank you so much for listening. As always please do connect with me, send me your questions by DM’ing me @mumtalkpodcast on Instagram or email me at   Love   Emma Xx   #AD  
12/07/1944m 15s

10 months in: Time away, marriage, weaning, crawling & more

You have me this week and I have loved catching up with you all. Yep its a long one but I cover a lot during this hour! My chatting includes: Leaving amandine for the first time Amandines night crying Weaning Relationship/Marriage Keeping babies cool  Amandine cuper clingy  Asking for help - DO IT!    And SO MUCH MORE! Plus I answer a whole bunch of your questions. Amandine is 10 months at time of recording (it has been requested I put how old Amandine is in each of these episode descriptions, which is a very good idea!) As always any questions please message me on @mumtalkpodcast instagram or email me   Lots of love    Emma X
10/07/1959m 38s

Helping your child navigate relationships with author Tanith Carey

This week I am chatting with the incredibly knowledgable Tanith Carey all about our childrens relationships. Tanith has two new books recently released, The Friendship maze and What’s my child thinking written with Clinical Psychology - Dr Angharad Rudkin (I have a copy to give away!).  On todays podcast we chat about Phones, social media, the effects on being on our phones around children and how social media is becoming a health issue in children.  We discuss celebrating childhood, how play is essential for learning key skills, the importance of growth without imposing, transitioning to secondary school, helping our children understand friendships, why friendships and social hierarchies form in particular ways, bullying and how teachers and parents can help create a culture of upstanding.   We also chat about what we can do with little ones Amandine’s age to start teaching about relationships.   I have one copy of What’s My Child Thinking by Tanith Carey to give away! Head over to ‘mumtalkpodcast’ on instagram to find out how you can get your hands on it!    Any questions at all please DM me or email me at   Have a lovely week   Emma  Xx
03/07/1943m 42s

9 months in: routine, weaning, poop, travel & more

You have me this week! Catching up with you all and sharing with you some very exciting news and an event that YOU can join me at! Firstly today on the podcast I chat routine, weaning, poops, travel tips, keeping baby cool in the hot weather and good reference guides online, suggestions for wriggly babies and of course much always!  Make sure you listen to the end to hear about some mega news with Mum Talk and I invite you to come and join me at an event in Central London NEXT WEEK! I would LOVE to meet you! As always any questions DM me at 'mumtalkpodcast' instagram page or email me at, I love connecting with you all.  Love Emma Xx
26/06/1932m 4s

Birth Story with Becca, Pediatric Doctor and Mum

TRIGGER WARNING: although positive, please be aware this podcast contains birth story content, please read the below before listening. Listening back to this podcast with my lovely friend Becca, it is full of so much goodness! Our babies are with us during this recording, they made the most of their time on air getting their opinion across.   Becca is a Pediatric Doctor and Mumma to a little boy who is just a week or so older than Amandine. During this podcast Becca shares with us her birth story and SO much more. We start by chatting about the anxiousness which came with knowing so much through her work and having to reroute her thinking around birth. Becca shares with us her experience of her baby being breech and how you could find her upside down on an ironing board, experimenting with moxibustion and also undergoing an ECV. Becca's little one was back to back, leading to an epidural, hormone drip and emergency caesarean. We also talk about second births, recovery from a caesarean, pelvic floor recovery and Becca shares advice for mums to be and new mums. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording and listening back! As always any questions, DM me at mumtalkpodcast Instagram or Have a lovely week Emma 
19/06/1945m 25s

9 months in: My breastfeeding journey

Todays episode is all about our journey with breast-feeding. I feel like in the hour I didn’t even cover it all…so there will undoubtedly be another one.    If you are thinking about breastfeeding especially if you are thinking about breast and bottle this is a good listen!    I also chat briefly about our recent travel journey.   So hope you find this helpful.   Have a great week    Emma x
12/06/1958m 19s

Motherhood & Business with Jen, founder of Etta Loves

Amandine is 9 months old...well yesterday! Same time in and out...crazy, just crazy how time is flying by. More on that next week because this week is guest week and I am chatting with Jen mum of two and creator, founder, the brains and beauty behind Etta Loves! We chat about owning your own business and being a mum of two, the science and story behind Etta Loves, mum guilt, juggling family, home, business and a full time job, the importance of building your village and how, elective cesarean births, pregnancy insomnia, anxiety, the Royal Birth, sleep and oh so much more! We used Etta Loves muslins from day one after recommendation from a friend and have never looked back....they are fab and huge so cover a Sleepyhead if you have one! Check them out here:  In true Mum Talk style we dive straight in, in fact I don't think I even told Jen we were recording, so enjoy!   Next week I'll be talking about breastfeeding and pumping so if you have any questions DM me on 'mumtalkpodcast' instagram or email me at   Have a lovely rest of your week   Emma Xx    
05/06/191h 6m

8 months in: Motherhood, everything is always changing

Woohoo! Series 4 is here! I am so excited to be back here sharing with you, and this week is one BIG catch up! I feel like I have been away for ages and you guys had so many questions.   I chat through sleep, routine, separation anxiety and my lack of knowledge on how to handle it, doctors visits, Amandine being ill and how I helped her, growing hair, hair loss (me), pumping, change, dealing with visitors, working out (FYI I don't), useful and useless baby products, mental preparation for natural childbirth, what I would do differently with a newborn and some things to think about if you're pram shopping (from my experience).   One thing I didn't have time to touch on was weaning! I feel that needs a podcast of its own. I will touch on it on my instagram 'mumtalkpodcast' and on next weeks podcast.    I would love this series to reach even more parents, and show everyone how easy it is to listen even when you have your hands full! How do you listen? Snap a shot and tag 'mumtalkpodcast' so I can connect with you.   Have a lovely week   Ems      
29/05/191h 2m

8 months in: Bonus Episode. Hiking, projectile vomiting & serious mum fails

Series four is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited to get back to catching up with you all and sharing some amazing guests and their insight into this world that we call parenthood.  But today I have a special bonus episode for you! I cover all things travelling with a baby, hiking, naps, sickness, doctors visits, crashing Hendrik's car and most of all me chilling out about routine and how much of a weight that has lifted from my shoulders when travelling! If you have any questions from this podcast or completely unrelated head to @mumtalkpodcast instagram and DM me, i'll get them answered next week! Xx
23/05/1948m 24s

7 months in: Motherhood series end Q and A

The final episode of series 3!  This week we are wrapping this series of Mum Talk with a Q & A, I answer all your questions which you've sent over to me from weaning, to travelling with a car seat. I also share with you Amandine's past few weeks, being in her room, weaning, sleeping and much more. It's that time of week again, to grab a cup of tea or go for a walk and enjoy. If you want to connect please do through following 'mumtalkpodcast' on instagram and DM'ing me or email through Have a lovely rest of your week Xxx
10/04/1959m 54s

Fertility, fertility health, periods, PCOS and more with Emma Cannon

Today on the podcast I am chatting with Emma Cannon a fertility expert, acupuncturist, author, speaker and clinic owner with over 20 years in practice.   Even if you are not thinking of having a family right this second it is worth a listen as we discuss the importance of learning about your fertility health. We cover periods, reasons behind missed periods, the effects of stress, PCOS, conceiving approaching 40, freezing eggs and Emma shares a few tips on getting your sex life back, plus we had time for her to cover a few of your questions. If you have any more questions or would like to book to see Emma all her details can be found at: I apologise for the rough quality of this podcast, I have tried to edit the quality as best I can. Unfortunately the internet signal during the start of the call was a little low, it gets better 5-7 minutes in so do stick with it or fast forward!  We are wrapping this series next week with a huge Q&A session on the podcast. Get any questions you have sent in to or DM me on instagram @mumtalkpodcast. Xxx      
03/04/1937m 32s

6 months in: Things I now know post holiday

Flying tips, travel tips, holiday chat and guess what......Amandine is taking the bottle!! Plus answering a bunch of your questions!  Enjoy   Xxx  
27/03/1942m 57s

Motherhood with Sarah Turner aka The Unmumsy Mum

Grab a cup of tea or go for a stroll and prepare yourself for a close to 2 hour absolutely hilarious podcast with Sarah Turner, also known as The Unmumsy Mum! We chat everything motherhood over crudités and cookies at my place....I started with a bunch of questions yet in true Mum Talk style we just let the chat lead us to where ever the conversation needed to go!  It's a tricky one to summarise what we talk about but we do cover, (amongst a lot more), how to be a wife, mother to 3 boys, work and not loose your sense of self....pregnancy and birth and how all three differed, sleeping tips, routine, leaving baby for the first time, mum guilt, dealing with all the advice out there, childcare and so much more. Enjoy listening and of course if you have any questions send them over to me at @mumtalkpodcast on insta or Find this wonderful woman here: Lots of Love  Emma Xxx  
20/03/191h 55m

6 months in: Motherhood on the move

I am fresh back from London and a very 'on the go' week! I asked A LOT of Amandine this past week and she was absolutely amazing. From flying to London with delays, to 2 and a 1/2 hour coach journeys, to sleeping in 2 different cots in 2 different locations, a wedding, poomagedons during the vows, hanging with my sister, me leaving Amandine for the first time in 6 months to do something for me, to travelling home with a flight cancellation after 3 hours in the airport and a replacement train journey the following day....this podcast has it all!  I share all of my travel (plane, taxi, bus) and sleep tips and a lot lot more!  It is a must listen if you are travelling soon!  Whilst away in London I was gifted a Babybjörn Travel Cot Easy Go to try and review. I only share things with you that will make mum life easier and this sure does! It was a lifesaver on more than one occasion as it truly takes about 20 seconds to put up...check it out HERE and listen to this episode to hear my thoughts. As always any questions DM me at @mumtalkpodcast on insta or email me at Don't forget the instagram competitions run until the 23rd March...still time to enter for your chance to WIN!  Lots of love Emma xxx     
13/03/1951m 57s

Madeline Shaw on being a mum

This week is guest week and today Madeline Shaw is chatting all things Motherhood with me! Madeline Shaw is a wonderful mother to her little boy, a Nutritional Therapist, Author, blogger and instagrammer! Madeline shares all with me about what her daily life looks like, pregnancy, birth, relationships, routine, sleep, weaning, running a successful business, and childcare.  TRIGGER WARNING - Madeline went through devastating loss and miscarried her first pregnancy. If you are pregnant and unsure if this is something you want to listen to right now, we chat about it between minute 11 & 15.45.  You can find Madeline and everything she shares over on her website: Plus there are just a few more giveaways left for The Big Giveaway celebrating the launch of Mum Talk Podcast Instagram page, make sure you're following CLICK HERE and subscribe to the podcast! Enjoy and have a great week Emma Xxx  
06/03/191h 12m

5 months in: Teething, sleeping, pooping, separation anxiety

It's my weekly check in with you all! Of course I talk about the weather (because it's just crazy for February) and I give a little insight into our lives this last few weeks. This week I cover the topic of teething (its been kicking our butts), poops, poop samples, swimming, car journeys, sleeping, being ill with a baby and separation anxiety from baby AND mummy. I'm also chatting through my nerves around attending a wedding with a baby...SOLO, and I've finally found a breastfeeding, baby carrying friendly outfit! Rounding off this weeks podcast with a quick breakdown of the Mum Talk Podcast instagram launch giveaways....all giveaways are running until the 23rd March so if you haven't already get on over to the Mum Talk Instagram page, follow and get entering for a chance to win. We have SO many cool brands on board offering amazing prizes!  Links here: @mumtalkpodcast Gummee Teething Aids Have a lovely week!  Emma X  
26/02/1940m 12s

Growing a business whilst growing a baby with Grace, founder of Scandiborn

Talking all things Mum Talk Podcast Instagram Launch & The Big Giveaway starting THIS Saturday 23rd March...make sure you're following @mumtalkpodcast and you're subscribed to the podcast.   This week I am joined by Grace the founder of Scandiborn! For all you business and entrepreneurial mommas and papas this is a must listen! Grace now pregnant with her second bubba, shares so honestly her experience building a brand, a business and the realities of running a successful business.  We chat about child care, knowing when you can’t just do it all, working with your husband and the split of work, making goals come true and inspiring the new generation. Grace also goes on to share her birth story and birth plan. If you haven’t yet visited Scandiborn, find them HERE. Enjoy Xxx
20/02/1953m 53s

5 months in: Parenting wins, sleep, rising baby related anxiousness

I am catching up with you all this week whilst Amandine naps!  Firstly, if you haven’t already please please visit and follow my new Mum Talk Podcast Instagram Page @mumtalkpodcast , tell all you’re pregnant and Mumma friends. Launching at the end of Feb with the most AMAZING giveaways from incredibly supportive brands, you will not want to miss this! If you are listening to this early in the morning I apologise but I do start off talking about poop! I promise I do go on to talk about all things teething, what we are using to help and also the poops and nappy rash associated with it! I also fill you in on our current parent WINS! Plus our updated sleeping schedule. What I forgot to mention during the podcast is the order we do bedtime; I do bath (every 2-3 nights), draw blind, pjs, white noise machine switch on, book, feed, bed.  Also on this podcast I share my thoughts on weaning, attempting to get those smiles and giggles, swimming and a little about where I am at, juggling work and play, containing my slight baby related anxiousness and upcoming travel to London.   A couple of links for you for the brands I mentioned:   Click HERE for the amazing Elvie breast pump (kindly gifted to me).  Click HERE for FREYA The Positive Birth Company Hypnobirthing Surge Timer which I wish I had when giving birth! Newly launched and a must have for pregnant mums (£1.99 intro offer this week only).  Click HERE for Helios, where we buy our homeopathy. Have a great week and as always please feel free to connect with me, I love hearing from you. DM me on @mumtalkpodcast or email me at   Emma    Xxx  
13/02/1945m 7s

Emotional recovery from birth & seeking support with Dr Rebecca Moore, Perinatal Psychiatrist

TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that we are talking about how to recover from a traumatic birth or not having the birth you had imagined. Please listen with care especially if pregnant. Dr Rebecca Moore is a perinatal psychiatrist working in the NHS and privately with a special expertise in birth trauma and cofounder of Make Birth Better  Rebecca is passionate about improving maternity experience for women. Lots of women have positive experiences but may sadly have really traumatic births and this experience can affect them as women, partners and as they grow to be mothers. In this episode Rebecca and I chat about; perinatal mental health, difficult births, how to heal, supporting women who haven’t had the birth they had or wanted, where to find support, common things to look for, the importance of nature and so much more. We also touch on Rebeccas job and how she balances such an emotional job and being a mum, she also shares with us her own birth story.  Links: Insta: Twitter: Any questions for me as always DM me on instagram ‘emmajaulin’ or email   If you have a moment please subscribe & review!   Emma Xxx
06/02/1939m 49s

4 months in: Pumping, leaping, sleeping & transitioning

This week is my biweekly catchup with you all! Amandine is on her way out of her leap and starting to share with us all of her new skills! I have had my mum world rocked by receiving an Elvie Pump (gifted) which means I can finally start to get Amandine to take a bottle, plus build a supply in my freezer for emergencies or when I just need some me time. If this is on your wish list have a listen, I am not exaggerating when I say it truly is a game changer!  I've had a lot of questions recently asking how I am doing as a mum, and I realised I often don't talk about this, I spend most of my time chatting about Amandine. So this week I try my best to open up about a few things going on in my mind which I am sure a lot of you will be able to relate to.  As always any questions or if you need a chat email me at or DM me at 'emmajaulin' on instagram.  Emma Xxx  
30/01/1942m 20s

From building a rhythm with baby, to hospital vs home birth stats with Natalie Meddings, doula, active birth teacher & author

I struggled to name this podcast as Natalie and I talk through so much from babies sleep and nap times to how birth is covered in the media. Natalie shares with us so much knowledge from experience as a mum of 3 and also from her work. In true Mum Talk style we dive straight in; Natalie is a doula, active birth teacher, author of 'How to have a baby' and creator of 'Tell me a good birth story'.  Amandine joins us towards the end of this podcast...apologies for all the baby coos. Here is the link to Natalies beautiful website; Enjoy   Ems x
22/01/191h 31m

4 months in: Routine, sleep, feeding, baby clothes, inlaws, books, breastfeeding, weaning

This week I answer all your questions! From easy baby clothes to dealing with the inlaws, I chat through it all!  Enjoy Xx
15/01/191h 14m

Birth Story with Marion Pearce

This week I have the pleasure of chatting with Marion; French and living in the UK, a master spin instructor and yoga teacher plus a finance lawyer! Marion now pregnant with her second baby shares with us her first birth story, what she would like her second birth to look like, how her pregnancies have differed, juggling work an 18 month old and pregnancy, pre and post natal fitness, nursery, breast feeding and getting pregnant, hypnobirthing and why its not everyones cup of tea, how does a contraction feel, how important it is to check yourself with a women health physio, bilingual babies and so much more! We dive straight into this podcast starting with how chilled Marion is at 37 weeks! Enjoy! Link to Squeezy app: Emma Xxx
09/01/191h 5m

3 months in: Happy New Year - Season three!

Happy New Year to you all and thank you all so much for joining MUM TALK for the third series in this podcast! Back from our Christmas break away, our first with Amandine, I am checking in with you all on how we found Christmas, trying to settle Amandine in new surroundings. Amandine has also found her thumb! I would love to know your thoughts on thumb sucking...yay or nay? I also share with you a couple of helpful tips when buying a baby monitor! During this series we have some fantastic guests joining us including chats with a perinatal psychiatrist, doula and active birth teacher and advice on fitness during and post pregnancy! Looking forward to another series of sharing with you all! Ems Xxx 
01/01/1920m 38s

3 months in: Leaping, poomagedons & more

This week I'm chatting pooping in the bath, Amandine's first Christmas carol concert, poomagedons, sleep techniques, sleep regression and more! Enjoy! If I don't get to check in with you next week Merry Christmas and have a lovely New Year! Thank you so much for all your support this year!! XXxx
13/12/1831m 23s

3 months in: December is here along with a hungry guest

Welcome to this weeks podcast! My apologies for skipping last week…I say why within the podcast! I also catch up with you all on; tummy time (go check out my instagram stories!), jabs, baby massage course, illness, nappies and cheeky wipe routine, sleep and lack of napping, swimming, walking in the rain and attempting the first bottle!  I have also mentioned a few gifts I have bought Amandine for Christmas; here are the links: Plus if you haven’t yet seen it, I wrote a post on my website all about what we use for feeding, changing, sleeping, napping, dressing, travel etc!  Please feel free to connect with me on social ‘emmajaulin’ or through mail at   Xxx
05/12/1836m 53s

2 months in: Travel, stress, Q & A

We are home and I am looking back on all things travel and answering your questions. Once again we did not have an easy journey of course I share that with you, especially my inability to stay stress free this time!   I also answer your questions on what we traveled with, what we bought out there, what we used the most of, baby carriers, how I settle Amandine to sleep (probably frowned upon by the experts), how she is settling back into home, baby monitors, walking and nappies, white noise, managing stress and so much more!     Any questions you can always email me at or DM me at 'emmajaulin' on insta.   Love Emma Xxx
21/11/1840m 53s

2 months in: A's first flight, sleep, nap times, breastfeeding & inoculations

This week Amandine and I share with you her first flight..including the 4 hour delay. She was a trooper! We also chat revised sleep here in France, nap times, walking, walking and breastfeeding, and also how I need to keep my mouth closed and let Hendrik figure it out whilst he is on holiday and spending more time with her. I also answer a few of your questions about going back to work and also her inoculations. Love Emma and Amandine Xxx
13/11/1828m 33s

Pregnancy, wet lettuce cravings, Dad bods with Carly Rowena & Leon Bustin

Woohoo I have guests on the podcast this week for you all, and not just one but our first father to be! I am joined by beautiful Carly, who you may know through instagram or youtube as Carly Rowena and her husband Leon of The Lean Machines; trainers, fitness bloggers and hugely successful in the youtube and insta world! Carly is 35 weeks pregnant, and we all chat pregnancy, fitness, work and how both being self employed they are going to juggle it all. Leon shares how to avoid a 'Dad bod' and Carly also shares a little advice on fitness during pregnancy. Plus we chat birth preferences, cravings...specifically wet lettuce, Steven the dog, instagram opinions, travel and so much more.    Within the podcast we talk about their ebooks so I have linked in their websites below incase anyone wants to check them out. They can both also be found on instagram at '@carlyrowena' and '@theleanmachinesofficial'. &    Enjoy!   Love Emma Xxx
06/11/181h 21m

1 month in: Sleep routine, post natal screening and Q & A

No baby coos this week, Amandine is downstairs with Daddy which means I can really focus on recording a useful podcast for you all! So this week I fill you in on how we are, our sleep routine, my post natal screening appointment and then start to answer your questions on; good vs bad clothes, what to look for in a good nappy bag, baby wearers, perineal massage, sleep strategies, baby developmental tracking, our routine, choosing a name and honesty about nappies!    Enjoy and if you have any questions please email them in or DM me on instagram 'emmajaulin' or Love Emma Xxx
31/10/1853m 19s

Miscarriage. Loss first hand with my incredibly strong friend Ella

Miscarriage, a topic rarely talked about. Some of you guys have been reaching out having been through this and I wanted to take this moment to bring this topic to the podcast, lets talk about it! You are not alone in this! Ella joins me this week to share her miscarriage, feelings, friends reactions and so much more. If you, or you are supporting a friend going through this, this is definitely worth a listen. If anyone has any questions for myself or Ella please do reach out and we will try to answer.  Email: or instagram: emmajaulin Lots of love XXX
25/10/1851m 46s

Pregnancy flash back: That one episode where I was joined by my girlfriends & they asked ME the questions!

This week has been a beautiful week, if you follow me on social media you may have seen I was in Cornwall with one of my closest friends, relaxing and taking in all the fresh sea air! This however meant not getting back on track with the Wednesday podcast release day! However as there is not long now until Wednesday I thought I would share this episode with you, recorded before I birthed Amandine.  This episode I was running a retreat in Devon and I was lucky enough that I had repeat guests who have now of course become very good friends of mine..and they asked ME a bunch of questions!  Enjoy! Xxx  
20/10/1822m 46s

1 month in: How we do sleep!

This week I chat all about how we are coping with Amandines first leap, homeopathy, our first girls beach day, explosive nappy changes and what I have actually used and what works to get this little munchkin to sleep! Here are links to all the products I am chatting about! You can also see them on my YouTube channel: GroCompany: Sleepyhead: The Little Green Sheep: SnuzPod3: Ewan the Dream Sheep Deluxe: MyHummy:   Xxx
12/10/1839m 46s

1 month in: Weekly catch up

I am so sorry this is so late! This week I am answering a bunch of your questions, chatting through what our day looks like, Amandine and what I am learning daily about her and her little quirks.    I know I have promised you the names of the books I read to prepare..ill take photos of these and save on my instagram 'emmajaulin', so head there to see.    I love hearing from you all, and if there are any questions you would like answering or addressing please reach out to me on instagram or email me at   Lots of love   Emma 
05/10/1854m 18s

22 days in: The first few weeks, day 3,5 & 7, lochia, hormones, nipples

Well this week you get an insight into my day today. Oh my goodness what a rollercoaster.... Whilst little Amandine is breastfeeding I chat through the first few weeks...day3/5/7, lochia, pelvis pain, hormones, sleep, nipples, what I’ve been using, useful things, clothes, her routine, sleeping arrangements, bed time, mornings, laundry, dry rack, rest, going out, walking, napping, Netflix...and so much more!   Enjoy! Any questions please do reach out to me through instagram...(easiest way) at 'emmajaulin'.   Lots of love    Emma Xxx
26/09/181h 2m

14 days in: My Birth Story. Welcome to the world Amandine

Welcome to series 2 of Mum Talk! These last few weeks have been a whirl wind, on Tuesday 4th September we welcomed our little girl into the world. I wanted to start series 2 with my birth story which I know many of you have been waiting a while for, so here goes! I have tried to include as much detail as possible, if you are yet to give birth and prefer not to know perhaps skip this one until you have given birth.  Any questions at all DM me on instagram 'emmajaulin' and I will get back to you asap! Enjoy, Love Emma Xxx
18/09/181h 0m

Pregnancy with Corinne Evans

Last week I caught up with my lovely friend Corinne Evans who at the time was also pregnant! She has now given birth to her beautiful little baby! As always we chat everything pregnancy! Enjoy! Xxx
05/09/181h 13m

9 months pregnant: What's in my hospital bag

This week I am checking in with you all and covering off whats in the all important hospital bag! Apologies for my waffling, I have a horrible cold and my brain isn't quite engaged but I wanted to check in with you all! If you have any questions on anything I mention or want more details or brand names please please do reach out on instagram 'emmajaulin' and I will answer you! Have a beautiful week Ems xx
29/08/1840m 39s

'3 weeks in' with my friend & new mumma Rebecca aka Somewhat Rad

Oh you are going to love this podcast! I saw my friend Rebecca in London just a few days before she went into labour and delivered her gorgeous baby boy Quinn and I have finally caught up with her and we recorded it for you! Rebecca's birth story is a truly honest account of her birth experience. If you are pregnant and you know hearing birth stories isn't for you then perhaps make use of the 15 second skip forward button occasionally....or revisit the podcast when you have your gorgeous bubba in your arms. We do chat everything from early labour to birth and after birth in detail, plus we also talk about coming back to yoga, the most useful items (which I have linked below) and physical and emotional preparation and recovery, plus of course so so so much more!     BabyKind Giant Square Cotton Pads Junior Joy White Plastic Top and Tail Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Blooming Bath Lotus Enjoy and of course if anyone wants to reach out, feel free to connect through instagram 'emmajaulin' or email Have a beautiful rest of your week. Emma  Xxx
21/08/181h 23m

9 months pregnant: Sleep essentials & preparations

Last weeks podcast is a hard one to follow as it is just so informative and full of such great information about sleep! This week I am chatting a little more about sleep essentials, products which we are going to give a try to help our little one settle in and I also catch up with you all! I am almost in the 'drop zone' turning 37 weeks on Thursday! Very exciting! Everything is ready as it can be I think?! Now I just need to mentally prepare a little more I think.....and perhaps encourage Hendrik to 'prepare'!  Here are links to all the products I am chatting about! You can also see them on my new YouTube channel: GroCompany: Sleepyhead: The Little Green Sheep: SnuzPod3: Ewan the Dream Sheep Deluxe: MyHummy:   Enjoy Xxx
14/08/1839m 10s

Safe sleeping with Heidi Steel from Gro Company

This weeks episode has been requested and long awaited by many of you, especially with the hot weather we have been experiencing here in the UK. How do we dress our babies for safe sleeping? I am lucky enough to chat with Heidi Steel, marketing manager for the Gro Company who is also a mother herself and extremely knowledgable about safe sleeping.  We chat about safe sleep, SIDS risk reduction, the importance of bedding tog and room temperature, the Lullaby Trust, what should a newborn wear to sleep, swaddling, how to get your baby to sleep on holiday, how to tell if they are the right temperature, routine, the best sleep time routine, when babies know crying gets your attention rather than needing something and everything in between! I also ask Heidi in her experience what her most useless baby item was, her pram and car seat choice, and her favourite Gro product! This is definitely one NOT to skip!  Here are the links to what we mention: What To Wear Guide: Sleep Club: If you have any questions or just want to reach out please do through social media 'emmajaulin' or on email Love  Emma Xxx
07/08/181h 2m

8 months pregnant: Growth Scans & Baby Showers

This week I am catching up with you all on my growth scan, London trip, baby showers, baby gifts, my new youtube channel and all things in between!  You can find a few videos on my youtube channel here: Lots of Love Emma  Xxx
01/08/1838m 8s

8 months pregnant: Nappy changing

It's here, the hugely requested and long awaited nappy podcast! I have finally figured out (I hope) how I am going to do this! I chat reusables nappies, reusable wipes and biodegradable disposables as a back up! I also fill you in on my 34 week midwife appointment...including growth scans and fitting our car seat!  Back to nappies, the brands I am going to try are the BambinoMio All in One Solo, Cheeky Wipes and Kit & Kin. Of course, who knows how I am going to get on when baby is actually here, but I am going to give it my best shot! You can find the featured products and the all important 'How to' YouTube video here on Mum Talk YouTube: As always please do feel free to contact me through social or email: or 'emmajaulin' on instagram. Or of course the facebook page 'mumtalkpodcast'. Enjoy and I hope this helps! Emma  Xxx
25/07/1836m 58s

8 months pregnant: Nursery/Baby essentials & non essentials

So many of you, like me are getting ready for our little bundles of joy to arrive...and that tends to involve purchasing a few is a whole other world out there! I have done tonnes of research to try and help us all out and this week I share some nursery essentials with you. Plus I fill you in on my pregnancy stage, my retreat, getting creative, NCT shocking discoveries and the most voted useless thing to buy. Any questions you can always find me on instagram through 'emmajaulin' or on email at Enjoy Xxx   Featured Brands:  
17/07/1856m 54s

8 months pregnant: Midwife visits, finishing work & sustainable baby goodies

8 months! Say what?! Weirdly this time is going pretty slowly but I think I am just struggling to let go and chill a little. I saw my wife last week, am running my final retreat this week and share with you some of my absolute favourite small, affordable, handmade, sustainable baby goodies! Enjoy! Xxx   Featured - head to my instagram highlights 'emmajaulin' to see piccies:
10/07/1837m 51s

Mini First Aid with first aid expert Liz Watt

Its a terrifying thing to even think about, administering first aid on any level to your infant or young child. Liz and I discuss a few of the key questions which have kept coming up in emails and messages over the last few months. We cover seizures and what that might look like (especially in this hot weather), safe sleeping, CPR, falls, head bumps, choking, burns including sun burn and basic first aid kits. What this podcast highlights most is why it is so important to, if you can, take a first aid course. Disclaimer: listening to this podcast and Liz's descriptions by no means gives you enough information to perform anything we discuss here on your child.  Xxx  
03/07/1845m 53s

Plastic free parenting with Emma Ross, Mamalina

I am joined this week by Emma Ross who runs her own blog and youtube channel called Mamalina. As a mum of two young boys she is living life as plastic free as possible which is SO hard as a mum! First off Emma shares with us her birth stories, two very different experiences. We then get onto her top tips for getting rid of the plastic, separating 'time' to help switching out plastic, reusable nappies, routine without having routine, creating habits, bottle feeding without plastic, travelling with babies, date night with a baby and Emma shows me her boys beautiful wooden toys! Hendrik and I try so hard in our lives to not be consumers of plastic products....but it is so much harder with baby products! This is such an interesting podcast, we only touched on this stuff but it is definitely a place to get started and be inspired!  As always I love hearing from you; and find me on social media using 'emmajaulin'. Xxx
26/06/1845m 17s

6 months pregnant: Mini Babymooning, midwife appointment, baby movement & work

When I mentioned a while ago about babymoons, and how Hendrik and I couldn't go on one together due to his schedule I received sooo many questions from you all about babymoons! So this week I share with you my mum and I's trip to The Scarlet Hotel in Newquay, where we spent 24hours and I was truly pampered on a bespoke pregnancy journey treatment. This week I also catch up with you on my 28 week midwife appointment, baby kicks, travelling to France and launching SUP and beach Yoga.  As always you can reach me at or through social media, search emmajaulin. To reach The Scarlet Hotel: Xxx
19/06/1847m 4s

Big baby purchases with Charlie from Just Another Baby

This week I am talking with Charlie from 'Just Another Baby' here in Exeter. Shopping for baby bits can be so confusing and she is here to help! None of this podcast is sponsored in any way! We talk prams, car seats, baby carriers, sleeping, sleep wear, mattresses, travel hacks and bathing! Charlie is a mum of three, two of which being twins and she shares with us valuable mum knowledge!!   Any questions just reach out through   Xxx
12/06/181h 3m

6 months pregnant: Prams, midwife visits, bump measurements & Italy

This week you've got me again! I talk about why this podcast is so so sorry, more pram talk, travelling pregnant, Italy, eating too much focaccia and also bump measuring and its accuracy!! I also have some amazing guests coming on the podcast who I briefly introduce here incase you have any questions!  Xxxx
08/06/1840m 47s

5 months pregnant: Which Pram?!

This week I talk prams! It is another world out there when it comes to buying things for baby! I have just scratched the surface with a few prams that we have been looking at and why. Absolutely nothing in this podcast is sponsored, all of this information is from my own research and what I have gathered from endless googling, visiting stores and asking questions! Feel free to ask if there is anything that doesn't make sense... Email: Facebook: Instagram: emmajaulin Xxx
30/05/1837m 45s

5 months pregnant: 'Getting into small spaces to screw is difficult!'

The title is not what you think, listen to see what I mean! This week I am with you talking about my midwife appointment, kicking, sleeping, eating (I share with you my delicious and nutritious morning cacao smoothie), teeth, trips to Mothercare and Ikea, my intentions of being as eco conscious as possible and whats going on for me over the next few months!  Please continue to reach out, details below. Lots of love  Ems x
23/05/1829m 38s

Keeping fit & healthy through pregnancy with Helene from BeFit-Mom

This week I am joined on Mum Talk by Helene Byrne in California! We discuss the science behind exercise during pregnancy, blood capacity, exercise no-no's in pregnancy, abdominal bracing, pelvic floor exercises and preventing tearing, postnatal pelvic floor work, post natal inner unit work, lochia, running post birth and exercises post birth. Most importantly Helene conveys just how important it is to give yourself TIME pre and post birth! Remember to listen to YOUR body and what it needs...not what you think you should be doing!  As always I love hearing from you so please do reach out through facebook: mumtalkpodcast , email: or insta: emmajaulin. Lots of love    Emma Xxx  
16/05/181h 3m

5 months pregnant: Where I am right now

Hey! It's just me this week, checking in with you all and I share my epic fail of the week! I am feeling so much better in my pregnancy and my body now I have hit the almost 23 week mark. This past weekend was my 30th birthday, it was super relaxing and I am now looking ahead to the next few months. I have tonnes of questions for you in this podcast...I need advice! Please connect with me through facebook (mumtalkpodcast), instagram (emmajaulin) or email (    Enjoy, lots of love Emma Xxx   Skin pigmentation during pregnancy recommendations: Pai aha mask, Mad hippie vitamin c serum, orgaid vit c mask, Dr Weil origins mega bright range serum and overnight mask & spf! From Katie at relaxldn (on insta).
09/05/1851m 43s

Hypnobirthing with Siobhan Miller from The Positive Birth Company

IT'S A MUST LISTEN! If you are intrigued by what hypnobirthing is then you absolutely must listen to this weeks episode! If you're like is not what you think it is. It most definitely has nothing to do with being hypnotised (not that that is what I thought). Siobhan shares with us her top 3 things of how to prepare for a positive birth and my goodness so much more. I don't think any of my podcasts have been filled with such valuable information! If you are nervous about giving birth listening to Siobhan WILL help.  If you want to reach out to Siobhan head to . She also has a youtube channel and is on social media as The Positive Birth Company.  Connect with me through facebook or instagram at Mum Talk Podcast!  Enjoy! Lots of love  Ems xxx
01/05/181h 24m

4 months pregnant: Supporting pregnant friends with Annie Clarke

I am in Portugal this week running a retreat with my beautiful friend Annie (@mind_body_bowl), and I am lucky enough to have her join me on my podcast this week! I was never that confident talking to pregnant friends when I wasn't pregnant and I pick her mind about being a friend and support to the pregnant ladies in her life! Annie also shares with us some absolute gems about body image and confidence and I tell you a little about my 20 week scan and how I felt about my whopping cough vaccine. Have you had it? And I ask you guys about travel! Connect with me on the MUM TALK podcast facebook page: Lots of Love Ems x  
24/04/1841m 25s

Diet during pregnancy with Louise Mole, Dietician

Joined this week by qualified dietician Louise Mole, we chatted everything diet during pregnancy!    Remember the facebook page for Mum Talk is now LIVE - , please feel free to chat to each other, and reach out with your questions!I love connecting with you all.   If you'd like to reach Louise directly please do so through her social media below:    Twitter: @louwilko Insta: @loupmole   Xxx
18/04/181h 11m

'You don't normally feel your boobs' with Rebecca aka Somewhat RAD

This week I had the best catch up with my beautiful friend Rebecca (you possibly know her on instagram as Somewhat Rad) over Skype as I couldn't get my butt to London. Just 6 weeks ahead of me in my pregnancy we had so much to talk about and we did! We of course talked Yoga and pregnancy but we also talked about baby-moons, 1st/2nd trimester, health issues, high risk pregnancy, weight loss and loss of periods, taking clean living too far, surrendering to it all, diet, cats and pregnancy, shared parental leave, pregnancy apps, bringing a baby into a relationship, silver nipple protectors, what else Rebecca does for exercise and SO MUCH MORE! Mentions during the podcast (unsponsored) Silverettes - Pregnancy + App: Connect with Rebecca: MUM TALK FACEBOOK page is now set up:  please feel free to connect with each other, ask each other for advice, leave your comments & questions. Feel free to email me at also & catch me on instagram at  AND if you would like to join Rebecca and I for a little prenatal yoga brunch time drop me an email and lets do it! Thank you all for your support! Lots of love  Ems xx
10/04/181h 36m

4 months pregnant: Honesty, how I am feeling physically & mentally

As promised, this week is a slightly shorter podcast than what seems to be the norm! With me, filling you in on where I am at with my pregnancy, how I am feeling physically and mentally, touching on a few random subjects like prenatal vitamins and exercise and of course so much more!    Prenatal Vitamins: Garden of Life, my kind organics, prenatal multi.  Email: Mum Talk facebook page coming soon!   Xxx  
04/04/1845m 57s

Miscarriage, marriage, eating disorders, pregnancy and connection with Nicky Clinch, Life Counsellor, Macrobiotic Nutritionist & Mum

EPISODE TRIGGER WARNING: Nicky bravely talks about her loss of her baby before becoming pregnant again. It's another mega podcast! This week I speak with the inspirational Nicky Clinch. Nicky is a Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Life Counsellor, Chef and Teacher, mother to a beautiful little girl and wife to, whom she describes as a giant Kiwi man! We talk motherhood in this moment, Nicky's career, eating disorders and pregnancy, diet and pregnancy, nourishing the body, baby weight, the juggle that is self employment and motherhood, mind, body, spirit and soul, connection, pregnancy symptoms, relationships and answers to all your questions about the practical stuff, prams, what did you actually need!  Send us your questions, suggestions or just connect! I love hearing from you! Email;  Enjoy Xxx
28/03/181h 32m

Reconnecting to you in modern motherhood with Zoe Blaskey

This week I am joined by Zoe Blaskey, mother to a beautiful little girl. We talk pregnancy, motherhood, birth preferences, comparison in motherhood through social media, fears, anxieties of motherhood, self employment, juggling motherhood, work and passion projects, self-care, meditation and kindness. Zoe is the second mum to share her beautiful birth story, an amazingly long but calm birth, a MUST listen!  Enjoy  Xxx
20/03/181h 13m

Positive Birth Story with Lisa

Hot off the press! Just this morning Lisa and I chatted all things motherhood! Lisa is a working mum, yoga teacher and professional dancer living in London. Although I still didn't get through all the questions I had for her, we talked pregnancy, diet, symptoms, travelling with a newborn, her relationship with her partner after birth, connecting, Lisa's personal yoga practice, juggling work with pregnancy and work with motherhood, coming back to work and so much more. Lisa shares her beautiful and incredibly positive birth story. Being pregnant myself, people seem to tell me negative birth stories, it is so so refreshing and strengthening to hear Lisa's strong and positive birth story, so if you are in need of hearing a positive story listen in! Enjoy, Love Emma Xxx
14/03/181h 24m

3 months pregnant: First Trimester

Welcome back for a second week! I cannot thank you enough for checking in with me again this week! This week I start off with a whole bunch of thank yous, to you! Unbelievably last week we were ranked the 2nd top podcast in Kids and Family! Wow, just wow! After the last podcast my email was going wild with questions about my first trimester! So, in this weeks episode that exactly what you've got, I talk to you about my first scan, seeing baby for the first time, my diet, nausea, my yoga practice and advice on when to start prenatal yoga, connecting with my belly and starter thoughts on baby moons and push presents! Plus a lot more! As always please do send in your questions directly to me, at  And head to my website if you have listened and love the idea of a Prenatal Retreat by the beach! Here's the exact link: Lots of love And once again a HUGE thank you for all your support! Please do rate and review if you love it! Emma Xxx
07/03/181h 16m

12 weeks pregnant: Lets start this journey!

The first ever Mum Talk podcast episode! I can't quite believe I am posting this and embarking on this journey, let me start by saying thank you so much for getting this far! The main reason behind starting this podcast is...Hendrik, my husband and I are expecting our first child! This episode explains why I have started this podcast and how I will be using this platform to connect with other mums and find out everything there is to know about being a new mum. Plus how I found out I was pregnant, my reactions, how I told my husband and consequently his reactions! It definitely was not romantic as it can be in the movies. Episode Amend: Within the episode I asked you all to contact me by email with all your burning questions to ask future guests! I have now set up a specific email for the podcast which is now Please feel free to send me all your questions! I hope you enjoy the episode! Join us for the next episodes every Wednesday!  Ems x 
27/02/1826m 48s
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