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Alex Robinson and Pete The Retailer analyze, criticize and philosophize the STAR WARS movies, one minute at a time.


Introducing ABCD:TOS - Amok Time

PTR wants you to hear his new show about Star Trek!
24/09/201h 43m

Rogue One Minute 134: Starting Over

M-I-C (See? We finished Rogue One!) K-E-Y (why? Because it's implied in our mandate!) M-O-U-S-E!
21/05/2025m 28s

Rogue One Minute 133: Cool But Rude

The penultimate moment of Rogue One has Pete The Retailer and Alex Robinson breaking out their reading glasses as the credits roll on!
20/05/2024m 44s

Rogue One Minute 132: The Chairman

Prop Modeling Chairman Pete Fielding is here to give us some juicy behind-the-scenes dirt on what it's like to build stuff from a galaxy far, far away!
19/05/2030m 14s

Rogue One Minute 131: Four Peters, One Pete, and One Pierre

Always two, there are, to talk about the credits: Pete The Retailer and Alex Robinson!
18/05/2024m 10s

Rogue One Minute 130: Background Weirdo

Whether you're a humble gaffer or a spoiled acting legend, guest commentator Joe Dator is here to watch your name go by in the credits!
15/05/2030m 52s

Rogue One Minute 129: The Fantastical and the Credible

Who better to guest commentate the credits than famous card Joe Dator? Nobody that's who!
14/05/2033m 50s

Rogue One Minute 128: Pop Culture

Guest commentator Joe Dator returns to help us make our way through this roll-call of champions, AKA the credits of Rogue One!
13/05/2028m 51s

Rogue One Minute 127: The Minions of Their Day

It's time to give credits where credits are due so we've brought in Joe Dator to guest commentate for you!
12/05/2038m 46s

Rogue One Minute 126: Fake Shemp

Guest commentating mainstay Joe Dator returns to give us his thoughts on CGI Princess Leia and...hope!
11/05/2055m 10s

Rogue One Minute 125: Copious Death

Ani? Little Ani? Guest commentator and angel of Death Greg Wyshynski meets up with a familiar cunning warrior....and a good friend.
08/05/2038m 39s

Rogue One Minute 124: Fraim Kopidiskk

Guest commentator Greg Wyshynski reviews the raucous rebels retreating with the recorded readouts they retrieved from the retired Rogues! Run, rebels, run!
07/05/2038m 31s

Rogue One Minute 123: Which Death Would You Want?

Cassian and Erso discover life's a beach and then you fry but unfortunately guest commentator Greg Wyshynski doesn't like sand!
06/05/2028m 29s

Rogue One Minute 122: Sandals

Guest commentator Greg Wyshynski reacts to Tarkin firing up the reactors of this fully armed and operational battle station!
05/05/2031m 2s

Rogue One Minute 121: Reptile

Guest commentator Greg Wyshynski comes up around the bend just in time to see a bad moon rising over Scarif!
04/05/2032m 42s

Rogue One Minute 120: Analog

Krennic seizes control of the monologue and points it back at Jyn but Cassian is done with the chit chat (unless it's from Patreon All-Star guest commentator Kris Calabrese, of course!)
01/05/2031m 8s

Rogue One Minute 119: The Star Wars Olympics

Krennic shows up too late to stop Jyn's plan but just in time to listen to her heroic monologue with Patreon All-Star guest commentator Matt Berry!
30/04/2030m 42s

Rogue One Minute 118: No Beret

The Rebels go totally Bumper Cars on the Imperial Fleet over Scarif, much to the amusement of Patreon All-Star guest commentator Lee Blanchard!
29/04/2028m 11s

Rogue One Minute 117: Mister Snuggles

Jyn makes it to the top of the Scarif Tower only to come face to face with an Imperial T.I.E. fighter! Nah, just kidding: it's Patreon All-Star guest commentator Peter Duffy! 
28/04/2027m 11s

Rogue One Minute 116: Salami Slicer

We kick off our week of Patreon All-Stars with a hearty hello to guest commentator Mark Thompson and a tearful farewell to Baze Malbus!
27/04/2025m 3s

Rogue One Minute 115: TGIF

 I've got a feeling out our Alphabeatical guest commentators should say goodnight to Bodhi Rook so run for your life!
24/04/2028m 35s

Rogue One Minute 114: Beatletron

The flying boys of Gold Squadron are sending six fighters against a Star Destroyer? Guest commentators John and El Adam from Alphabeatical say yes! Yes! Yes!
23/04/2025m 38s

Rogue One Minute 113: Police Academy

John and El Adam from Alphabeatical are here to tell us what goes on but as far as bad boy Krennic is concerned happiness is a warm blaster!
22/04/2030m 2s

Rogue One Minute 112: Carabiner

Chirrut sets out on the long and winding road to the master switch under the watchful gaze of guest commentators El Adam and John from Alphabeatical!
21/04/2026m 33s

Rogue One Minute 111: Force Wind

The Alphabeatical Boys are here to watch Jyn and Cassian try to climb to the toppermost of the poppermost and retrieve those Death Star plans!
20/04/2027m 21s

Rogue One Minute 110: Barf Points

Things go from bad to worse as Imperial reinforcements arrive, Blue leader bites the dust and guest commentator Paul Rust is throwing in the towel!
17/04/2037m 12s

Rogue One Minute 109: Title Gripe

Guest commentator Paul Rust and pilot Bodhi Rook are doing their part at the Battle of Scarif. Can you honestly say the same?
16/04/2033m 28s

Rogue One Minute 108: War Is Hell

Q. Why don't droids Paul cry?A: They'll afraid they'll Paul Rust! 
15/04/2026m 47s

Rogue One Minute 107: Hanzo Shooteth Primary

Jyn and Cassian try to locate the Death Star plans in the main computer with the help from K-2S0 and the love of guest commentator Paul Rust!
14/04/2036m 24s

Rogue One Minute 106: 80/55

The battle of Scarif continues with guest commentator Paul Rust back in the hot seat but why did they fry poor Red-Five?
13/04/2044m 40s

Rogue One Minute 105: The Secret Diary of Mon Mothma

The Battle of Scarif heats up with the arrival of a squadron of T.I.E. fighters and Chrysanthe Tan slipping into the guest commentator chair!
10/04/2038m 29s

Rogue One Minute 104: The Threepio Moment

Guest commentator Chrysanthe Tan has a blast talking about the slaughter on Scarif, raging robots and musical motifs!
09/04/2031m 37s

Rogue One Minute 103: Albums and Tapes

It's a battle beyond the stars with X-wings, T.I.E. fighters, medical frigates, Y-wings and, of course, guest commentator Chrysanthe Tan!
08/04/2029m 44s

Rogue One Minute 102: Fire Pole

Guest commentator Chrysanthe Tan, General Merrick, and the heroes of Blue Squadron arrive in their fancy X-wings to save the day!
07/04/2038m 24s

Rogue One Minute 101: Three Mountains

B.A.Z.E. thinks he can take on the A.T.-A.C.T. but guest commentator Chyrsanthe Tan will have him singing a different tune!
06/04/2031m 38s

Rogue One Minute 100: B. J. and the Bear

We end our week with guest commentator Paul F. Tompkins with a comedy bang as the Battle of Scarif rages on!
03/04/2030m 56s

Rogue One Minute 99: Peak Moustache

We speak easy with guest commentator Paul F. Tompkins about the cool space ship battle high above tropical Scarif!
02/04/2030m 29s

Rogue One Minute 98: Ghoulies

Guest commentator Paul F. Tompkins returns for thrilling adventure on the beaches of Scarif with a special appearance by At Act!
01/04/2030m 25s

Big Red One Minute 98: Vermilion

Guest commentator Irvin Kershner joins us to watch the Big Red Ones charge into action and gives us the inside scoop on the long-awaited sequel!
01/04/2020m 13s

Rogue One Minute 97: On an Adventure With Jawas, Be Back Soon

There Will Be Blood on the sands of Scarif as the rebellious Rogues fight it out on the beach with guest commentator Paul F. Tompkins!
31/03/2026m 43s

Rogue One Minute 96: Pilots That Ran Too Fast

Guest commentator Paul F. Tompkins kicks off our Best Week Ever with Tenzigo Weems delivering the news from Scarif to Mon Mothma!
30/03/2028m 10s

Rogue One Minute 95: Over the Armor

Guest commentators Tony Thaxton and CeCe Pleasants are getting punchy but that won't stop K-2S0 from violating the first law of robotics!
27/03/2034m 27s

Rogue One Minute 94: Light It Up

Krennic finds things on Scarif quite explosive but it won't mean half as much without guest commentators Tony Thaxton and CeCe Pleasants!
26/03/2025m 44s

Rogue One Minute 93: The OJ Trial

Guest commentators Tony Thaxton and CeCe Pleasants are back and K-2SO is beside himself with happiness about it!
25/03/2023m 33s

Rogue One Minute 92: One for Pam

Those rebellious Rogues have infiltrated the Imperial base on Scarif in an attempt to steal the Death Star plans and guest commentators Tony Thaxton and CeCe Pleasants!
24/03/2026m 50s

Rogue One Minute 91: Jim From the Office

Guest commentators CeCe Pleasants and Tony Thaxton are here and ready to begin their covert operations on Scarif!
23/03/2024m 30s

Rogue One Minute 90: The Arcade That Serves Beer

All-Star guest commentator Kevin Maher geeks out about the Rogues sneaking into the Scarif base but I've got a bad feeling abou
20/03/2052m 51s

Rogue One Minute 89: Hockey Leia

Things are looking up for the Rogues as Imperials board the shuttle demanding a flight manifest and All-Star guest commentator Mac Davidson!
19/03/2033m 54s

Rogue One Minute 88: Like a Hundred

All-Star guest commentator John Kovalic joins us for another happy landing on the planet Scarif!
18/03/2049m 19s

Rogue One Minute 87: Troop Building

Before they begin their assault on the Scarif base Jyn gives a rousing speech to the Rogues and All-Star guest commentator Dave Amiott!
17/03/2039m 59s

Rogue One Minute 86: Doodlebugging It Up

We kick off All-Star week with the arrival at the Scarif shield gate and the return of guest commentator Tasha Robinson!
16/03/2058m 5s

Rogue One Minute 85: The Blonde Aspect of Han Solo

The roamin' Rogues arrive at Scarif but first they have to sneak past the Imperial gatekeepers and guest commentator Dan Telfer! 
13/03/2038m 42s

Rogue One Minute 84: Luau

Guest commentator Chris Weitz joins Mon Mothma in an emotional farewell to Space Jimmy Smits!
12/03/2020m 12s

Rogue One Minute 83: Farrah Fawcett

Guest commentator Chris Weitz has boarded and are ready to ride that stolen Imperial transport to the sunny shores of Scarif!
11/03/2018m 27s

Rogue One Minute 82: Now I Just Do It for Free

Jyn, Cassian and the rest of the Rogues prepare for their mission to Scarif, but Chris Weitz is only here to guest commentate!
10/03/2020m 48s

Rogue One Minute 81: Tenth-Level Magic User

Cassian lectures Jyn that all the awful things he's done have been for his love of the rebellion and our guest commentator Chris Weitz!
09/03/2020m 48s

Rogue One Minute 80: General Syndulla

Cassian and his rogues agree to sneak off to Scarif but guest commentator Chris Radtke isn't going anywhere!
06/03/2026m 4s

Rogue One Minute 79: Jebel Beans

Guest commentator Chris Radtke is here as Mon Mothma breaks the news that the mission to Scarif is off and the rest of the movie is cancelled!
05/03/2023m 31s

Rogue One Minute 78: Where Star Wars Always Wins

That devil Jebel has the rebel rabble troubled but what is Chris Radtke proposing? We let the guest commentator speak.
04/03/2024m 58s

Rogue One Minute 77: Darth Vilanch

Chris Radtke once again sticks his neck out as guest commentator but will he choke or leave you breathless with laughter?
03/03/2032m 13s

Rogue One Minute 76: The Mork Employment Era

Krennic gets chewed out by prequel star Anakin Skywalker so who better than Chris Radtke as our guest commentator? No one!
02/03/2030m 34s

Rogue One Minute 75: Vader Vowels

Guest commentator Joseph Scrimshaw sits in on Director Krennic's meeting with his boss the space wizard. Ixnay on the andsay, Orson!
28/02/2037m 24s

Rogue One Minute 74: Vader's Place

Director Krennic arrives for his meeting in Mordor early and we've got guest commentator Joseph Scrimshaw bacta talk about it!
27/02/2031m 12s

Rogue One Minute 73: Fighting the Phantom Menace

Joseph Scrimshaw takes a break from Force Center to be our guest commentator but Cassian Andor is shutting down any further complaining!
26/02/2030m 17s

Rogue One Minute 72: An Angry Military Mister Rogers

Jyn and Cassian debate the ethics of eliminating the inventor of the Imperial Superweapon that will kill over two billion people. Guest commentator Joseph Scrimshaw is here to cast the deciding vote!
25/02/2030m 0s

Rogue One Minute 71: Laser Jerk

Guest commentator Joseph Scrimshaw lends a hand talking about the Rogues' daring escape from the Imperial stronghold, but what else could Eadu?
24/02/2031m 15s

Rogue One Minute 70: Best Guess for Fomalhaut

"Failin" Erso joins shuffles off this mortal coil, telling the Rogues it's time to say farewell to Eadu and guest commentator Suzen Tekla Kruglnska!
21/02/2034m 30s

Rogue One Minute 69: Skippy Erso

Guest commentator Suzen Tekla Kruglnska is here for the father daughter reunion before Galen goes slip slidin' away to Christian Heaven!
20/02/2035m 0s

Rogue One Minute 68: Crying While Star Warsing

The skirmish on Eadu continues with the empire striking back and the revenge of guest commentator Suzen Tekla Kruglnska!
19/02/2032m 19s

Rogue One Minute 67: Anti-Helmet

Guest commentator Suzen Tekla Kruglnska is back and she's brought some Alliance-brand mayhem on the Eadu landing platform with her!
18/02/2031m 11s

Rogue One Minute 66: Already Engaged

The rebel fleet arrives to save the day on Eadu, accompanied by guest commentator Suzen Tekla Kruglnska!
17/02/2040m 23s

Rogue One Minute 65: Opposite Troopers

Galen Erso's performance review isn't going the way he expected but wait until he hears what guest commentator Chris Eliopoulos thinks!
14/02/2029m 0s

Rogue One Minute 64: Extra Extra Kill

Guest commentator Chris Eliopoulos scopes out some very nervous Imperial Engineers who feel they're being unfairly targeted by Director Krennic!
13/02/2034m 51s

Rogue One Minute 63: Shades of Grey

Cassian can't pull the trigger and complete the mission but guest commentator Chris Eliopoulos is not throwing away his shot!
12/02/2040m 32s

Rogue One Minute 62: In the Dog Suit

Guest commentator Chris Eliopoulos climbs aboard to track the meeting of the Imperial Engineers!
11/02/2034m 6s

Rogue One Minute 61: White Cane

Someone let Chirrut Imwe out in the rain and guest commentator Chris Eliopoulos doesn't know if he can take it! Oh no!
10/02/2033m 48s

Rogue One Minute 60: The Dark Aura of a Would-Be Killer

Guest commentator Asterios Kokkinos has the face of a killer but the gentle touch of a cat burglar, which might come in handy sneaking around Eadu in the dark!
07/02/2032m 7s

Rogue One Minute 59: Where'd All Your Blood Go?

Cassian and the Pilot head out to look for Galen Erso, leaving Jyn and the gang suspicious, but guest commentator Asterios Kokkinos is here to assuage everyone's fears!
06/02/2030m 40s

Rogue One Minute 58: Another Squeeze out of That Orange

Guest commentator Asterios Kokkinos takes a break from being on The Loudest Podcast to spend some time with the Rogues on rain-swept Eadu!
05/02/2028m 45s

Rogue One Minute 57: Well Stocked

The Rogues arrive on storm-ravaged Eadu in the company of guest commentator Asterios Kokkinos from the Loudest Podcast!
04/02/2026m 47s

Rogue One Minute 56: A Really Nice Bench

We welcome guest commentator Asterios Kokkinos back to weigh in on Cassian and Jyn's political debate!
03/02/2034m 44s

Rogue One Minute 55: The Caring Alien

Guest commentator Kelly Anneken listens to Jyn's crazy story about a space station that can destroy planets and how her father is a hero for building it!
31/01/2031m 1s

Rogue One Minute 54: Themes

Stardust and the Pilot reminisce about what a great man war-criminal Galen Erso is with guest commentor Kelly Anneken!
30/01/2026m 13s

Rogue One Minute 53: An Apoplectic Krennic

We have a message from guest commentator Kelly Anneken regarding Tenzigo Weems and the next step in the plan to murder Galen Erso!
29/01/2034m 42s

Rogue One Minute 52: Where Science and Magic Blur

The Death Star's maiden voyage was a success but Krennic will want to hear what guest commentator Kelly Anneken is tarkin' about!
28/01/2033m 8s

Rogue One Minute 51: Punch It!

Guest commentator Kelly Anneken arrives just in time to watch the Rogues escape from the Death Star's mayhem on Jedha!
27/01/2032m 4s

Rogue One Minute 50: The Ants

Beautiful Tony Consiglio is here to provide some guest commentary on the Death Star being taken out for its first test drive!
24/01/2031m 20s

Rogue One Minute 49: Barney Miller

It's time for the Rogue Ones to skedaddle off Jedha but guest commentator Tony Consiglio isn't going anyplace!
23/01/2027m 8s

Rogue One Minute 48: A Pint of Ice Cream

Things are looking grim as the Death Star blasts a chunk out of Jedha. Good thing guest commentator Tony Consiglio is here with some iced cream!
22/01/2030m 12s

Rogue One Minute 47: Judge Bor Gullet

Commence primary ignition and release the full fury of guest commentator Tony Consiglio on the poor souls of Jedha!
21/01/2027m 54s

Rogue One Minute 46: Deatha Star

Guest commentator Tony Consiglio joins us via hologram for a discussion about the morality of Galen Erso!
20/01/2026m 28s

Rogue One Minute 45: Premium Switch Flipping

Guest commentator Liz Whittaker is our only hope to figure out the mysterious hologram from Galen Erso!
17/01/2028m 52s

Rogue One Minute 44: Little Force Tingles

Tarkin and Krennic are warming up the Death Star but it's guest commentator Liz Whittaker who brings the heat!
16/01/2023m 54s

Rogue One Minute 43: One More Saw Thing

Guest commentator Liz Whittaker cuts the chatter when she sees a familiar giant laser moon orbiting Jedha!
15/01/2031m 22s

Rogue One Minute 42: Just Kevin and a Stool

Saw Gerrera suspects someone is there to kill him but is it Jyn Erso or guest commentator Liz Whittaker? The answer may surprise you!
14/01/2024m 10s

Rogue One Minute 41: Stuck in the Bannister

Guest commentator Liz Whittaker takes a break from Mean Girls Minute to help us parse out the parlay between Jyn Erso and Saw Gerrera!
13/01/2025m 18s

Rogue One Minute 40: Baby Jacket

It's a happy reunion as Jyn is brought before Saw Gerrera for questioning, but guest commentator Josh Flanagan is the one with all the answers!
10/01/2037m 54s

Rogue One Minute 39: Fortuna Family Reunion

Guest commentator Josh Flanagan joins us on a tour of the Gerrera gang's secret clubhouse!
09/01/2032m 34s

Rogue One Minute 38: Arbmab

Jyn tries to play the Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am? card but Two-Tubes isn't convinced, nor is guest commentator Josh Flanagan!
08/01/2026m 49s

Rogue One Minute 37: The Old Fart-Baze Combo

The Rogues are taken into custody by Two-Tubes and the Gerrera gang plus guest commentator Josh Flanagan!
07/01/2028m 11s

Rogue One Minute 36: Hunchy

Guest commentator Josh Flanagan from iFanboy is here just in time to watch Chirrut Imwe take on the entire Empire himself!
06/01/2029m 16s

Rogue One Minute 35: Pseudo Zuvios

Guest commentator Crystal Beth is back for her Fifth Minute but the Rogues won't escape the Imperials so easily!
03/01/2031m 12s

Rogue One Minute 34: Simulated Boredom

Our heroes are saved by the timely appearance of the lovable droid K2-S0, not to mention guest commentator Crystal Beth!
02/01/2024m 39s

Rogue One Minute 33: Right in the Codpiece

Crystal Beth is our guest as the Star War becomes a street brawl on the chaotic streets of Jedha City!
01/01/2027m 19s

Rogue One Minute 32: Silence the Cat

Jedha City erupts in a wave of terrorist fury as the peacekeepers are attacked by the Gerrera Gang plus guest commentator Crystal Beth!
31/12/1925m 23s

Rogue One Minute 31: Bold as M*A*S*H

Guest commentator Crystal Beth accompanies Jyn and Cassian as they wander the streets of Jedha under the watchful eye of Stormtroopers!
30/12/1932m 34s

Rogue One Minute 30: Armchair It Anyway

Jyn meets some peculiar characters on her tour of Jedha including Chirrut the pure, Baze the silent and Ken Plume the guest commentator!
27/12/1939m 58s

Rogue One Minute 29: Bor Gummet

You'll be careful when Jyn and Cassian bump into some old friends in Jedha City: Walrusman, Doc Evigan and guest commentator Ken Plume!
26/12/1945m 50s

Rogue One Minute 28: Magic Show

Guest commentator Ken Plume loses his mind when confronted by the tentacled terror known only as...Bor Gullet!
25/12/1934m 21s

Rogue One Minute 27: Chew-Threepio

Our heroes make the long trek to Jedha City accompanied only by guest commentator Ken Plume!
24/12/1934m 5s

Rogue One Minute 26: Missing the Tremble

Guest commentator Ken Plume arrives just in time for our heroes to arrive at Jedha City to find the elusive Saw Gerrera!
23/12/1933m 38s

Rogue One Minute 25: Swedish Severity

We close out our week with guest commentator Jenny Jaffe with a flashback to happier days when Jyn's dad had a steady job with government benefits!
20/12/1927m 8s

Rogue One Minute 24: Disney Bought Reality

Krennic mixes it up in the Moff pit but guest commentators Elliott Kalan and Jenny Jaffe are stuck in the uncanny valley!
19/12/1925m 39s

Rogue One Minute 23: Sexual Babies

Having seen Saw, guest commentators Jenny Jaffe and Elliott Kalan are ready to start talking Tarkin!
18/12/1919m 52s

Rogue One Minute 22: Kevin

Guest commentators Elliott Kalan and Jenny Jaffe are on hand to watch rebel Saw Gerrera deal with the lies and deceptions of the defecting imperial pilot!
17/12/1926m 53s

Rogue One Minute 21: The Origin of the Bucket

Bodhi the Pilot is brought before Saw Gerrera, Two-Tubes, and guest commentators Jenny Jaffe and Elliott Kalan!
16/12/1934m 23s

Rogue One Minute 20: Country Disappointed

Do you want to know the odds of you enjoying this episode with guest commentator John Mathot?Oh, okay. Well, let us know if you change your mind.
13/12/1923m 0s

Rogue One Minute 19: A Plastic Spoon

Cassian receives a deadly mission of betrayal while Jyn and K-2S0 engage in some amusing banter with guest commentator John Mathot!
12/12/1923m 9s

Rogue One Minute 18: The Regional Governors

Guest commentator Earth John Mathot is here to bear witness to the return of the Ghost of Space Jimmy Smits as the rebels gear up for rebelling!
11/12/1924m 22s

Rogue One Minute 17: Are You Sure You Want That on Your Head?

The rebels continue to lecture Jyn Erso and guest commentator John Mathot about the evils of making Death Stars!
10/12/1920m 56s

Rogue One Minute 16: The EGOT of Geekness

Guest commentator John Mathot is back as Mon, Cassian and the rest of the rebel bunch get Jyn up to speed about her father's little project!
09/12/1925m 42s

Rogue One Minute 15: Gzip-Zop Graven

We end our week with guest commentator Doug Benson on a high note when Jyn Erso gets to meet with Mon Mothma and the rest of the rebels gang! 
06/12/1921m 11s

Rogue One Minute 14: Get Me a Hammock

Guest commentator Doug Benson is here to watch Cassian and his robot bud K-2S0 spring Jyn from the joint in a jolting jailbreak!
05/12/1927m 16s

Rogue One Minute 13: Standing Erect Until We're Dead

Prisoner Jyn Erso is held in a dank and dour imperial transport when they receive an unexpected visitor--guest commentator Doug Benson!
04/12/1928m 7s

Rogue One Minute 12: The Two-Tubes Dynasty

Guest commentator Doug Benson is back to watch Tony Two-Tubes welcome a defecting imperial pilot under the blazing Jedha sun!
03/12/1929m 44s

Rogue One Minute 11: Aardvark : A Star Wars Story

Hey everybody! Cassian and his snitch are discovered by the local law enforcement, all under the watchful red eyes of returning guest commentator Doug Benson!
02/12/1924m 23s

Rogue One Minute 10: Tivik

Ever wonder what it's like living on the Ring of Kafrene? Fortunately we've got bad boy Cassian Andor and/or guest commentator Meredith Woerner for some guidance!
29/11/1935m 31s

Rogue One Minute 9: Blutopians

Guest commentator Meredith Woerner is here to oversee the prisoners Oolin Musters and Liana Hallik, AKA Jyn "I Rebel" Erso!
28/11/1928m 30s

Rogue One Minute 8: My Child

This one's got it all! Oscar-winner Saw Gerrera, the opening title, a hatchway and the return of guest commentator Meredith Woerner!
27/11/1929m 26s

Rogue One Minute 7: Burning Down the Farm

MINUTE 7: Mrs. Erso turns down Krennic's invitation to rejoin the Empire, luckily our own guest commentator Meredtih Woerner would never be so rude!
26/11/1928m 34s

Rogue One Minute 6: Upper-Middle Management

Guest commentator Meredith Woerner returns to help us ransack the Erso farm and find that missing girl!
25/11/1930m 49s

Rogue One Minute 5: Full Fudd

MINUTE 5: Much like the construction of the Death Star we are on the verge of greatness, thanks to guest commentator Mark McConville from Superego!
22/11/1934m 8s

Rogue One Minute 4: The Other Word for Intelligence

MINUTE 4: Guest commentators Mark McConville & Matt Gourley are here to witness the debut of Director Orson Krennic as he crashes the party at Erso Farms!
21/11/1922m 21s

Rogue One Minute 3: Dark Hardware

Guest commentators Mark McConville and Matt Gourley are here to watch the Erso family prepare for the arrival of Krennic and the Death Troopers!
20/11/1927m 37s

Rogue One Minute 2: Meet the Ersos

The Erso family moisture farm receives some unexpected guests -- Superego superstars Matt Gourley and Mark McConville!
19/11/1932m 39s

Rogue One Minute 1: Ellipses

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...Guest Commentators: Mark McConville and Matt Gourley
18/11/1932m 3s

Introducing The Mindalorian

Alex and Pete showcase their new show
17/11/191h 34m

ROTJSE 120: Some Kind of Gurgle

Ken Napzok joins us to discuss action-packed Minute 120 of the Return of the Jedi Blu-ray
11/11/1941m 28s

ROTJSE 117: Horses

Special guests Arnie Niekamp, Adal Rifai, and Matt Young from "Hello from the Magic Tavern" join us to discuss Minute 117 of the Return of the Jedi Blu-ray LIVE from Star Wars Celebration in Chicago!
02/08/1948m 30s

Introducing Inside Star Wars

Heroes, villains, action... all set in a galaxy far, far away. Join Inside Star Wars and go behind the camera and find out how one of the most iconic series in film history came to be.Listen now at
29/05/198m 19s

TFA 139: Eight Seconds

23/05/197m 50s

TFA 138: Kodak

Part 10 of the closing credits
22/05/1916m 26s

TFA 137: The Porter Repeat

Part 9 of the closing credits
21/05/1923m 21s

TFA 136: Greens

Part 8 of the closing credits
20/05/1923m 9s

TFA 135: Xerxes

Part 7 of the closing creditsGuest Commentator: Tony Consiglio
17/05/1932m 10s

TFA 134: Back to the Cartoon Factory

Part 6 of the closing creditsGuest Commentator: Tony Consiglio
16/05/1928m 30s

TFA 133: Jabba's Return

Part 5 of the closing creditsGuest Commentator: Tony Consiglio
15/05/1928m 26s

TFA 132: Conform Artist

Part 4 of the closing creditsGuest Commentator: Tony Consiglio
14/05/1929m 50s

TFA 131: Ebbs and Wanes

Part 3 of the closing creditsGuest Commentator: Tony Consiglio
13/05/1939m 54s

TFA 130: The Jennifer Nelson Factory

Part 2 of the closing creditsGuest Commentator: Ralph Attanasia
10/05/1940m 5s

TFA 129: Frankie's Bunch

Part 1 of the closing creditsGuest Commentator: Ralph Attanasia
09/05/1930m 58s

TFA 128: The Pronunciation Episode

HOLD ON LUKE SKYWALKER'S INCREDIBLE FACE, amazed and conflicted at what he sees, as our MUSIC BUILDS, the promise of an adventure, just beginning...Guest Commentator: Ralph Attanasia
08/05/1926m 5s

TFA 127: One Arm Too Many

Rey stares, knowing exactly who it is. But she just stares for what seems like forever. Until he finally TURNS, SLOWLY, to her. Pulls back his hood. IT IS LUKE SKYWALKER.Guest Commentator: Ralph Attanasia
07/05/1927m 26s

TFA 126: Earth Grass

Built within the rock and foliage of this idyllic island are seemingly endless ANCIENT STONE STEPS. Rey continues to climb them, determined, despite her fatigue.Guest Commentator: Ralph Attanasia
06/05/1929m 0s

TFA 125: Windmills and Worms

The Falcon FLIES through space and BLASTS to LIGHTSPEED.Guest Commentator: CeCe Pleasants
03/05/1926m 12s

TFA 124: Set on Sassy

Rey stands with Leia a beat and then turns to head to the Falcon.Guest Commentator: CeCe Pleasants
02/05/1930m 3s

TFA 123: The Phil Johnson Story

01/05/1925m 51s

TFA 122: Smack Him With the Red Arm

As BB-8 approaches R2-D2, the long dormant droid suddenly stirs. The droids beep at each other.Guest Commentator: CeCe Pleasants
30/04/1924m 55s

TFA 121: Sun-Kissed

Rey walks down the ramp and sees, for the first time, Leia.Guest Commentator: CeCe Pleasants
29/04/1927m 25s

TFA 120: The Last Crusade of Star Wars

The X-wings ROAR OFF, skyward as the MUSIC SOARS, the PLANET IMPLODES -- THE SUNLIGHT IT CONTAINS BURSTS FORTH, and as we get further and further distance from what was Starkiller Base, we witness the REBIRTH OF A SUN. Light restored to a corner of the galaxy.Guest Commentator: Meredith Woerner
26/04/1933m 11s

TFA 119: Senior Moment

Hux stands before SNOKE'S IMAGE. Relative quiet here, but distant SOUNDS OF DESTRUCTION.Guest Commentator: Meredith Woerner
25/04/1926m 58s

TFA 118: Guiding the Rip

The earth SHAKES. The earth splits. A gully forms.Guest Commentator: Meredith Woerner
24/04/1927m 7s

TFA 117: People Are Bad

Rey closes her eyes for a long beat. When Rey opens them, she is centered, fortified, and she POUNDS BACK, SINGLE HANDED SWIPES, hitting Ren's gnarly, spitting saber with incredible FORCE.Guest Commentator: Meredith Woerner
23/04/1928m 46s

TFA 116: Totally Ripped

22/04/1930m 53s

TFA 115: Buttan Filoti

Another two X-wings -- including Poe's -- soar through the trench leading to the oscillator structure!Guest Commentators: Jennifer Landa and Joseph Scrimshaw from ForceCenter
19/04/1923m 52s

TFA 114: Hit the Target Hard

18/04/1926m 20s

TFA 113: A Bad Day for Shoulders

Kylo MOVES BACK -- wounded, but more enraged than weakened.Guest Commentators: Jennifer Landa and Joseph Scrimshaw from ForceCenter
17/04/1927m 38s

TFA 112: Not Done Yet

Kylo Ren GESTURES POWERFULLYGuest Commentators: Jennifer Landa and Joseph Scrimshaw from Force Center
16/04/1929m 44s

TFA 111: Laser Focused

Kylo Ren SEES REY AND FINN, WATCHING THE EXPLOSIONS IN SHOCKGuest Commentators: Jennifer Landa and Joseph Scrimshaw from Force Center
15/04/1927m 2s

TFA 110: Too Famous To Die

Chewie furiously FIRES AT KYLO REN, HITTING HIM IN THE SIDE!Guest Commentator: Greg Wyshynski
12/04/1940m 27s

TFA 109: Sally from Bespin

11/04/1932m 11s

TFA 108: Righteous

For the first time, Kylo Ren seems truly conflicted. Tears flood his stoic eyes...Guest Commentator: Greg Wyshynski
10/04/1925m 27s

TFA 107: Snoke Bomb

Finn and Rey make their way into the space, opening a HATCH that allows A BEAM OF PRECIOUS SUNLIGHT to stream down like a spotlight on Han and his son.Guest Commentator: Greg Wyshynski
09/04/1927m 30s

TFA 106: Escalator

Kylo Ren turns onto a FLAT BRIDGE THAT BISECTS the open space.Guest Commentator: Greg Wyshynski
08/04/1930m 45s

TFA 105: Finger Minutes

Kylo Ren comes to a stop. Scans the structure. SENSING SOMETHING, he motions the Stormtrooper Squad upwards.Guest Commentator: Jenny Jaffe
05/04/1922m 22s

TFA 104: We Should Spend Some Time Apart

Han and Chewie divide the explosives.Guest Commentator: Jenny Jaffe
04/04/1920m 41s

TFA 103: Here, Have a Jacket

Chewie takes out the middle one with his Bowcaster. Han and the other two Stormtroopers OPEN FIRE, but Han's aim is true.Guest Commentator: Jenny Jaffe
03/04/1924m 48s

TFA 102: Pac-Man

Finn turns -- AND SEES REY, CLIMBING OUT FROM INSIDE THE WALL, carefully climbing back up to the main level! He can't believe it!Guest Commentator: Jenny Jaffe
02/04/1919m 32s

TFA 101: Berenstain Bears

A BEEPING from BB-8, riding in the back of his X-wing, and Poe looks out -- can't believe what he's seeing: DOZENS OF TIE FIGHTERS!Guest Commentator: Jenny Jaffe
01/04/1921m 51s

TFA 100: Nunb

At LIGHTSPEED, Poe pilots.Guest Commentator: Crystal Beth
29/03/1936m 19s

TFA 99: The Phasma Interrogations

Tiny by comparison, Rey climbs amid the incredible infrastructure, a drop to infinity beneath her.Guest Commentator: Crystal Beth
28/03/1925m 42s

TFA 98: Putin Style

Han and Finn peer around a corner, wary.Guest Commentator: Crystal Beth
27/03/1929m 51s

TFA 97: The Physical Falcon

Han, Finn and Chewie cross the terrain.Guest Commentator: Crystal Beth
26/03/1933m 4s

TFA 96: Unidentified Female Stormtrooper

Flying at LIGHTSPEED. Finn, with Han and Chewie.Guest Commentator: Crystal Beth
25/03/1928m 4s

TFA 95: We're Not Doing It Again

Chewie and Finn follow Han's orders as they prepare the Falcon for one more daring run, maybe its lastGuest Commentator: Chris Eliopoulos
22/03/1940m 23s

TFA 94: Everything Immediately

All eyes on Finn as he moves around the hologram to a location on the Starkiller Base -- it is ZOOMED IN: A GIANT BLACK HEXAGONAL STRUCTURE.Guest Commentator: Jordan D. White
21/03/1950m 31s

TFA 93: Admiral Emeritus

Finn, now a member of the inner circle of the Resistance, is huddled with the group around the MAP TABLE, which displays a WIREFRAME HOLOGRAM of a ROLLING VIEW OF THE SURFACE OF STARKILLER BASE.Guest Commentator: Matt Gourley
20/03/1935m 13s

TFA 92: The Force Power Draft

The Trooper Guard DROPS HIS WEAPON without turning back -- Rey HEARS the gun fall.Guest Commentator: Riley Silverman
19/03/1932m 52s

TFA 91: The Junior Torture Table

SLOW PUSH IN ON REY, shackled, mind still racing over what's happened between her and Kylo Ren.Guest Commentator: Hal Lublin
18/03/1934m 46s

TFA 90: Grandmother's House

Kylo Ren, mask off, stands before Snoke.Guest Commentator: Patreon supporter Brian Holz
15/03/1932m 42s

TFA 89: Sith 2.0

The FEROCITY of confrontation builds until it hits critical mass.Guest Commentator: Patreon supporter Laser Lance
14/03/1930m 37s

TFA 88: The Blaster Bolt's Fever Dream

Trepidation flashes across Rey's eyes. Kylo Ren moves closer, his hand rising toward her.Guest Commentator: Patreon supporter Todd Pfrommer
13/03/1926m 57s

TFA 87: Local Victims

Kylo Ren stops, considers her... then reaches up, unlatches and REMOVES HIS MASK.Guest Commentator: Patreon supporter Robert Coleman
12/03/1931m 5s

TFA 86: Torture Room Guy

Rey wakes, disoriented.Guest Commentator: Patreon supporter Dustin Benzing
11/03/1924m 18s

TFA 85: It Was Snoke!

Han takes this in.Guest Commentator: Chris Radtke
08/03/1925m 9s

TFA 84: Princesses

Han follows Leia across the base floor.Guest Commentator: Chris Radtke
07/03/1921m 24s

TFA 83: WookieeTush

Finn takes in this makeshift command center, buried deep among vines and roots.Guest Commentator: Chris Radtke
06/03/1926m 0s

TFA 82: Here Comes Buford

LARGE GRASS MOUNDS cover HANGARS, beneath the odd, giant trees.Guest Commentator: Chris Radtke
05/03/1927m 23s

TFA 81: Han-Fisted and Forced

Chewie MOANS a few words, looks at Han then boards the ship. It is complicated and loving and painful.Guest Commentator: Chris Radtke
04/03/1935m 10s

TFA 80: G-Force

Finally, the transport door opens.And standing there is LEIA.Guest Commentators: John and El Adam from Alphabeatical
01/03/1926m 29s

TFA 79: A Good Film Runner

A GESTURE from Kylo Ren and REY LOSES CONSCIOUSNESS, FALLS.Guest Commentators: John and El Adam from Alphabeatical
28/02/1925m 51s

TFA 78: Puberty Force

Kylo Ren appears from behind a treeGuest Commentators: John and El Adam from Alphabeatical
27/02/1927m 21s

TFA 77: Nostril Actor

The Stormtroopers around Finn, Han and Chewie SCATTER, TOSSED in EXPLOSIONS! The LIGHTSABER LANDS AGAIN -- FINN PICKS IT UP.Guest Commentators: John and El Adam from Alphabeatical
26/02/1924m 15s

TFA 76: Fat Hamlet

25/02/1924m 42s

TFA 75: Oh, Horace

FINN and the TROOPER WITH THE MACE battle.Guest Commentators: Suzen Tekla Kruglnska and Joe Dator
22/02/1936m 6s

TFA 74: I Hope So Too

BB-8 BEEPS and heads off -- Rey RUNS and TAKES COVER behind a massive, mossy tree.Guest Commentators: Suzen Tekla Kruglnska and Joe Dator
21/02/1937m 5s

TFA 73: Self-Statuary

Rey races through the trees -- sees Maz' castle -- BEING DESTROYED BY FIRST ORDER SHIPS!Guest Commentators: Suzen Tekla Kruglnska and Joe Dator
20/02/1936m 42s

TFA 72: Busty Greekopolis

A FLEET OF FIRST ORDER SHIPS ROAR OVERHEAD, TOWARD THE CASTLE!Guest Commentators: Suzen Tekla Kruglnska and Joe Dator
19/02/1940m 27s

TFA 71: Pegleg Potato and the Shazz

Finn boards the Alien Freighter. The SOUND FROM THE SKY makes him turn back. Guest Commentators: Suzen Tekla Kruglnska and Joe Dator
18/02/1939m 22s

TFA 70: A Bunch of Lizards in a Bucket

A massive rally: a thousand STORMTROOPERS, TIE FIGHTERS, OFFICERS and VEHICLES. BRUTALIST STRUCTURES, mountainous SNOWY LANDSCAPE.Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer
15/02/1926m 1s

TFA 69: Laser Boat

Rey moves through the foliage, heart racing.Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer
14/02/1927m 15s

TFA 68: Eye to Eye

Rey suddenly stands.Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer
13/02/1924m 21s

TFA 67: Chocolate Magic

Rey stands, fast. Still overwhelmed, emotional, speechless.Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer
12/02/1927m 37s

TFA 66: Light Side Lightsaber

Rey OPENS THE BOX and sees inside Luke Skywalker's original lightsaber.Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer
11/02/1926m 28s

TFA 65: Navigating the Stairs

Rey steps down into the basement corridor. BB-8 follows her.Guest Commentator: John Kovalic
08/02/1944m 27s

TFA 64: Snoob Jumbo

With quiet resignation, Rey watches Finn return to the aliens.Guest Commentator: Ryan Alexander-Tanner
07/02/1951m 0s

TFA 63: Hauntings

Finn stands to leave. He offers the gun back to Han.Guest Commentator: Nikki Siclare
06/02/1934m 36s

TFA 62: Eugene

Rey is stunned. Maz, not so much. She crawls back to her chair. She points to some pirates in the corner.Guest Commentator: Father David Mowry
05/02/1940m 40s

TFA 61: Examples of Evil

Finn stops, seeing Maz adjusting her goggles, scrutinizing him -- her eyes get HUGE.Guest Commentator: Liz Whitaker from Mean Girls Minute
04/02/1942m 17s

TFA 60: Slap on the Face

A dark space. Kylo Ren, CLOSE TO CAMERA, addresses someone OFF-CAMERA whom we do not see.Guest Commentator: Chrysanthe Tan
01/02/1937m 47s

TFA 59: The Puppet Union

Clearly, BAZINE IS A SPY.Guest Commentator: Chrysanthe Tan
31/01/1933m 48s

TFA 58: Worm Mummy

The door opens. Music. Madness.Guest Commentator: Chrysanthe Tan
30/01/1934m 42s

TFA 57: Shallow Pudding

Han walks them to the castle.Guest Commentator: Chrysanthe Tan
29/01/1932m 32s

TFA 56: Professor Solo

Han hands Rey a blaster pistol as she stands at looks at the castle.Guest Commentator: Chrysanthe Tan
28/01/1931m 0s

TFA 55: Tokyo Drift

An alarm rings on the control station, prompting Han to toggle some switches.Guest Commentators: Matt Belknap and Garon Cockrell from Never Not Funny
25/01/1931m 7s

TFA 54: Mumbo Jumbo

Han moves through stars, becomes reflective.Guest Commentators: Matt Belknap and Garon Cockrell from Never Not Funny
24/01/1928m 9s

TFA 53: Firefly

BB-8 rolls forward -- and suddenly PROJECTS A HOLOGRAPHIC MAP, FILLING THE ROOM.Guest Commentators: Matt Belknap and Garon Cockrell from Never Not Funny
23/01/1933m 24s

TFA 52: Filofax

Finn struggles to bandage the WookieeGuest Commentators: Matt Belknap and Garon Cockrell from Never Not Funny
22/01/1922m 36s

TFA 51: Kylo Ramone

Snoke SITS. A new intimacy in his voice.Guest Commentators: Matt Belknap and Garon Cockrell from Never Not Funny
21/01/1933m 31s

TFA 50: Sparkly Voldemort

KYLO REN and General Hux in a dark space, looking UPWARD at someone addressing them.Guest Commentators: Dorina Arellano and Jenna Busch from Super Dork House
18/01/1933m 30s

TFA 49: Little Zapper Balls

Han GRABS CHEWIE'S BOWCASTER, FIRES at the DOOR CONTROLSGuest Commentators: Dorina Arellano and Jenna Busch from Super Dork House
17/01/1929m 23s

TFA 48: Space Dinosaurs

Finn scrambles up, desperately shaking the sticky tentacle off his leg!Guest Commentators: Dorina Arellano and Jenna Busch from Super Dork House
16/01/1927m 30s

TFA 47: Roly-Poly Bugs

Tasu hears a distant terror-scream of a Rathtar, and runs the other way.Guest Commentators: Dorina Arellano and Jenna Busch from Super Dork House
15/01/1933m 5s

TFA 46: Sarlacc Babies

Below the grating, Finn and Rey look at each other, afraid.Guest Commentators: Jenna Busch and Dorina Arellano from Super Dork House
14/01/1926m 10s

TFA 45: The Cybernetic Parts Community

Han's face GOES WHITE as he turns to the OTHER END OF THE CORRIDOR, where KANJIKLUB MEMBERS APPEAR.Guest Commentator: Steele Saunders
11/01/1936m 23s

TFA 44: Death Gang

A PORTAL opens. The GUAVIAN DEATH GANG enters.Guest Commentator: Steele Saunders
10/01/1929m 2s

TFA 43: Intergalactic Bird Scooter

The Falcon is parked in this giant freighter's hangar.Guest Commentator: Steele Saunders
09/01/1942m 31s

TFA 42: Moofmilker

Han walks away, takes in the ship: it's his again.Guest Commentator: Steele Saunders
08/01/1937m 17s

TFA 41: The Newbacca

HAN SOLO AND CHEWBACCA BOARD THE FALCON, weapons at the ready.Guest Commentator: Steele Saunders
07/01/1937m 31s

TFA 40: The Pooproom

The Millennium Falcon, powerless, is a sitting duck.Guest Commentators: Todd Cooper and Tony Thaxton from Feliz Navipod
04/01/1930m 16s

TFA 39: The Blissex-Wessex Family

Finn moves for the tool.Guest Commentators: Todd Cooper and Tony Thaxton from Feliz Navipod
03/01/1933m 13s

TFA 38: Star Wars Neighbors

Ren IGNITES HIS LIGHTSABER, TURNS AND SLASHES AT THE CONSOLE BEHIND HIM!Guest Commentators: Todd Cooper and Tony Thaxton from Feliz Navipod
02/01/1929m 7s

TFA 37: Dopheld

Mitaka swallows, uneasy with his task.Guest Commentators: Todd Cooper and Tony Thaxton from Feliz Navipod
01/01/1935m 40s

TFA 36: Buns n' Guns

Finn peers out the window, realizing where they are.Guest Commentators: Todd Cooper and Tony Thaxton from Feliz Navipod
31/12/1835m 55s

TFA 35: Fifty Blobfish

Rey pilots the ship up AND INTO THE REAR OF A CRASHED SUPER STAR DESTROYER!Guest Commentator: Ken Plume
28/12/1840m 39s

TFA 34: Pocket Dimension

Finn struggles with the gun controls and SWEEPING CHAIR.Guest Commentator: Ken Plume
27/12/1829m 26s


The Falcon BLASTS AWAY, two TIE FIGHTERS chase it, fast!Guest Commentator: Ken Plume
26/12/1835m 30s

TFA 32: Outrider/Potato

They run for the JUMPER but the passing TIE FIGHTERS FIRE AT IT, BLOWING IT APART IN A HUGE FLAME BALL!Guest Commentator: Ken Plume
25/12/1830m 35s

TFA 31: Buddy System

Finn pulls Rey from the tent --BB-8 FOLLOWS -- As they race from the tent a TIE FIGHTER SCREAMS INTO VIEWGuest Commentator: Ken Plume
24/12/1833m 21s

TFA 30: A New Mope

BB-8 heads off to the side, depressed. Rey watches BB-8, then considers Finn again.Guest Commentator: Kelly Anneken from “Up Yours, Downstairs" and “Red All Over”
21/12/1826m 47s

TFA 29: Tandem Swing

Rey stands, staring at Finn, defiant.Guest Commentator: Kelly Anneken from “Up Yours, Downstairs" and “Red All Over”
20/12/1831m 13s

TFA 28: Danger Fire

Finn, still drinking, is PUSHED OVER by the happabore.Guest Commentator: Kelly Anneken from “Up Yours, Downstairs" and “Red All Over”
19/12/1829m 34s

TFA 27: I Shot Doctor Borla

General Hux and Kylo Ren walk the length of the bridge.Guest Commentator: Kelly Anneken from “Up Yours, Downstairs" and “Red All Over”
18/12/1836m 22s

TFA 26: The Siblinghood of the Traveling Jacket

ENDLESS DUNES BEHIND HIM, Finn walks, removing pieces of his Stormtrooper gear, using Poe's FLIGHT JACKET for shade.Guest Commentator: Kelly Anneken from “Up Yours, Downstairs" and “Red All Over”
17/12/1827m 36s

TFA 25: Vaguely Sentient

Finn scrambles over the massive dune to the TIE FIGHTER, SMOKING AND ON FIRE, small debris around it.Guest Commentator: Josh Flanagan from iFanboy
14/12/1833m 21s

TFA 24: The Chase

A technician checks her readings, reports to General Hux.Guest Commentator: Josh Flanagan from iFanboy
13/12/1828m 10s

TFA 23: Turzer Lazbo

General Hux looks over the shoulder of LIEUTENANT MITAKA, at a console.Guest Commentator: Josh Flanagan from iFanboy
12/12/1835m 46s

TFA 22: Space Superiority

The TIE Fighter blasts from the shipGuest Commentator: Josh Flanagan from iFanboy
11/12/1831m 12s

TFA 21: Flight Barons of the Galactic Empire

FN-2187 pulls off his helmet as Poe removes his cuffs and jacket, fires up the ship with excitement.Guest Commentator: Josh Flanagan from iFanboy
10/12/1829m 58s

TFA 20: The Modern Automobile

Heading down the narrow hall the Stormtrooper stops Poe.Guest Commentators: Matt Christman and Virgil Texas from Chapo Trap House
07/12/1844m 1s

TFA 19: Infinite Energy and Infinite Labor

Rey stands with BB-8 in front of Unkar Plutt, at his window. He reviews her goods.Guest Commentators: Matt Christman and Virgil Texas from Chapo Trap House
06/12/1828m 25s

TFA 18: Brain Torture

Poe can't take it -- he BEGINS TO SCREAMGuest Commentators: Matt Christman and Virgil Texas from Chapo Trap House
05/12/1826m 12s

TFA 17: That Person Is Dead

POE, shackled to a chair, BEATEN, wakes up.Guest Commentators: Matt Christman and Virgil Texas from Chapo Trap House
04/12/1831m 58s

TFA 16: Teedospeak

The teedo YELLS at BB-8, who BEEPS madly, struggling to free himself.Guest Commentators: Matt Christman and Virgil Texas from Chapo Trap House
03/12/1827m 5s

TFA 15: Sham Editor

Rey sits, eats like a starving child. Every last drop. Licks the metal plate.Guest Commentator: Stuart Wellington
30/11/1830m 46s

TFA 14: Hoogenz

Rey looks up to a SERVICE WINDOW: two feet above her, behind a protective screen, is her boss, UNKAR PLUTT (50, blobfish, unclean).Guest Commentator: Stuart Wellington
29/11/1829m 40s

TFA 13: Genesis of the Steelpecker

Rey's speeder PASSES us, heading for a dusty, desert town.Guest Commentator: Stuart Wellington
28/11/1830m 14s

TFA 12: Swinging and Sledding

The Scavenger arrives from the darkness and pulls off goggles and gear, revealing the grimy face of a beautiful, young WOMAN.Guest Commentator: Stuart Wellington
27/11/1826m 23s

TFA 11: Dengar's Child

A metal sheet is pulled open to reveal the wrapped up face of A SCAVENGER, perhaps alien, in GOGGLES, FACE MASK and GLOVES.Guest Commentator: Stuart Wellington
26/11/1831m 30s

TFA 10: The Endolator

Poe, shackled, is ushered from the transport through the hangar. He is awed by the imposing space.Guest Commentator: Craven Moorhaus of Auralnauts
23/11/1827m 3s

TFA 9: A Microcosm of M*A*S*H

Kylo Ren regards the Stormtroopers with the rounded up villagers, then turns to the chrome-skinned, female black-caped head Stormtrooper, CAPTAIN PHASMA.Guest Commentator: Craven Moorhaus of Auralnauts
22/11/1828m 16s

TFA 8: Slow Dameron

Kylo Ren raises his hand -- Poe's blast freezes -- THE BOLT OF ENERGY STRAINING AND VIBRATING IN MID AIR!Guest Commentators: Craven Moorhaus and Zak Koonce of Auralnauts
21/11/1832m 6s

TFA 7: A Thousand Little Birds in a Big Black Suit

The shuttle craft door OPENS -- through the wind and smoke, KYLO REN exits the shipGuest Commentators: Craven Moorhaus and Zak Koonce of Auralnauts
20/11/1826m 52s

TFA 6: Face/Off

Our Trooper stands, overwhelmed by the battle.Guest Commentators: Craven Moorhaus and Zak Koonce of Auralnauts
19/11/1825m 11s

TFA 5: Abednedo

Poe runs to an X-WING fighter, parked at a distance from the village, hidden behind a ROCK OUTCROPPING.
16/11/1828m 7s

TFA 4: Prince Kylo

Concerned, Poe turns to Lor San Tekka.
15/11/1830m 25s

TFA 3: The Unknown Regions

FLASHES OF LIGHT: for an instant we see a STORMTROOPER -- then BLACKNESS. Then ANOTHER STORMTROOPER, then it's gone.
14/11/1832m 2s

TFA 2: Peace and Justice

Pan across the star field to a bright moon.
13/11/1827m 38s

TFA 1: Luke Skywalker Has Vanished

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away…
12/11/1833m 8s

Solo Special Bonus: The Roundtable

To celebrate the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story on Digital and Blu-ray, we dig in to one of the bonus features. In The Director & Cast Roundtable, director Ron Howard talks to the stars about the making of the film.
25/09/1821m 13s

Solo Special: Fair and Square

To celebrate the release of Solo; A Star Wars Story on Digital, we’re discussing some of our favorite scenes. In this episode: Han Solo wins the Millennium Falcon from Lando.
21/09/1819m 34s

Solo Special: Flying the Falcon

To celebrate the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story on Digital, we're discussing some of our favorite Solo scenes.In this episode we cover the historic moment when Han Solo finally gets to pilot the Millennium Falcon.
18/09/1818m 37s

Solo Special: Han Meets Chewie

To celebrate the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story on Digital, we're discussing some of our favorite Solo scenes.First up: Han Solo meets Chewbacca for the first time.
14/09/1818m 45s

ROTS 141: Art Films

The End.
26/05/1819m 31s

ROTS 140: The World Moves On

We begin to wrap up the closing credits.PLUS: A look back at SWM season five.
25/05/1832m 4s

ROTS 139: Tales from the Green Closet

More closing credits.PLUS: A look back at SWM season four.
24/05/1829m 43s

ROTS 138: Blue Wall

The closing credits continue.PLUS: A look back at SWM season three.
23/05/1830m 21s

ROTS 137: Loading Hand Rigger

More closing credits.PLUS: A look back at SWM season two.
22/05/1830m 35s

ROTS 136: Heidi's Revenge

The closing credits continue.PLUS: A look back at SWM season one.
21/05/1831m 18s

ROTS 135: Husky Pants

The closing credits begin.Guest Commentator: Tony Consiglio
18/05/1837m 1s

ROTS 134: Raising Tatooine

OBI-WAN leaves as OWEN, BERU, and the BABY watch the twin suns set. Guest Commentator: Tony Consiglio
17/05/1839m 28s

ROTS 133: Return of the Fart Horse

The QUEEN OF ALDERAAN sits on a balcony looking out over the awesome mountains of Alderaan. BAIL ORGANA brings a small baby to her. Guest Commentator: Tony Consiglio
16/05/1823m 55s

ROTS 132: Ophelia

SIO BIBBLE walks with other MOURNERS. Guest Commentator: Tony Consiglio
15/05/1837m 50s

ROTS 131: Your Harness

BAIL ORGANA, followed by ARTOO and THREEPIO, approaches CAPTAIN ANTILLES and TWO CREW MEMBERS. Guest Commentator: Tony Consiglio
14/05/1835m 22s

ROTS 130: Bean Bag Chairs

BAIL ORGANA, YODA, and OBI-WAN sit around a conference table. Guest Commentator: Adam Hanley
11/05/1844m 55s

ROTS 129: Igor

VADER SCREAMS, breaks his bonds to the table, and steps forward, waving his hands, causing objects to fly around the room.Guest Commentator: Atif Naqvi
10/05/1842m 36s

ROTS 128: Heartbreaker

VADER, dressed in his black body armor, lies on the table.Guest Commentator: Brian Samson
09/05/1834m 37s

ROTS 127: Oobah

PADME winces from the pain. The MEDICAL DROID is holding the BABY. Guest Commentator: Brad Whittet
08/05/1831m 57s

ROTS 126: The Birth of Wormie

The TWINS are being delivered as BAIL ORGANA, YODA, ARTOO, and THREEPIO watch.Guest Commentator: Scott Goeke
07/05/1839m 19s

ROTS 125: Capsule Man

ANAKIN's body is carried along in a floating medical capsule. Guest Commentators: Todd Cooper and Tony Thaxton
04/05/1843m 7s

ROTS 124: Moon Base

Several of the CLONES rush off as DARTH SIDlOUS puts his hand on ANAKIN's forehead. Guest Commentators: Todd Cooper and Tony Thaxton
03/05/1824m 17s

ROTS 123: Arby's

ANAKIN crawls up the bank, his body smoking.Guest Commentators: Todd Cooper and Tony Thaxton
02/05/1827m 51s

ROTS 122: The Sweet Hand

Revenge of the Sith Minute 122: PADME lies on a cot or bed inside the ship. OBI-WAN walks over and checks on her.Guest Commentators: Todd Cooper and Tony Thaxton
01/05/1827m 59s

ROTS 121: We Were Good Pals

Revenge of the Sith Minute 121: Suddenly ANAKIN bursts into flames and starts SCREAMING.Guest Commentators: Todd Cooper and Tony Thaxton
30/04/1827m 29s

ROTS 120: Grill Marks

Revenge of the Sith Minute 120: OBI-WAN cuts his young apprentice at the knees, then cuts off his left arm in the blink of an eye.Guest Commentator: Riley Silverman
27/04/1828m 49s

ROTS 119: Friend you are crazy

Revenge of the Sith Minute 119: OBI-WAN and ANAKIN continue the swordfight. They battle away, balancing on the tiny platform and puzzled DROID.Guest Commentator: Riley Silverman
26/04/1823m 5s

ROTS 118: Senate Ghost

Revenge of the Sith Minute 118: The lava river ahead drops off in a tremendous lava fall. Guest Commentator: Riley Silverman
25/04/1827m 34s

ROTS 117: Hot Enough For Ya?

Revenge of the Sith Minute 117: The tower slowly starts to sink under the lava. Guest Commentator: Riley Silverman
24/04/1825m 57s

ROTS 116: Frazzled and Afraid

Revenge of the Sith Minute 116: YODA squishes his way through a mass of wires in a small chute. He talks on his comlink. Guest Commentator: Riley Silverman
23/04/1821m 4s

ROTS 115: Yolanda's Jacket

Revenge of the Sith Minute 115: YODA is knocked off the Podium and falls several hundred feet to the base of the Podium. Guest Commentators: Dorina Arellano and Jenna Busch
20/04/1828m 3s

ROTS 114: Mjolnir

Revenge of the Sith Minute 114: YODA is deflecting the Sith Lord's lightning bolts. Guest Commentators: Dorina Arellano and Jenna Busch
19/04/1824m 31s

ROTS 113: Dummies Nonetheless

Revenge of the Sith Minute 113: OBI-WAN puts out his hand to use the Force to push ANAKIN away. ANAKIN puts out his hand to block OBI-WAN. Guest Commentators: Dorina Arellano and Jenna Busch
18/04/1828m 51s

ROTS 112: Force Grunting

Revenge of the Sith Minute 112: ANAKIN forces OBI-WAN back into the Conference Room where the quarters are much closer. Guest Commentators: Dorina Arellano and Jenna Busch
17/04/1834m 18s


Revenge of the Sith Minute 111: YODA uses the Force to throw DARTH SIDIOUS back, knocking him clear over his desk and onto the floor in a heap. Guest Commentators: Dorina Arellano and Jenna Busch
16/04/1822m 36s

ROTS 110: Star Corridors

Revenge of the Sith Minute 110: MAS AMEDDA leaves the room.Guest Commentator: Paul Rust
13/04/1841m 36s

ROTS 109: Yoda's Oil

Revenge of the Sith Minute 109: DARTH SIDIOUS turns his chair toward YODA.Guest Commentator: Paul Rust
12/04/1831m 28s

ROTS 108: Frances Ha

Revenge of the Sith Minute 108: ANAKIN throws off his cloak. Guest Commentator: Paul Rust
11/04/1829m 34s

ROTS 107: Slang Term For Volcanoes

Revenge of the Sith Minute 107: ANAKIN reaches out, and PADME grabs her throat as she starts to choke.Guest Commentator: Paul Rust
10/04/1833m 2s

ROTS 106: What's Your TriStar?

Revenge of the Sith Minute 106: Anakin, you're breaking my heart.Guest Commentator: Paul Rust
09/04/1832m 32s

ROTS 105: Haydenvader

Revenge of the Sith Minute 105: They embrace. Guest Commentators: Ken Napzok and Joseph Scrimshaw
06/04/1828m 49s

ROTS 104: A Whole Lotta Landin'

Revenge of the Sith Minute 104: ANAKIN runs up to the SKIFF as the ramp lowers. PADME runs to him. Guest Commentators: Ken Napzok and Joseph Scrimshaw
05/04/1826m 3s

ROTS 103: The Refresher

Revenge of the Sith Minute 103: A Hologram of Sidious speaks with Anakin in the Mustafar control room. Guest Commentators: Ken Napzok and Joseph Scrimshaw
04/04/1824m 57s

ROTS 102: Figuratively Crying

Revenge of the Sith Minute 102: THREEPIO chatters away as PADME breaks down in tears, the painful reality sinking in.Guest Commentators: Ken Napzok and Joseph Scrimshaw
03/04/1823m 57s

ROTS 101: Revelation Dickie

Revenge of the Sith Minute 101: OBI-WAN turns and leaves as PADME stares transfixed, not knowing what to do.Guest Commentators: Ken Napzok and Joseph Scrimshaw
02/04/1827m 5s

ROTS 100: The Town Fool

Revenge of the Sith Minute 100: As PADME moves to sit down, she reveals her pregnancy. Guest Commentators: Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger
30/03/1829m 4s

ROTS 99: A Nice-Looking Balcony

Revenge of the Sith Minute 99: A DC0052 Intergalactic Speeder pulls up to the veranda landing of Padme's apartment.Guest Commentators: Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger
29/03/1826m 40s

ROTS 98: Do I Kneel Every Time I See You?

Revenge of the Sith Minute 98: OBI-WAN moves to a panel and flips some switches. He sees a HOLOGRAM of ANAKIN slaughtering JEDI, including the YOUNG ONES.Guest Commentators: Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger
28/03/1829m 47s

ROTS 97: Pizza-Based Solutions

Revenge of the Sith Minute 97: There is a loud, sustained CHEER from the Senate. BAIL ORGANA and PADME sit, dumbfounded. Guest Commentators: Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger
27/03/1824m 57s

ROTS 96: Good Guys Never Scurry

Revenge of the Sith Minute 96: ANAKIN turns his head-his eyes are yellow. Guest Commentators: Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger
26/03/1829m 15s

ROTS 95: The Quick-Change Finale

Revenge of the Sith Minute 95: WAT TAMBOR is cut down, along with SHU MAI.Guest Commentators: Matt Gourley and Mark McConville
23/03/1838m 44s

ROTS 94: Reinventing Basketball

Revenge of the Sith Minute 94: ANAKIN appears in the doorway of the control center. Guest Commentators: James Bladon, Matt Gourley, and Mark McConville
22/03/1824m 5s

ROTS 93: Sky Lanes

Revenge of the Sith Minute 93: ANAKIN's Jedi Starfighter heads for the hazy blood-red planet of Mustafar.Guest Commentators: James Bladon, Matt Gourley, and Mark McConville
21/03/1828m 23s

ROTS 92: Running Out of Wipes

Revenge of the Sith Minute 92: Workers move across the lava beds, gathering the magma.Guest Commentators: James Bladon, Matt Gourley, and Mark McConville
20/03/1828m 39s

ROTS 91: The Tucker of Its Time

Revenge of the Sith Minute 91: OBI-WAN's ship docks with Bail Organa's Starcruiser. Guest Commentators: James Bladon, Matt Gourley, and Mark McConville
19/03/1827m 14s

ROTS 90: 2 Cute 2 Complicated

Revenge of the Sith Minute 90: PADME is left alone on the veranda. She starts to cry. THREEPIO comes up to her.  Guest Commentator: Kelly Anneken
16/03/1827m 37s

ROTS 89: Deal Breakers

Revenge of the Sith Minute 89: PADME rushes onto the veranda as ANAKIN exits his GREEN JEDI FIGHTER. They embrace. Guest Commentator: Kelly Anneken
15/03/1825m 38s

ROTS 88: Business Ship

Revenge of the Sith Minute 88: OBI-WAN flies away from the planet Utapau in General Grievous's tiny Starfighter. Guest Commentator: Kelly Anneken
14/03/1828m 39s

ROTS 87: Zlorps and Zines

Revenge of the Sith Minute 87: The Wookiees BARK as the Jedi climbs into the WOOKIEE POD and takes off into the dusk sky. Guest Commentator: Kelly Anneken
13/03/1821m 6s

ROTS 86: The Smitsiverse

Revenge of the Sith Minute 86: OBI-WAN removes the breathing apparatus after coming up from underwater. He starts to climb the rock wall. Guest Commentator: Kelly Anneken
12/03/1831m 8s

ROTS 85: And So It Is

Revenge of the Sith Minute 85: BAIL turns and sees a ten-year-old Jedi, ZETT JUKASSA, fighting the CLONES.Guest Commentator: Josh Flanagan
09/03/1836m 17s

ROTS 84: Sors Bandeam

Revenge of the Sith Minute 84: ANAKIN enters a room full of YOUNGLINGS huddled in a corner. Guest Commentator: Josh Flanagan
08/03/1834m 47s

ROTS 83: My Love to Judy

Revenge of the Sith Minute 83: The FOUR CLONE PILOTS with PLO KOON drop back and blast him out of the sky. Guest Commentator: Josh Flanagan
07/03/1826m 24s

ROTS 82: Fancy Bird

Revenge of the Sith Minute 82: KI-ADI-MUNDI turns around and is blasted by clone fire. Guest Commentator: Josh Flanagan
06/03/1825m 14s

ROTS 81: Floor Wars

Revenge of the Sith Minute 81: He hands OBI-WAN his lightsaber, and the LIZARD rears up. Guest Commentator: Josh Flanagan
05/03/1828m 5s

ROTS 80: The Four Masters

Revenge of the Sith Minute 80: ANAKIN goes to the Jedi Temple with a battalion of Clone Troopers. Guest Commentator: Mike Norton
02/03/1827m 14s

ROTS 79: Swindled by a Crazy Space Wizard

Revenge of the Sith Minute 79: PALPATINE is putting on his dark cloak: he is now fully DARTH SIDIOUS.Guest Commentator: Mike Norton
01/03/1826m 55s

ROTS 78: The Office

Revenge of the Sith Minute 78: Palpatine moves over to his desk. Guest Commentator: Mike Norton
28/02/1826m 33s

ROTS 77: Poor Vader

Revenge of the Sith Minute 77: ANAKIN kneels before PALPATINE. Guest Commentator: Mike Norton
27/02/1822m 41s

ROTS 76: I Did What?

Revenge of the Sith Minute 76: The full force of Palpatine's powerful Bolts blasts MACE.Guest Commentator: Mike Norton
26/02/1828m 36s

ROTS 75: Sith Make-Up Kit

Revenge of the Sith Minute 75: Just as MACE is about to slash PALPATINE, ANAKIN steps in and cuts off the Jedi's hand holding the lightsaber. Guest Commentator: Steve Lastoe
23/02/1847m 46s

ROTS 74: Rush Hour

Revenge of the Sith Minute 74: The Chancellor's face begins to twist and distort. His eyes become yellow as he struggles to intensify his powers.Guest Commentator: Jon Solomon
22/02/1849m 53s

ROTS 73: Not So Much with the Yak-Yak

Revenge of the Sith Minute 73: Jedi Master MACE WINDU and the Sith Lord fight their way down the hallway and into the main office area.Guest Commentator: John Kovalic
21/02/1838m 17s

ROTS 72: Two Revolutions

Revenge of the Sith Minute 72: MACE arrives with THREE JEDI to arrest PALPATINE. Guest Commentator: Alex Damon
20/02/1842m 12s

ROTS 71: Visual Effects

Revenge of the Sith Minute 71: ANAKIN sits alone in the Jedi Council Chamber thinking of PADME.Guest Commentator: Eric Carney
19/02/1839m 49s

ROTS 70: Voices

Revenge of the Sith Minute 70: PADME is alone in her apartment, thinking of Anakin.Guest Commentator: Greg Wyshynski
16/02/1843m 16s

ROTS 69: Some Wackadoo with Dark Side Powers

Revenge of the Sith Minute 69: ANAKIN watches as the JEDI leave in their ship.Guest Commentator: Greg Wyshynski
15/02/1822m 16s

ROTS 68: The Jagr of Scenes

Revenge of the Sith Minute 68: The JEDI fires several blasts in the stomach area of the alien Droid, and he EXPLODES from the inside out.Guest Commentator: Greg Wyshynski
14/02/1827m 59s

ROTS 67: Slobberknocker

Revenge of the Sith Minute 67: OBI-WAN charges GENERAL GRIEVOUS, swinging the staff and hitting the Droid in the stomach, knocking the gun away.Guest Commentator: Greg Wyshynski
13/02/1826m 39s

ROTS 66: The George Lucas Sex Theory

Revenge of the Sith Minute 66: There is a tense moment, then ANAKIN relaxes, and then turns off his lightsaber. Guest Commentator: Greg Wyshynski
12/02/1826m 1s

ROTS 65: Earthy and Sensual

Revenge of the Sith Minute 65: ANAKIN ignites his lightsaber.Guest Commentators: Suzen Kruglnska and Joe Dator
09/02/1839m 36s

ROTS 64: A Case of Plagueis

Revenge of the Sith Minute 64: They walk into the hallway. Guest Commentators: Suzen Kruglnska and Joe Dator
08/02/1836m 24s

ROTS 63: Marked

Revenge of the Sith Minute 63: ANAKIN brings news to PALPATINE.Guest Commentators: Suzen Kruglnska and Joe Dator
07/02/1831m 30s

ROTS 62: The Jedi Strategy Room

Revenge of the Sith Minute 62: KI-ADI-MUNDI, ANAKIN, YODA, MACE, CLONE COMMANDER CODY, and AAYLA SECURA talk via holograms.Guest Commentators: Suzen Kruglnska and Joe Dator
06/02/1843m 29s

ROTS 61: Utapauan Dragons

Revenge of the Sith Minute 61: GENERAL GRIEVOUS jumps onto a WHEEL SCOOTER and takes off down the wall of the sinkhole.Guest Commentators: Suzen Kruglnska and Joe Dator
05/02/1837m 35s

ROTS 60: A Real Fake Thing

Revenge of the Sith Minute 60: GENERAL GRIEVOUS and OBI-WAN glance to the entrance of the control center and see CLONE TROOPS in the distance, attacking DROIDS in the sinkhole. Guest Commentators: John and El Adam from Alphabeatical
02/02/1828m 20s

ROTS 59: Jedi Arts

Revenge of the Sith Minute 59: His four arms create a flashing display of swordsmanship. Guest Commentators: John and El Adam from Alphabeatical
01/02/1824m 44s

ROTS 58: Everyone Is Good

Revenge of the Sith Minute 58: The JEDI removes his cloak and jumps down behind the GENERAL. Guest Commentators: John and El Adam from Alphabeatical
31/01/1827m 22s

ROTS 57: Many Mini Amanamen

Revenge of the Sith Minute 57: GENERAL GRIEVOUS stands before the COUNCIL OF SEPARATISTSGuest Commentators: John and El Adam from Alphabeatical
30/01/1827m 54s

ROTS 56: Roberto Lines

Revenge of the Sith Minute 56: OBI-WAN lands his ship on a Platform projecting out of the side of a giant sinkhole. Guest Commentators: John and El Adam from Alphabeatical
29/01/1824m 56s

ROTS 55: You're a War

Revenge of the Sith Minute 55: OBI-WAN lands his ship on a Platform projecting out of the side of a giant sinkhole. Guest Commentators: Heather Antos and Jordan D. White
26/01/1835m 57s

ROTS 54: I Promise

Revenge of the Sith Minute 54: They stop in front of the window in the bedroom. ANAKIN puts his hand on her belly. Guest Commentators: Heather Antos and Jordan D. White
25/01/1831m 9s

ROTS 53: Weird Earmuffs

Revenge of the Sith Minute 53: ANAKIN is in the living room, working. He sits on the couch where Obi-Wan was sitting.Guest Commentators: Heather Antos and Jordan D. White
24/01/1836m 5s

ROTS 52: Punch Everything

Revenge of the Sith Minute 52: OBI-WAN stands next to his BLUE JEDI FIGHTER- talking to SEVERAL CLONE COMMANDERS with their helmets off.Guest Commentators: Heather Antos and Jordan D. White
23/01/1837m 3s

ROTS 51: Force Flinch

Revenge of the Sith Minute 51: From the Hologram Area, Yoda observes the ongoing battle. Guest Commentators: Heather Antos and Jordan D. White
22/01/1828m 57s

ROTS 50: Fantasy Age

Revenge of the Sith Minute 50: A WOOKIEE CHIEFTAIN lets out a roar as the Wookiee army rushes to face the DROID ARMY.Guest Commentator: Chris Radtke
19/01/1832m 32s

ROTS 49: Fluttercraft

Revenge of the Sith Minute 49: A WOOKIEE CATAMARAN flanked by WOOKIEE HELICOPTERS approaches the tree housing the HOLOGRAM AREA.Guest Commentator: Chris Radtke
18/01/1828m 20s

ROTS 48: Blue Raspberry

Revenge of the Sith Minute 48: It's ironic - he could save others from death, but not himself. Guest Commentator: Chris Radtke
17/01/1831m 57s

ROTS 47: Darth Vader the Subtle

Revenge of the Sith Minute 47: Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis "the wise"? Guest Commentator: Chris Radtke
16/01/1832m 8s

ROTS 46: The Best of All Possible Star Wars

Revenge of the Sith Minute 46: ANAKIN is deep in thought. Guest Commentator: Chris Radtke
15/01/1833m 58s

ROTS 45: Perfect for Our Space Wizard

Revenge of the Sith Minute 45: ANAKIN sits next to PALPATINE. The Chancellor leans over to him.Guest Commentator: Christina Marie Leonard
12/01/1827m 50s

ROTS 44: The Palpatine Puppets

Revenge of the Sith Minute 44: ANAKIN runs through the hallway and enters Palpatine's box, where the CHANCELLOR is sitting with Mas Amedda and Sly-Moore, watching the Mon Calamari Ballet doing "Squid Lake." Guest Commentator: Christina Marie Leonard
11/01/1821m 16s

ROTS 43: A Naboo-Related Padme Line

Revenge of the Sith Minute 43: ANAKIN runs up the stairs at the Galaxies Opera House. Guest Commentator: Christina Marie Leonard
10/01/1828m 42s

ROTS 42: Wig Cap

Revenge of the Sith Minute 42: She puts his hand on her belly. Guest Commentator: Christina Marie Leonard
09/01/1826m 43s

ROTS 41: Driving with the Doors Open

Revenge of the Sith Minute 41: YODA, MACE, and OBI-WAN ride in the GUNSHIP as it heads for the Clone landing platform.Guest Commentator: Christina Marie Leonard
08/01/1829m 32s

ROTS 40: He Knows How To Be Upset

Revenge of the Sith Minute 40: ANAKIN is furious. Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer
05/01/1827m 1s

ROTS 39: Space Paladins

Revenge of the Sith Minute 39: ANAKIN and OBI-WAN walk through one of the massive Jedi Temple hallways.Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer
04/01/1833m 57s

ROTS 38: Executive Washroom

Revenge of the Sith Minute 38: Anakin reacts with anger. Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer
03/01/1831m 5s

ROTS 37: The CEO of 7-11

Revenge of the Sith Minute 37: ANAKIN enters and stands in the middle of the room. He is surrounded by the Jedi Council.Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer
02/01/1833m 48s

ROTS 36: Pouty-Pants

Revenge of the Sith Minute 36: ANAKIN stands with PALPATINE at his window overlooking the vastness of Coruscant.Guest Commentator: Dan Telfer
01/01/1833m 45s

ROTS 35: Dark Beginning

Revenge of the Sith Minute 35: ANAKIN hurries down a temple hallway, heading toward a Jedi Briefing Room. SEVERAL JEDI are exiting. Guest Commentator: Jacob Sirof
29/12/1738m 16s

ROTS 34: Blessings

Revenge of the Sith Minute 34: YODA and ANAKIN sit in Yoda 's room, deep in thought. Guest Commentator: Jacob Sirof
28/12/1745m 55s

ROTS 33: Just a Dream

Revenge of the Sith Minute 33: PADME gives him a long, worried look. ANAKIN takes a deep breath.Guest Commentator: Jacob Sirof
27/12/1736m 5s

ROTS 32: Japoor Guy

Revenge of the Sith Minute 32: ANAKIN touches the japor snippet around PADME'S neck, that Anakin gave her when he was a small boy. Guest Commentator: Jacob Sirof
26/12/1726m 39s

ROTS 31: The Loudest Thing Happening When It Happens

Revenge of the Sith Minute 31: ANAKIN awakens in a panic. He is covered in sweat.Guest Commentator: Jacob Sirof
25/12/1728m 6s

ROTS 30: Veranda Nightgown

Revenge of the Sith Minute 30: PADME stands in the balcony brushing her hair. ANAKIN leans against the wall, watching her lovingly. Guest Commentator: John Mathot
22/12/1726m 43s

ROTS 29: Citizen Grievous

Revenge of the Sith Minute 29: A small NEIMOIDIAN SHUTTLE lands. BATTLE DROIDS surround the ramp as GENERAL GRIEVOUS descends onto the platform.Guest Commentator: John Mathot
21/12/1721m 41s

ROTS 28: Parade of Emotions

Revenge of the Sith Minute 28: ANAKIN is stunned.Guest Commentator: John Mathot
20/12/1728m 40s

ROTS 27: Bunk Beds

Revenge of the Sith Minute 27: ANAKIN goes behind one of the giant columns to meet up with the SHADOWY FIGURE, who is revealed to be SENATOR PADME AMDALA. They embrace and kiss. Guest Commentator: John Mathot
19/12/1720m 33s

ROTS 26: Space Escape

Revenge of the Sith Minute 26: Behind a row of large columns, a SHADOWY FIGURE follows the JEDI and the SENATOR. Guest Commentator: John Mathot
18/12/1729m 32s

ROTS 25: Thanks To Your Toot

Revenge of the Sith Minute 25: The small Jedi Shuttle carrying PALPATINE and the JEDI arrives at the landing platform. Guest Commentator: Todd Alcott
15/12/1749m 24s
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