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#175 - I did a thing & Boy Boy

Special guests I did a thing and Boy Boy join us to share the details that went into documenting and catching a yowie.
23/11/22·1h 24m

#174 - we got fired

Want to know all the details of the NPC's we messed with in our new video? Come learn everything in this new episode of The Misfits Podcast.

#173 - Pyrocynical's Dirty Secrets

cuddling up with Pyrocynical and pillow talking our way to his deepest dirtiest secrets
18/10/22·59m 28s

#172 - Addressing the Allegations...

join us for a romantic business dinner with the Misfits as we discuss delicate matters
05/10/22·1h 16m


The Misfits come together in the back of a pink limousine to share the story of a recent road trip around Tasmania in some colourful cars. From the great locals to the near death experiences join us as we share all the details of our upcoming video.
21/04/22·1h 58m


Join the Misfits as they share what the future of the podcast will be and share their thoughts on the usual topics such as drinking their own pee and purposefully raising a child horribly.

Spotify Exclusive: Drongos and Dragons Part 2

Join us in this Spotify exclusive as our dungeon master Cris leads the Misfits further through an adventure in the world of Dungeons & Dragons
22/01/22·1h 6m

Spotify Exclusive: Drongos and Dragons Part 1

Join us in this Spotify exclusive as our dungeon master Cris leads the Misfits through an adventure in the world of Dungeons & Dragons
21/01/22·54m 32s

Spotify Exclusive: 2022 is gonna be great!

2022's gonna be f*cking lit! Join us as we share our predictions and new years resolutions in this Spotify Exclusive episode of the Misfits Podcast.
15/01/22·30m 19s

#169 - Swagger's American Nightmare

Swagger's back from his christmas trip to America he shares how different it is after living in Australia for years, from bad food to awful people.
12/01/22·1h 8m

#168 - the snake wranglers

Join us in our final episode of 2021 as we share stories about the greatness of gold and strange as seen on TV snake catchers.
30/12/21·1h 1m

Spotify Exclusive: A Jolly Christmas Special

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Wrap yourself in this Spotify exclusive as we share some gifts in a secret santa and share some memories of Christmas past.
25/12/21·46m 50s

Spotify Exclusive: Misfits Jeopardy

Join us in this Spotify Exclusive as we compete against each other in a ruthless game of not Jeopardy, who knows each other the most and will come out on top in this game.
22/12/21·1h 9m

#167 - becoming renown criminals

Jay shares how much he's been enjoying a recent addiction while we all come up with a plan to run for the Australian government.
14/12/21·1h 3m

Spotify Exclusive: Becoming Conspiracy Theorists

Join us in this Spotify Exclusive episode (unless you're one of them) as we share and assortment of the craziest theories out there some of which that are clearly true and others that are of course out of the human world.
12/12/21·45m 4s

#166 - an antz catastrophe

Fitz has an infestation of critters in his home while this leads to Jay figuring out his favourite film of all time and Mason shares his plan of getting a driver's license.
07/12/21·1h 1m

Spotify Exclusive: The SwaggerSouls Interview

In this Spotify Exclusive SwaggerSouls brings you on a talk to a clone he recently created and has in in depth conversation with himself.
05/12/21·18m 14s

#165 - psychedelic religion

Rushing to deliver some seed and psychedelics starting everything join us for talks about some odd topics as usual.
30/11/21·57m 0s

Spotify Exclusive: Misfits Against Humanity Part 2

The Misfits game of Cards Against Humanity continues in this Spotify exclusive, the stomachs are churning from their boozey punishments.
29/11/21·50m 14s


The uno world champion, the winner of clothes and taker of cakes to the face Danny from RackaRacka joins us today to share his travels with Fitz throughout America from what it's like to film a MrBeast video to beating influencers at uno.
23/11/21·1h 40m

Spotify Exclusive: Misfits Against Humanity Part 1

In this Spotify exclusive episode of the Misfits Podcast we play the infamous card game "Cards Against Humanity" with a boozey punishment for the loser of each round.
22/11/21·46m 48s


We've had some incredible guests in the past but the guests we have are unrivalled in their fields, tune in to find out just exactly who they are we're sure you'll know them.
16/11/21·1h 9m

#162 - our best business idea

Mater from Cars and the caterpillar from A Bug's Life are just a couple of great products that could be headed your way with our incredible idea we have planned.
09/11/21·1h 13m

#161 - reflecting on retirement

A skin care product has stirred the internet like crazy and professional pot stirrer has announced his retirement.
02/11/21·1h 10m


Sexual tensions at an all time high as Swagger shows off a great pair on the show as everyone else shares their excitement of leaving lockdown in Melbourne. 
26/10/21·1h 14m

#159 - bad games and favoritism

The Misfits come together to share their opinions on how a majority of video games have changed throughout the years from true story telling experiences to cash grab multiplayer dopamine giving machines.
20/10/21·1h 24m

#158 - The New World w/ Anything4Views

Anything4Views joins the Misfits this episode to share his interactions with police during Melbourne's lockdowns and discuss Twitch's earnings leak they've recently had.
12/10/21·1h 22m

#157 - Poisoning our families

Festival drugs and poisonous berries are they similar and which would you feed to your family? From earthquakes to vengeful monkeys come give this episode a listen.
05/10/21·1h 4m

#156 - traumatic childhood memories

Abandonment, betrayal what traumatic childhood memories do the Misfits share tune in and find out.
28/09/21·59m 14s

#155 - an honest orwellian future

How would the future look with spying on the masses, spiders in ears and robots controlling the way people behave in public, from billionaires investing in de-aging to spiders in our ears the Misfits discuss it.
21/09/21·1h 8m

#154 - Swagger's Sneaky Synagogue

The Misfits join your for another week with stories of crackhead parsley pinchers, sneaky Jewish members in Melbourne and the riots that have recently sparked up in RuneScape.
14/09/21·1h 8m

#153 - Mason's portal works!

Masons been locked away developing his portal and is now back to share the details on his revolutionary invention. *Warning use of portal may result in loss of hair*
07/09/21·1h 3m


The crypto markets booming and you should invest, who knows who could be the next beeplecrap overnight but are they a scam? Swagger and Fitz argue heavily whether or not NFTs and crypto are or not in this episode. (not financial advice)
31/08/21·1h 16m

#151 - our perfect religion

Creating a new religion today sounds like the best idea, so tune in and find out what our values are just don't go stealing our idea for our new busin- religion.
24/08/21·1h 20m

#150 - meeting the rare snow Jews

A recent dramatic snow trip ends up with the boys getting involved with a great group of orthodox Jewish people.
17/08/21·58m 10s

#149 - tragic internet history

The creator of Sonichu and one of the most documented persons on the internet, due to recent news we delve into the history and life of Chris Weston Chandler.
11/08/21·1h 7m

#148 - the sexy olympics

From condom canoes to carboard beds the Olympics has had it all this year and we're here to discuss some of the things going on.
03/08/21·1h 2m

#147 - billionaire astronauts

Billionaires are privatizing space tourism and arguments over the classification of the passengers on their rockets and whether or not they should be considered astronauts.
27/07/21·57m 36s

#146 - the best drugs tier list

The Misfits join you to share their official drug tier list. From weed to pcp we rank our favourite substances, which ones you should stay away from and share some unheard stories that came from using these drugs.
20/07/21·1h 42m

#145 - wetting the bed with chicken soup

Should you leave your partner if  they're constantly wetting the bed and you're having to wake up in their pee? The ethics of such are discussed in this episode along with the tale of a dick breaking world recording in the UK.
13/07/21·58m 55s

#144 - coming out as trans-korean

Spectator who caused Kim Jong Un's apparent weight loss identifying as Korean after Twitter blows up about emergency sex doll. Watch all about it and more on this episode of The Misfits Herald.
06/07/21·1h 6m

#143 - The John McAfee Conspiracy

Anti-virus software creator John McAfee has passed and conspiracy theories are sparking up based on tweets made prior to his death, we join you to discuss such theories and to share our thoughts on it.
29/06/21·1h 5m

#142 - taking every drug ever

Fitz shares stories of men being swallowed by whales and takes us on and journey through a forest with a violent chimp while Tobi reveals her dating profile to pull in prime adventurous partners
22/06/21·1h 2m

#141 - it's our 3rd birthday!

Guess what, it's our third birthday! Fire, explosions, alcohol and chaos join us to help us celebrate three years of the Misfits Podcast
15/06/21·1h 30m

#140 - Pride and Prejudiced

Turn up it's pride month, the gangs here to share stories and hypotheticals with you all. From Tobi's genuinely transphobic interaction at a bar to what would happen if we just gave monkeys a whole city.
08/06/21·1h 4m

#139 - Swagger is a conspiracy theorist

Aliens live among us, they probe us for information on our bodies and Boe Jiden is an actor. Just some theories that Swagger believes. Join us as we delve deeper into these and many other believable topics.
01/06/21·1h 26m

#138 - it just keeps getting worse

People thought we were getting PC, this episode proves otherwise. From Fitz's DMs with Belle Delphine to a bunch of gay men gaming this episode isn't appropriate for anyone.

#137 - mason met big chungus

A very serious episode this week in which Mason shares his story of meeting the easter bunny recently and how that has progressed into him going to meet the rest of the mystical gods, while Swagger tells on how he's becoming a hot tub streamer very soon.
18/05/21·58m 18s

#136 - anything4views is a literal hobbit

Chad (anything4views) joins us this week to share his adventures of New Zealand with Fitz recently, from massive drug operations to taking in the natural beauty of New Zealand this episode has it all. with a lot of dick talk sprinkled in-between for good measure.
11/05/21·1h 3m

#135 - we miss fitz

Tobi, Swagger and Matt share their thoughts on emotions and if having any of them removed would still make a person human, how the cars universe makes absolutely no sense and Swagger shares how he wanted to bring EpicSMP to a satisfying conclusion for viewers and himself personally as a content creator. 
04/05/21·1h 1m

#134 - bonsai humans

Tobi's back from her holiday to Perth with stories of vibrators, peep shows and guns to share. Meanwhile Fitz shares his thoughts on munchkins in the wizard of oz.
27/04/21·1h 4m

#133 - Mason's lubed adventure

Mason walks us through his experience of going to Sydney recently and the things that happened during his trip, from an ass tattoo to a popeye looking drug dealer.
20/04/21·58m 21s

#132 - Zuckles for President

Join us in the improbable quest, if you feel destiny calling, and see as I see, a podcast with endless talk of gloryholes, whether or not the titan Mr Beast can get off or not all while our upcoming president sinks a few cold ones.
13/04/21·1h 4m

#131 - Misfits Cursed Holiday

We recently took a trip to South Australia to film a video and unearthed a curse which haunted us throughout the whole trip. From blood drawn, fish killed to ghosts summoned the curse striked.
06/04/21·1h 4m

#130 - we can't stan this anymore

No legs, no jokes, no context, no offense. Are twitter crusaders doing more harm than good? The misfits are here to discuss if what stans get upset about are worthy of going to such extremes such as doxing. 
30/03/21·58m 17s

#129 - NEVER shake a baby

We've never done it and neither should you but you should give this episode a listen and hear why Jay is going to be unable to do the podcast moving forward due to an anonymous email he's received recently and Swagger reveals how he scammed himself with a furniture order.
23/03/21·1h 3m

#128 - we're hunting bigfoot

From what disgusting food everyone's eaten to stories of men having sex with stuffed animals and our plans of hunting bigfoot this episode of the misfits podcast has it all.
16/03/21·1h 4m

#127 - incel therapy

Fitz, Tobi and Swagger join you today to chat about incels and the factors that cause them such as brothels to sex education. Fitz also shares the significant importance of self worth when trying to overcome depression.

#126 - making this podcast great again

The whole gangs back on a brand new set to share what's happened recently from a King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard concert on acid to the recent surge in popularity NFT art has gained. This episode also gets pretty deep on the groups thoughts on how the podcast has been in quality recently and how we need change.
04/03/21·1h 5m

#125 - North Korea's favorite podcast

Our glorious leader has blessed us with another episode of the hit Australian ally podcast Misfits! The gracious members talk about our glorious dictatorship and how great it is while also doing a talking about a multitude of subjects from sexuals of bdsm to the court of public opinion.
23/02/21·1h 2m

#124 - Mason got jumped

Mason shares a recent story of getting into a fight and his current mission of building a one way portal at his home while everyone builds a god tier list. 
16/02/21·1h 15m

#123 - Fake It till you make It

The gang tests their improv abilities in different scenarios while dissecting the power impostor syndrome can have in people's careers and friendships.
09/02/21·1h 9m

#122 - Apples to Oranges

GME, insider trading and baboons are on the rise and we're investing! Join a partial party as they all reveal something interesting and personal about themselves from past jobs to record breaking ejaculations on a destination to nowhere.

#121 - we went limp mode

Fitz and Mason recall a short trip to Adelaide including drunken antics and adventures with the likes of Anything4Views and the RackaRacka boys, while a shitty debate gets started amongst the group about sitting or standing to wipe.
26/01/21·1h 4m

#120 - the misfits are cancelled

We're back from our month break over the Christmas/new years holidays and what a break it's been. A lots been going on from a certain Rust server with multiple huge streamers to twitter getting angry over some words from Fitz. The whole gang comes together to share and reveal details into what's happened while we've been on break.
19/01/21·1h 1m

Spotify Exclusive: why we shouldn't do a podcast with our viewers...

The third and final Spotify Exclusive Discord podcast. The boys round it off with some quick questions including some weird ones towards the end...
29/12/20·40m 32s

#119 - 2021'S GONNA BE LIT

What a year 2020 has been. The gang comes back to reflect and explain what's happened throughout their year both personally and as a group. Many details past and future are revealed about Misfits including why our American Tour was cancelled, our plans for videos and podcasts while Fitz explains his recent 'drama' with Pokimane.
15/12/20·52m 28s

Spotify Exclusive: we did a podcast with our viewers... again

The Misfits jump back on discord for another Spoitify exclusive podcast with the viewers. They exchange words with the man that found SwaggerSouls face as well as someone who enjoys exploring paranormal places.
14/12/20·51m 8s

#118 - we're so thankful for crack

The gang come together this belated thanksgiving to share what they're thankful for, to recall a thanksgiving night out in Melbourne and some important news on the Podcast is revealed.
08/12/20·59m 23s

Spotify Exclusive: we did a podcast with our viewers

In this Spotify Exclusive the Misfits jump on discord with the viewers to hear some interesting tales such as being pressed by a car park security guard and leaving high school to meditate in a Japanese monk monestary.
03/12/20·40m 52s


Fitz, SwaggerSouls & Zuckles share their experience filming a music video with up and coming rapper BOY $COUT GATSBY. Toby also helps out the economy by getting a loan on her new car.
01/12/20·58m 18s

#116 - a guide to being offensive

In this very serious episode the misfits decide on how well an 8-ball would work for making decisions in society and whether or not a straw is just a tunnel.

#115 - should we do heroin?

Swagger shares tales of former classmates indulging in sativa use, this leads the boys to discuss what is the hardest drugs they'd ever try.
17/11/20·55m 26s

#114 - even dogs are horny in lockdown...

With lockdown easing in Melbourne Fitz & SwaggerSouls had an interesting night with a stuttering homeless man, a car accident and a fat dog shooting a fat nut on Anything4views.
10/11/20·1h 2m


We've finally been let out of our houses here in Melbourne and your favourite absolutely accurate educational podcast is back again to share their thoughts on banning children from accessing the internet and how Melbourne's recent lockdown has psychologically conditioned people into thinking doing menial tasks outside is criminal.
03/11/20·1h 1m


Fitz and Swagger opened their third eye recently while on a mushroom trip. They now come to the Misfits Podcast to share their experiences and tales of vomiting, dancing and meeting fans while tripping.
27/10/20·1h 5m


Toby is running out of storage space for bodies in her freezer and questions the rest of the Misfits on how long you could physically stay in a freezer while McCreamy continues his love train for horses even though we all know they suck.

#110 - Zero Active Braincells

In this mentally desolate episode we discuss whether or not banks are acting sus, the ethics of microchipping everyone to get dlc skills and Mason reveals details on how he was doxed.
13/10/20·59m 3s

#109 - methhead acting

Meth head acting is a range of training and rehearsal techniques that seek to encourage sincere and emotionally expressive performances whilst high on methamphetamine.
06/10/20·58m 15s

#108 - bringing a sex doll on a flight

Toby talks about her dream of owning a speaking sex doll and how she'd go about transporting it on an international flight, Mason also shares how he recently nearly died while operating a vehicle while inebriated.
29/09/20·59m 5s


Three men from the top of their fields come together to discuss the possibility of intelligence within intergalactic life while McCreamy reveals how much he loves horses and how they're the superior mode of transportation.
22/09/20·1h 1m

#106 - 9000 IQ MASON MOMENTS

Brain expansion commonly occurs while listening to The Misfits Podcast but for all the wrong reasons. SwaggerSouls takes the role as teacher and tries to expand Zuckles knowledge on a handful of topics such as nuclear reactors, antarctica and how to inhabit mars.

#105 - FITZ WILL DELETE 2020

Misfits bring out the magic with a fully packed podcast discussing David Blaine's most recent performance 'Ascension' while Mason shares the details on playing pool with questionable hookers in Thailand.
08/09/20·59m 53s


The Misfits share their stories on how close they've each come to death while trying to understand the complexities of time travel, the dangers of motorcycle riding and deciding on which drug best describes themselves.
01/09/20·1h 1m

Spotify Exclusive: Master Debaters

Do radio-waves cause Coronavirus? In this Spotify exclusive episode, the Misfits duke it out in a series of heated, highly intellectual and totally sensible debates.
21/08/20·51m 56s

#102 - fame is overrated

18/08/20·56m 23s

#101 - Masturbatory Stories with Cr1TiKaL

Master masturbator and world record collection holder of sex toys, Cr1TiKaL aka MoistCr1TiKaL aka Charlie, joins the Misfits to share tales of breaking dicks, illegally stealing videos and his religious upbringing.
11/08/20·1h 10m

Spotify Exclusive: podcast with THE DRUG DEALER (illegal)

The supplier of excessive laughter, binge eating & a good nights sleep, the misfits are joined by Captain Cooked who shares their stories of working in the industry, as well as being a dominatrix's side kick.
07/08/20·1h 1m

Spotify Exclusive: The Three Zealanders

In this Spotify exclusive episode, we gathered the Kiwi Misfits; Fitz, Tobi & McCreamy to talk about some of their experiences in their country of origin.
23/07/20·50m 53s

#98 - Fitz is the WORST parent

Do NOT follow any of Fitz' parenting advice.
21/07/20·1h 7m

#97 - The Jacking Off Episode

The boys investigate what animals have the ability to masturbate while discussing high functioning meth users.
14/07/20·59m 24s

Spotify Exclusive: Will Fitz & Swagger Fall in Love?

In this Spotify exclusive episode, Fitz & Swagger use Dr. Aaron's questions to determine whether or not they're destined for love.
09/07/20·49m 43s

#96 - Cursed Would You Rather

Really hoping our parents don't watch this one.
07/07/20·1h 2m


Zuckles' brother, Koby, joins the boys to reveal an upcoming Misfits vid, discuss details of gory food poisoning and rate the best medieval torture devices of all time.
30/06/20·1h 8m

Spotify Exclusive: Growing up with Fitz and Toby

In this Spotify exclusive episode of the Misfits Podcast, Fitz & Toby discuss their unusual schooling experience & how they originally met.
25/06/20·47m 37s

#94 - The Fever Dream

23/06/20·57m 5s

#88 - Social Barwinism

12/05/20·1h 11m

#85 - The 420 Special

21/04/20·1h 3m

#84 - WELYN

14/04/20·1h 3m

#79 - SMii7Y & Kryoz

10/03/20·1h 1m

#78 - the MURDER story

03/03/20·57m 22s


25/02/20·1h 2m


28/01/20·1h 17m

#71 - A New Beginning...

14/01/20·57m 48s

#70 - KEEGAN HAWK (his dad can kickflip)

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03/01/20·41m 43s

#69 - drinking COLD ONES with ANYTHING4VIEWS

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20/12/19·1h 23m


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07/12/19·1h 2m

#67 - Goop AKA Fart Club

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29/11/19·1h 12m

#66 - Anomaly

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18/11/19·1h 4m

#65 - Pyrocynical

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08/11/19·1h 11m

#64 - The TwitchCon Story

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30/10/19·1h 21m

#63 - CallMeCarson DROPS CHARACTER...

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24/10/19·1h 25m

#62 - The Truth About Pokimane

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15/10/19·1h 20m


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#60 - Fitz's WORST joke ever

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26/09/19·1h 2m

#59 - our WACKIEST episode yet

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#58 - Copying Joe Rogan

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10/09/19·1h 2m


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06/09/19·1h 5m

#56 - Fitz got too high

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26/08/19·1h 3m

#55 - SwaggerSouls talks about the future...

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19/08/19·1h 2m

#54 - MASON IS BACK!!!

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#53 - Matt leaves the podcast

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05/08/19·1h 16m

#52 - Fitz almost died...

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29/07/19·1h 13m


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22/07/19·59m 29s

#50 - The managers behind the misfits...

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14/07/19·1h 5m

#49 - The story of the misfits car

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08/07/19·1h 2m


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30/06/19·1h 4m


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24/06/19·59m 14s


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17/06/19·1h 11m

#45 - We took edibles and filmed it... again

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09/06/19·1h 44m

#44 - Mason's big night

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02/06/19·59m 0s


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#42 - Epic dreams we've had

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#41 - Pissing off security

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13/05/19·1h 7m

#40 - Zuckles' little brother

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05/05/19·58m 52s

#39 - First time smoking weed

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29/04/19·1h 1m

#38 - Swagger's illegal prank calls

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22/04/19·1h 12m

#37 - Fitz and Toby's weird school...

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14/04/19·1h 9m

#36 - we went to Fiji for literally no reason

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09/04/19·1h 13m

#35 - Fitz is afraid of this movie...

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31/03/19·59m 25s

#34 - Inverted earth theory

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26/03/19·1h 3m

#33 - Living with a meth addict

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17/03/19·1h 1m

#32 - We ruined a MrBeast video

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11/03/19·57m 36s

#31 - School is cringe

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03/03/19·56m 36s

#30 - We're all in the same room

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17/02/19·1h 9m

#28 - Swagger was right...

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03/02/19·1h 4m

#27 - Gettin' real deep with the boys

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#26 - Money doesn't buy happiness

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19/01/19·1h 2m

#25 - Our messed up childhoods

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14/01/19·1h 3m

#24 - Snorting Sherbet

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07/01/19·59m 21s

#23 - Swagger is SO funny haha

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29/12/18·54m 22s

#22 - We ruined Christmas

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10/12/18·59m 1s

#21 - Why Fitz won’t live with us

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02/12/18·56m 26s

#20 - Misfits House

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25/11/18·56m 0s

#19 - Throwing up in Bali

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#17 - Fitz got very drunk

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#16 - Kryoz

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28/10/18·1h 15m

#15 - The dumbest thing Swagger has ever said

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20/10/18·59m 21s


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13/10/18·58m 49s

#13 - His dad found out...

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06/10/18·1h 9m

#12 - SMii7Y DOESN'T do drugs!

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29/09/18·1h 2m

#11 - What do we look for in a woman?

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23/09/18·59m 20s


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16/09/18·1h 20m


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08/09/18·1h 39m

#8 - Mason's Mind

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25/08/18·57m 25s

#7 - The Media Hates Us

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18/08/18·57m 52s

#6 - No More Parties in LA

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11/08/18·1h 5m

#5 - RaccoonEggs

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04/08/18·1h 8m


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27/07/18·1h 1m

#3 - Don't Do Drugs

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18/07/18·1h 8m

#2 - The Mild High Club

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29/06/18·1h 11m

#1 - The Poland Story

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22/06/18·1h 41m

#0 - Pilot

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15/06/18·1h 2m
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