Hearst vs Pulitzer | The Headless Torso | 2

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By Wondery

Hearst vs Pulitzer | The Headless Torso | 2

Wednesday, 20 June

If you lived in an American city at the turn of the century, you got all of your news from a single source: the daily newspapers. No where was that more true than New York City; in the City, two papers ruled them all. You had the World and the Journal. And then men behind them were the most famous newsmen in American History.

William Randolph Hearst headed up the Journal and Hungarian immigrant Joseph Pulitzer ran the World.

In their mad scramble for readers, they’d pioneer daring technologies and set new precedents for aggressive investigative coverage. They poured millions of dollars into the fight even when their advisors warned it could push them over the brink.

And in the end, it very nearly did. 

This is just the beginning of this story. You can listen to the rest on Business Wars.

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