Greer’s Fall From Grace; Issa Rae on Kanye; & SATC's 20 Yr Anniversary

The High Low

By Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton

Greer’s Fall From Grace; Issa Rae on Kanye; & SATC's 20 Yr Anniversary

What does a trailblazer owe us? That’s a question we’re pondering this week, as we discuss actor Issa Rae’s spicy monologue on Kanye West - who many believe is betraying his black identity, in support of Trumpian conservatism - and Germaine Greer’s controversial views on rape. Once a radical second-wave feminist, is she in danger of becoming a parody? Also this week, we discuss the misogyny in social media; the concept of ‘moral triumphalism’; why processed food feels like a cuddle; and the glory of being single. And of course, we also discuss the 20 year anniversary of Sex And The City. Join us on this joyous romp down memory lane!


Successful black men have targets on their backs, by Maurice Mcleod for The Guardian

Barbara Ellen on Germaine Greer, for The Observer

Janice Turner on fallen trailblazers, for The Times

Robyn Wilder on the misogyny of parenting and social media, for Grazia - out now

The Processed Food Debate Is A Delicious, MSG-Sprinkled Class War by Grace Dent, for The Guardian 

Nothing Like A Dame on BBC iPlayer

Sex And The City Might Be Dated, But It'll Never Get Old, for Refinery 29 

I Was Just As Happy When I Was a Singleton by Matthew Parris, for The Times

Matthew Parris on moral triumphalism, for The Times

Radio 4’s Friday Night Comedy News quiz

TED’s WorkLife with Adam Grant podcast: #MeToo, with Ashley Judd, Ronan Farrow, and Tarana Burke

I’m Not Black, I’m Kanye, by Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic 

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