Arranged vs Forced Marriages & Kevin Spacey’s Netflix Exit

The High Low

By Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton

Arranged vs Forced Marriages & Kevin Spacey’s Netflix Exit

After some disruption to the schedule (namely two live recordings in a row and an author special, whilst Dolly’s enjoyed monsoon season in Thailand and practiced wellness with a monk) The High Low is back in the Acast studio. And we’ve got tons (literally tons) of reading, listening and watching recs for you, from our sojourns away.

This week we discuss Kevin Spacey’s “I’m Gay” disclaimer, Netflix dropping him and whether or not you can separate the art from the artist. Will their legacy live on? Is the whole thing a hackneyed debate? And if Frank doesn’t come back…. will Claire?

Also today, we speak to a High Low listener about the difference between an arranged and a forced marriage, after the sad news story of Aasiya Bibi, the 21-year-od Pakistani girl who murdered 15 of her husband’s family with poison, in her desperation to escape her forced marriage. 

It’s our first official week with Google, our sexy new partner, and Dolly kickstarts our new ‘curiosity’ segment with the Google Pixel 2, by asking Pandora what the meaning of love is. A nice gentle ease into the series, that. If you want to see the fruits of our new Google Pixel shoot, head on over to our Instagram’s @pandorasykes @dollyalderton for a taster. More magic to come, my friends.

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The Wife, by Meg Wolitzer\

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Disclaimer, by Renee Knightée-Knight/dp/1784160229

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