Hot Dates: Romance Right Now

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By WNYC Studios

Hot Dates: Romance Right Now

Wednesday, 30 May

A lot is changing about how we date right now, from how we meet people, to who pays, and how we talk about sex. It's complicated, but for many people, summer is the time to try. So as we head into the warmer months, we've asked a group of listeners to let us check in with them as they date. In this first episode, you'll meet:

• Louis, a guy in Washington D.C., who's constantly ghosted by the men he matches with on dating apps.

• Miracle, a woman in Alabama who's not using dating apps at all...but isn't having better luck meeting people at her church.

• "Thomas," a young divorcee we originally met in our episode about breakups, who's learning to keep things casual.

• Jessie, a software developer in Montana who's figuring out how to be comfortable earning more than most of the men she dates.

• Dan, a recent widower who's navigating the new rules of consent and gender dynamics. 

• Ceci, a 36 year old woman in Sacramento who's looking for commitment, but knows not to settle to find it. 

• Vicki, a journalist in her sixties who's enjoying casual dating and sex, and has no interest in becoming a caregiver to an older boyfriend.

• And June, a college Junior who uses Tinder to scope out who around her is single and looking.

We'll be checking back in with these listeners over the course of the summer as they swipe their way to love...or at least, some good stories.

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