All Your Workplace Rage

Death, Sex & Money

By WNYC Studios

All Your Workplace Rage

Wednesday, 3 January

"Phew, that felt good."

"Wow, 30 seconds goes by real fast."

"I actually really needed this."               

A few weeks ago, we asked you to send us 30-second voice memos with your anger about harassment and bullying you've experienced at work—and the advice you'd give your younger self about what you don't have to put up with. And you all were ready to vent! You sent us stories about sexism and racism, physical harassment and psychological abuse, from bosses and co-workers male and female alike. Some of you were thinking back on things that happened to you decades ago; some of you are right in the middle of figuring out how to deal with a bad situation.

One thing was clear—lots of you feel like you haven't been able to talk about this before. So this week, we're bringing you a supercut of your stories, and your anger. Let's rage.

If you're currently dealing with harassment or bullying at work, click here for a list of resources you might find helpful.

And for even more rage, check out today's new episode of the podcast For A Bad Time Call—it's a special episode devoted specifically to workplace anger.

Special thanks to SassyBlack for composing original music for this episode. You can find more of her work here


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