Pull Quote: Plunging In

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By WNYC Studios

Pull Quote: Plunging In

Monday, 1 January

Happy new year! We've got a special treat for you today.

You may have heard that we've been working on an experiment, a new mini-podcast series called Pull Quote. The episodes are short audio gems that we've dug up from our archives and from elsewhere.

This week, we're sending our first batch of episodes to those of you who've donated to support the show. But as we start the this new year together, we thought we'd share the first Pull Quote with all of you: some words of wisdom about beginnings from writer Jamaica Kincaid. 

We’ve had a lot of fun making these, and it's not too late to sign up to hear them all. If you want to hear the other Pull Quote episodes we’ve made, chip in $30 or more right now. We’ll email you a special link every morning for a week where you can listen in. Plus, you'll get to tell us what you think about this Pull Quote series and whether we should make more.

Thanks so much to those of you who've given money and supported our show. We really appreciate it. Look out for a new episode from us later this week.

Special thanks to composer and sound designer Hannis Brown for his scoring work on our Pull Quote series. 


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