Death, Sex & Money

By WNYC Studios


Wednesday, 10 February

We've been asking you to tell us about the songs that have meant a lot to you during times of big change in your life. You've sent in more than 500 suggestions so far—along with a lot of great stories.

Our listener Kevin Chung from Seattle sent us his anthem: "Miracle Mile" by the Cold War Kids. You can hear his story about why that song means a lot to him in our short podcast this week—and you can hear about the video he recorded of himself dancing along to the song too.  

That's what we want you to do next: tell us about your anthem, and then rock out to it on video. 

Step one: Record a voice memo about your song and why it means so much to you. Email that to

Step two: Record a video of yourself celebrating your dancing. Whether you're bopping your head along or having a full-on dance party, we want to see it! Use your phone or your webcam to make the video, and email it to (If the file is too big, don't worry—just let us know and we'll help you out.) 

Need some inspiration? Check out my dance video

We're going to use the videos for a special project that we're working on. We'll keep you posted about when it's done. 

Thanks friends! 

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