These 'Witches' Are Empowering the Next Generation

These 'Witches' Are Empowering the Next Generation

By WNYC Studios

Notes from America

Tuesday, 20 June

In 2016, the campaign promise to “Make America Great Again” highlighted an important cultural shift. It represented the idea that the country needed to return to its traditions in order to be as prosperous as it was once before.

But groups like Brujas, a radical youth collective in New York City, is using art, politics and skateboarding to reject these traditional ideas of America. Brujas, which means witches in Spanish, is part of a new generation of revolutionaries who are unafraid to blur the lines between culture and activism. They are all for disrupting the patriarchy, trans-liberation and prison abolition — and are doing it unapologetically.   

Sophia Paliza-Carre takes us inside the group, formed in a skatepark in the Bronx, to learn about their ideas on politics, activism and what it means to be young activists in 2017.


Episode Contributors:

Kai Wright

Sophia Paliza Carre

Karen Frillmann 

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