Call-In Special: Examining the 'Women's Vote'

Call-In Special: Examining the 'Women's Vote'

By WNYC Studios

Notes from America

Tuesday, 15 November

Throughout The United States of Anxiety, Long Island-resident Patty Dwyer acted as a gateway to the perspectives of individuals forming the wave that swept Donald Trump from New York billionaire to President-elect.

And with exit polling suggesting that Democratic nominee-Hillary Clinton gained the support of only 54-percent of women voters, it appears that gender in the voting booth was not deeply intertwined with gender on the ticket.

Long Island Resident and Trump Supporter, Patty Dwyer, Stands Outside Trump Tower, 5th Ave., New York (Richard Yeh / WNYC)

All Things Considered host Jami Floyd discusses the women who helped vault Donald Trump into the White House and what motivates them.

In particular, we delve deeper into what conditions allowed female voters to disregard President-elect Trump's previous comments on women and charge directly into this year's electoral rabbit hole.

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