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Update: It’s Hard Going Back to School, Work, and Saving Journalism

Update: It’s Hard Going Back to School, Work, and Saving Journalism

By TED and Stable Genius Productions

Never heard ZigZag? Start with Season One, Chapter One.

This is an update episode between Seasons 1 and 2 of ZigZag. 
On Sept 20, we'll have a special report on the Civil token sale.
Season Two officially starts on Oct 11, 2018.

This week, Manoush and Jen discuss Civil’s biggest partnership to date, why boredom is more relevant than ever, and address listeners who wish they would stop cursing on their show.

What the Associated Press hopes Civil’s tech will help them achieve. Not only is Manoush’s book Bored and Brilliant out in paperback: a 3-year study about boredom is underway. The Basic Attention Token is a blockchain experiment worth watching. Tech testifies about how you get your information. Women curse too and that’s a good thing. The badass song in the episode comes from listener Tine Schenck, a Norwegian feminist and musician. The button to donate to Manoush and Jen is still working.

Who you’ll hear: Manoush (@manoushZ) Jen (@jpoyant)

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**David Herman, Audio Engineer and Composer

ZigZag comes from Stable Genius Productions, in partnership with Civil. We are proud members of Radiotopia, from PRX.

ZigZag is the business show about being human.

Join a community of listeners riding the twists and turns of late-capitalism, searching for a kinder, more sustainable way. Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant investigate how work and business impact our wellbeing and the planet we live on. On Seasons 4 and 5, hear from rebels and visionaries with radical ideas on how we can build stable lives, careers, and companies.

**If you’re also interested in Jen and Manoush’s personal story and their adventures in starting their own business with a little help from blockchain technology, listen to the first three seasons, starting with Season 1, Chapter 1.

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