Imaginary Advice: S.E.I.N.F.E.L.D.

Imaginary Advice: S.E.I.N.F.E.L.D.

By Helen Zaltzman

The Allusionist

Thursday, 28 June

Hello! I’m currently in hospital so am having to take a little time off work. Therefore, instead of a new Allusionist episode today, here’s my favourite audio piece I’ve heard this year: ‘S.E.I.N.F.E.L.D.’ from Ross Sutherland’s podcast Imaginary Advice.

NB: the episode contains a couple of Strong Terms.

Hear more Imaginary Advice episodes – some of my favourites are ‘Six House Parties’ and ‘Me Versus The Spar (parts 1-7)’ – and find the show’s live dates and Patreon, at 

The Allusionist will be recuperating for a bit, but should be back at the end of July. In the meantime, catch up on all the previous episodes and goad all your beloved friends and acquaintances to do likewise.

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