CIPYD 76: Black Mouth Cur

Can I Pet Your Dog?

By Renee and Alexis

CIPYD 76: Black Mouth Cur

Tuesday, 3 January

Welcome! How’s it going?

A fresh new episode is ready for the fresh new year! We’ve got a Dogs We Met This Week with a dog in the room! Captain hangs out while we chat about him and contemplate whether or not dogs dig wearing sunglasses! We’ve got a Mutt Minute on the Black Mouth Cur and, SPOILER, that’s Old Yeller! We have a special Hero Dog segment about Diabetic Alert Dogs, a friend and a hero all in one! We have a tribute to Carrie Fisher and chat about her wonderful dog Gary. Plus, We’ve got a Pinned Post you won’t want to miss!

Grab a Golden Doodle and enjoy!

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