CIPYD 70: Dana Wickens and Leonbergers

Can I Pet Your Dog?

By Renee and Alexis

CIPYD 70: Dana Wickens and Leonbergers

Tuesday, 22 November

Hi there buddy! Thanks for popping in!

In Dogs We Met This Week, Allegra tells us all about Rufus, a large dog whom she met on a cozy blanket! Then we've got a Mutt Minute on the Leonberger, turns out - they look like lions on purpose! The wonderful Dana Wickens joins us, you may know her as the producer from some great podcasts (Hard Nation, Rock Bottom), but more importantly she is a Corgi expert! For example, did you know corgi butts are also referred to as "Momos?" Neither did we! We've got some incredible dog news about sheepdogs using their skills to protect an endangered species! Plus, a great Facebook Thread of the week! 

IMPORTANT! We also have a brand new PHONE NUMBER! Please leave us voicemails about your Dog-Victories and Dog-sasters! 

Phone: (323) 250-3315

Thank you! We care about you a bunch!

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