Amber Navran on King's "We are King" (2016)

Amber Navran on King's "We are King" (2016)


Los Angeles' underground soul scene is full of talent. The scene's unique blend of soul, jazz, lo-fi, and electronica has helped to bring LA into prominence. Amber Navran is part of the community, first as a member of soul jazz trio Moonchild, and now as a solo artist. Her debut project, Speak Up was released to critical acclaim in 2017 and showcases both her musicianship and her buttery vocals. She joined us to talk about KING, the Grammy-nominated trio whose EP The Story blew them all the way up and thrust them into the Twitterverse where they remain faves.

We talked about the harmonies that make KING's music so swoon-worthy, the arrangements that have dazzled listeners since 2011, and the many reasons "We Are KING" is a heat rock.

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More on KING

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Show Tracklisting (all songs from We Are King unless indicated otherwise):

The Greatest Moonchild: Be Free Amber Navran: He's Been Gone Hey Adele: Rolling in the Deep Lalah Hathaway: Where it all Begins Little Dragon: Ritual Reunion Supernatural The Story Hey Moonchild: Every Part (For Linda) Supernatural The Right One Red Eye Quincy Jones: Tell Me A Bedtime Story Carry On Mister Chameleon In the Meantime The Right One The Greatest Supernatural Moonchild: Run Away (Remix) Hey

Here's the Spotify playlist of as many of the songs above as we can find on there.

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