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Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Preview 1

Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Preview 1

By BBC Radio 5 Live

The most captivating real life true-crime story you have never heard of - the famous novelist, a body at the bottom of the staircase, a series of extraordinary events and a court case that grabbed the attention of the world.

In this unique podcast series BBC Radio 5 live uncovers the incredible story of Kathleen & Michael Peterson.

Kathleen was a successful business woman and head of a multi-national communications company; her husband Michael was a famous novelist.

The pair lived an idyllic life with their children in a beautiful mansion in the enclave of Durham, North Carolina. But on the evening of December 9th 2001, everything changed.

BBC Radio 5 live tells the story of what happened that night through exclusive archive material and interviews with those directly involved.

In a case that stretches over more 16 years, the twists and turns will shock you; make you question your own beliefs and leave you pondering the ultimate question…what did actually happen on that fateful evening and who was responsible.

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