SE3 EP15: Shinesty is Using Event Driven Commerce and Amplified Visual Content to Scale

SE3 EP15: Shinesty is Using Event Driven Commerce and Amplified Visual Content to Scale

By Kunle Campbell

How an outlandish costume clothing company managed to hit 8 figures in revenue by scaling attention on social media through eye popping video and video content.

Shinesty creates costumes and vintage clothing for events and in the process have embedded their brand into fond memories of their customers.

Shinesty was founded just three years ago and has been 2X scaling year-on-year. They are now a $10M+ 8-figure in revenue company. They utilize pattern interrupt visual and video content to evoke emotions and feelings of humor and anger with their snarky and sometimes sarcastic videos.

They have seen huge success with amplifying this content using paid social advertising on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat.

I interviewed their founder, Chris White on this episode.    



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