SE3 EP13: The Case of eCommerce Experts

SE3 EP13: The Case of eCommerce Experts

By Kunle Campbell

This is a very candid and honest episode, I pounder on the label 'expert'. I have been referred as an 'expert' in the ecommerce space a few too many times. I might be an 'expert' to some, but over the past few months, I have learnt from true entrepreneurial ecommerce experts. 

The key to establishing which expert to follow is understanding where you want to go in ecommerce. If you work for an online retailer or a consultant for a number of online retailers, then most experts you will gravitate towards will be people that have self-identified themselves as experts backed by a track-record of delivering results within online retail businesses they themselves have worked for in the past.

If on the other hand, you are looking at things from purely entrepreneur angle, then the ecommerce experts you will identify with will be ecommerce entrepreneurs. This is where I am striving to evolve to now. I was (and probably am too some) the former i.e. a career ecommerce expert.
BUT I am now learning the ropes of becoming an ecommerce entrepreneur. I am NOT yet an entrepreneurial ecommerce expert. BUT my daily habits, are leading me down this path. 

Remember there are two types of ecommerce experts:

Career eCommerce Experts (marketers, CROs, media buyers, developers, designers, logistics experts, industry pundits) and Entrepreneur eCommerce Experts - they are all of the above wrapped up into one that put the money in the line and take HUGE risks. The ones that turn out successful in the long-run, live to tell their story as 'experts'.

Regardless of what type of expert you strive to be, STAY HUMBLE.

Hope you enjoy the show and give me a shout on your thoughts about eCommerce experts.




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