SE3 EP05: How to Drive More eCommerce Conversions through Copywriting & CRO w/ Kaleigh Moore

SE3 EP05: How to Drive More eCommerce Conversions through Copywriting & CRO w/ Kaleigh Moore

By Kunle Campbell

Located in Central Illinois, Kaleigh Moore primarily crafts blog content for SaaS and eCommerce companies. She has been copywriting for the last four years under the brand Lumen. She had an Etsy store when she was 19 and ran the business for five years. She had a successful vintage jewellery company where she designed and assembled jewellery pieces.

It was from that company where she learned about marketing and specifically the power of email marketing. According to her, email marketing was the biggest driver when it came to driving sales in comparison to social media.

On this episode, we will talk about: eCommerce product page trends: such as the integration of GIFs/ Cinemagraphs and the use more user-generated content, buyer's guides. eCommerce copywriting for conversions: and the psychology behind the words, formulas and so much more!



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