SE2 EP05: The Essence of a Brand story - case in mind…KFC and my wife

SE2 EP05: The Essence of a Brand story - case in mind…KFC and my wife

By Kunle Campbell

This is Kunle Campbell of the 2X eCommerce Podcast Show...THE Podcast dedicated to Strategic Growth for Online Retailers.
You my listeners either ask me questions on Twitter using the hashtag #2XeCommerce OR I teach you about specific MARKETING tactics geared to helping your sell more in your online store…

So Today’s show is about…why you should focus on optimising your mobile checkout first going forward. I am going to cover: The Essence of a Brand Story.

Road trip to Wales pulled over at a services station to buy some petrol / gasoline

  WALL MURAL NO BATTERY FARMED CHICKEN: We demand good animal welfare, and all our suppliers must meet or exceed Red Tractor standards. All our original recipe chicken on the bone is from the UK and Ireland. Very! All of our Original Recipe Chicken is delivered fresh from farm to restaurant within 48 hours. We've worked hard to make everything on our menu a little healthier. use zero-hours contracts No. Our food is completely palm oil free - high oleic rapeseed oil and sunflower oil     Your brand story is: NOT your elevator pitch it is not your list of technical features it should connect to your WHY

Read these books:

Simon Sinek’s book "Start with Why” Gary Keller’s book: “The ONE Thing”   Think very inwardly… …at the same time think very empathetically from the P.O.V of segments of your customers
What do they care about? How does what each customer segment care about connect with your products and value proposition?   the best business books I’ve read begin with the writer’s story
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