EP 51: Magento 2.0 - Expert Roundtable Discussion on New Feature Set and Upgrading

EP 51: Magento 2.0 - Expert Roundtable Discussion on New Feature Set and Upgrading

By Kunle Campbell

2X eCommerce’s first roundtable discussion: today’s discussion is all about about the Magento 2.0. We talk about it's evolution, feature set and upgrading.
On today’s roundtable, I have on the panel:

- Michael Bower - CEO of Sellry in Colorado, United States
- John Arroyo - Founder & CTO at Arroyo Labs in Los Angeles, United States

John is a software developer and entrepreneur. He started Arroyo Labs to help enterprises and start ups build and scale their ideas. A veteran of multiple startups and agencies, he uses these experiences to build great software for others. John has an engineering degree from CMU and graduate degrees from Columbia and Dartmouth.

Michael Bower founded Sellry, where he and his team help ecommerce and multichannel companies grow their profits. Michael lives in Fort Collins, CO with his wife and daughter. In addition to helping clients succeed he enjoys assisting nonprofits, mountain biking, trying and failing to imitate Chris Thile on the mandolin and the odd philosophical debate. Michael tweets a few times per year at @falloutofatree, and podcasts about the top ecommerce questions at ecommerceqa.tv. Ask him yours at michael@sellry.com.

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