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Episode 131: 5th Anniversary with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

Episode 131: 5th Anniversary with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast is five years old! And to celebrate we have two very special guests - Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd!


We find out how losing the 2015 general election changed Ed's family life for the better. He shares his number one piece of parenting advice, while Geoff tells us how to cheat McDonald's out of extra chicken nuggets. There's a game, a song, and some Scummy Mummy Confessions from Ed and Geoff. They host the brilliant Reasons to be Cheerful Podcast, and you can follow them on Twitter @CheerfulPodcast and Ed Miliband @Ed_Miliband and Geoff Lloyd @GeoffLLoyd.


Then it's time for us to waffle on about what a fab five years it's been, and to share all the gossip from our anniversary party. Special thanks to our sponsor @nowtv, the streaming service that lets you pay for what you want to watch - whether that's movies, sport, box sets or kids' stuff. Their new Smart Stick goes straight in the back of your telly, or you can run the app through your games console, if you can ever get the kids off bloody Fortnite. For a free 14 day trial, visit


Many thanks also to @birdseyeuk for the fab cake and providing the guest of honour. The wine was provided by the brilliant @iheartwines, while @bearsmyth gave us cocktails, and @dontbuyherflowers sorted out crisps and nuts from @brownbagcrisps and @mrfilberts. And finally, huge thank you to, who organised the whole thing and made it super good and are just lovely.


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Thank you for listening for the last five years. Thank you for all the emails, shares, likes, and kind words at our live shows. We feel so lucky and grateful to be where we are, and we couldn't even imagine being here five years ago. It's been an amazing adventure so far, and the plan is to keep going... Many...

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