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Episode 128: How to Drink Less with Rosamund Dean

Episode 128: How to Drink Less with Rosamund Dean

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

OLD GOLD! During lockdown some of us have had just a few more drinks than usual. If you are feeling like you need to cut back on the Chardonnay or have a few less gins, here's a handy little podcast to help you. Cheers!

What's the best way to cut down on your drinking? Why do mums like wine so much, anyway? And what is the collective noun for members of All Saints? Answering all these questions and more is Rosamund Dean, author of Mindful Drinking!

She tells her how her own experiences as a mum on the sauce led her to write the book, and Ellie and Helen discuss how it's changed their lives. We find out whether we're Abstainers or Moderators, and why it matters when you're trying to drink less. There are also some practical tips for choosing a signature soft drink, thinking about booze as if it's cake, and following the free champagne rule.


Then we enjoy some frankly astonishing insights into what it must be like to be Helen Thorn with brand new game, Pissed or Stupid? We discover what a Gibson Measure is, and have a whinge about World Book Day.


Rosamund's brilliant book is out now and you can follow her on Twitter @rosamunddean and Instagram @rosamunddean.


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