Episode 125: Live from Nepal!

Episode 125: Live from Nepal!

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Tuesday, 15 May

The Scummy Mummies Podcast has taken us to some exotic places - North London, Cardiff, Stacey Solomon's house. But this episode is extra special, because it was recorded in NEPAL!


We spent a week there with the amazing charity Practical Action, who are working hard to improve the lives of people living in poverty. For the first part of this ep, we sat down with some mums from a remote mountain village to find out what their lives are like.


We won't fanny about, so to speak - these women are telling real stories of incredibly tough things that have happened to them. There are discussions about miscarriage and baby loss, and some graphic descriptions of prolapse. We also talk about motherhood in general and find some things we have in common, and have a few laughs along the way.


Then we talk to Archana and Abbie, who work for Practical Action, to find out what they're up to and how we can help. There's some chat about irrigation - not the colonic kind - and gravity ropeway pulley systems. More fun than it sounds.


This is our fifth year of producing the podcast, which has always been free, and always will be. In all those 125 episodes, we have never asked you, our lovely listeners, for money, but we are asking now. Please give Practical Action some dosh. Maybe because, like us, you are immensely moved by hearing these women's stories. Or perhaps because you're a fan of the podcast, and fancy saying thanks. Think of it as buying us a drink, except you're giving the fiver you'd spend to people who need it more than we need Chardonnay.


Having seen what this charity does firsthand, we are so keen to give them all our support. Massive thanks and love to anyone who wants to help us do that. So please, visit PracticalAction.org to donate. Follow them on Instagram @practical_action, on Twitter @practicalaction, and find them on Facebook. You'd be making us really, really happy. Thank you! 

Love Ellie and Helen xxx

Small print: we are very grateful to the wonderful Archana for acting as our translator. For brevity, we have cut down the sections of the audio that are in Nepali, as most of our listeners don't speak the language. But if you'd like to hear the full uncut version, just drop us a line.

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