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Episode 117: Cancer Special with Bowel Babe

Episode 117: Cancer Special with Bowel Babe

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

In this episode we meet Deborah James, aka Bowel Babe, who is currently going through intensive chemotherapy after being diagnosed with late stage cancer. And we have a right old laugh! 

Deborah tells us what it was like to receive her diagnosis, and how she's sharing the news with her kids. We find out that chemo isn't like in the movies, and discover that like most things, it's more bearable with wine.


There's some serious chat about Deborah's views on mortality and how she looks to the future. Then we play a game about swearing! 


Do check out Deborah's columnFacebook page, and follow her on Instagram @bowelbabe. Her book is Coming Soon.


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