Episode 112: Fashion Chat with Style Me Sunday

Episode 112: Fashion Chat with Style Me Sunday

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Thursday, 4 June

OLD GOLD! We are bringing this classic episode back for you because it is one of our favourites and we love the work of Natalie Lee aka Style Me Sunday. This was recorded back in 2017 and Natalie has now gone onto to be a mega-star on Instagram. On her account @stylemesunday she speaks openly about body positivity, female pleasure, race and diversity in fashion. If you are not following her, do so immediately! Enjoy.

Episode details:

She's a stylist, a mother, an ex-midwife, and a woman with strong opinions about jogging bottoms - it's Instagram sensation Natalie Lee, otherwise known as Style Me Sunday!

She tells us how she got where she is today, and why she thinks it's important to have a creative output after you have a baby. We go on to cover a wide range of topics including diversity, tomboys, worst fashion disasters, and whether you should shave your front bottom before you give birth.

Helen chats about her own new fashion project, Helen Wears a Size 18. There's an attempt at serious charity work as we discuss the latest Stand Up to Cancer campaign. To find out more, visit standuptocancer.org.uk.

Many thanks to Onjenu for supplying the lovely clothes Natalie gave us.

You can find out more about Natalie via stylemesunday.com, and follow her on social media @stylemesunday.

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