Episode 110: Meet the Hoopers - it's MOD and FOD, Clemmie and Simon!

Episode 110: Meet the Hoopers - it's MOD and FOD, Clemmie and Simon!

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Tuesday, 17 October

This episode features two amazing guests - Clemmie and Simon Hooper, otherwise known as Mother and Father of Daughters!


They tell us how they became Instagram sensations, and what it's like to be famous while still holding down your job as a midwife or whatever it is Simon does.


There's some hosiery chat, in which Simon explains why he hates socks. We also discuss why most of his followers are women, and whether he can actually tell his twins apart.


Then it's time for a bit of seriousness as we talk about the Hoopers' recent trip to Madagascar. We find out about WaterAid's plan to get everyone in the world access to clean water by 2030, and why handwashmongers Soaper Duper are donating £150k to help the cause. To get involved, visit wateraid.org. And to win a handwashing kit for your family, go to soaperduper.com.


There's a bit more silliness as we play a special version of Handbag Surprise, and find out what's in Simon's manbag. We round off with a Scummy Mummy Confession from MOD and FOD.


You can follow Clemmie and Simon on Instagram at mother_of_daughters and father_of_daughters. Clemmie's book, How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out, is out now.


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