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Episode 38: Call the Midwife - Clemmie Hooper returns!

Episode 38: Call the Midwife - Clemmie Hooper returns!

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

**ADULTS ONLY!** This episode features swears! Including the worst one!

How is childbirth different the second time around? What's the best way to introduce your older child to the new baby? Why would anyone knit stuff out of a placenta?

We answer all these questions and more as we're joined by Clemmie Hooper, midwife, mum and blogger. She gives us some great tips for labour and beyond and manages to be very non-judgemental about the placenta knitting thing. 

Unlike Ellie, of course, who is nearly physically sick. Meanwhile, Helen presents her brand new game - Hooray for Fannywood. It's as sophisticated and highbrow as it sounds.

Two things to note:

1. This episode is RUDE, with lots of unbleeped swears. Including the c-word. So maybe don't listen to it in the car on the school run...

2. This episode was recorded before Ellie gave birth to her lovely new baby, Joe. As you'll know if you listened to the last podcast, he was two months early. He is doing great and will hopefully be home soon!

Clemmie's blog is called Gas and Air - do check out Helen's birth story. She is on Twitter too, @midwifeyhooper.

We're @scummymummies and you can find us on Facebook. You can email or leave a message via  We love receiving iTunes reviews!

If you like the podcast, please tell your friends. Thank you so much for listening! 

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