Episode 31: Grandads Special - the Vicar and the Comedian

Episode 31: Grandads Special - the Vicar and the Comedian

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Thursday, 26 March

As a special treat, we are re-releasing this episode with the two Scummy Grandads. Here's one for fans of Ellie's Dad and a chance to meet Helen's Dad, the Vicar - Rev. Tim Thorn. Enjoy x Helen and Ellie

What do you get if you cross an Australian vicar, a comedian from south-east London and several bottles of Sainsbury's cheapest Merlot? That's right, it's the latest episode of The Scummy Mummies Podcast!

Joining Helen and Ellie this time are their dads, Tim and Jim. They talk grandfatherhood, politics, dogs and the secret to having a long and happy marriage. Well, a long marriage.

We test Jim's enclycopedic knowledge of London pubs and Tim discusses getting heckled by his congregation. Plus, we quiz the grandads on modern life - tune in to find out whether Jim knows what a Kardashian is and what Tim makes of Grindr.

And finally there's just time for some Scummy Mummy Confessions. Do send yours in via email - scummymummiespodcast@gmail.com - or Facebook. We're on Twitter too: @scummymummies

Thanks for listening! Grandads, we love you.


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