Episode 28: Wine Special with Knackered Mother Helen McGinn

Episode 28: Wine Special with Knackered Mother Helen McGinn

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Thursday, 7 May

WINE TIME! As we all drinking a few more glasses of wine than usual, we thought we would re-release this classic podcast with wine expert Helen McGinn. Helen now features regularly on the BBC's Saturday Kitchen and her book The Knackered Mother's Wine Guide: Because Life's too Short to Drink Bad Wine is now available.

Ever wondered what wine goes with fish fingers? Is it really worth spending a tenner instead of a fiver? And what's the best way to avoid hangovers? We answer all these questions and more with the help of wine expert Helen McGinn. 

She tells us all about her award-winning blog and best-selling book, The Knackered Mother's Wine Club. We find out why Ribena is technically more expensive than booze, and discuss Nigella's recipe for wine soup. Plus Helen M reveals what goes on behind the scenes at The Alan Titchmarsh Show (spoiler: Atomic Kitten like a drink.)

We explain why Prosecco is the Helen Thorn of wines and she tells us about her goon bag. Ellie outlines her idea for a breastmilk-themed drinking game and we test Helen M on her wine label knowledge with an inevitably stupid quiz.

Visit Helen McGinn's blog to sign up for her regular emails. Her book comes highly recommended and you can also followed her on Twitter: @knackeredmutha.

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