Episode 24: Festival Special feat. DJ Ghetto Booty

Episode 24: Festival Special feat. DJ Ghetto Booty

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Tuesday, 1 July

Dancing, shouting, mud baths, raw sewage - in many ways, music festivals are just large-scale children's parties. So we're celebrating the start of the season with DJ Amanda Gettrup, who'll be appearing at Camp Bestival next month.

Ellie explains why she thinks all festivals are rubbish actually, and Helen looks forward to attending three with her this summer.  We address important topical questions like how relevant Five Star are today and whether happiness really is the truth. Plus, we find out our DJ names and take part in what must be the first ever rap battle to feature the word "taramasalata". It may be the worst thing we have ever done.

Thanks for listening! And if you'd like to see the Scummy Mummies LIVE, come on down to the Caversham Festival near Reading. We'll be performing there on Sunday 13th July. It's FREE!  

Or you can see us at Camp Bestival, along with Amanda. And finally there's our Camden Fringe show - Sat 23 and Sun 24 August at the Hen and Chickens, 3pm. Get your tickets now!

Amanda's on Twitter (@amandagettrup) and so are we (@scummymummies). Please feel free to Like us on Facebook and if you'd like to leave us a review on iTunes, that would be lovely. Ta!  

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