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Kate Nash

Hello Slackers! Welcome to the Slacker Podcast! I hope this Halloween season is treating you fine and dandy like sour candy and that your pets are kept in doors and away from the fireworks. This Halloween I am going as Broken Face Man, the super hero with ability to break his face at any given point. Yeah, I broke my nose playing football at the weekend and as i type this my eye is as black as a goths socks. Welcome to the podcast to you if you are fresh and this is your first episode. Please do go back and check out some of the others that I recorded.

This week's guest is Kate Nash. She is a force of nature in which ever field she chooses whether it's music, acting or activism. This being the Slacker Podcast we focus mainly on the music but we touch on the other parts as well. She brought in an early demo of her track 'Dickhead' which I don't think has been heard anywhere before, so there's a treat for the mega Kate Nash fans. Apart from all that she's just a lovely human and i really enjoyed my chat with her. I hope you do too!

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