[70] "The Experimental Couple (and the three offshoots)" by George Ade

[70] "The Experimental Couple (and the three offshoots)" by George Ade

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Today’s episode is: A story by George Ade, a classic American humorist. Ade was a born-and-bred Midwesterner, working from a home in Chicago, Illinois, and his humor (including in this story) often draws from his life, and his hometown.

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More Context: This story is a cheeky take on the storytelling "rule of threes", adapted to the common man. It also shows how clearly Ade was influenced by the satirical style of his hero, Mark Twain. Ade was one of the first writers to become a millionare through writing.

Story Genres: American fiction, Modern humor, Satire, Moralism

Famous books by Mr. Ade:

Ade's Fables Fables in Slang Knocking the neighbors

And many others.

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