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Adrienne Herbert - "We've got one life, and it's going quickly"

Adrienne Herbert - "We've got one life, and it's going quickly"

By Studio71 UK

Our guest joining us on the show today is a personal trainer, global ambassador for adidas, and an inspiration to many. Her story shows that when you got through tough times they can be channelled to push you even further. Talking her journey and her hustle, it is an absolute pleasure to welcome the amazing Adrienne Herbert.

This is the show that explores the 5 most important days that have changed the lives of the World’s best young creators, entrepreneurs and inventors. Hosted by Tyler West, each week will feature a new guest telling us about their extraordinary journey, how they’ve hustled their way to success at a young age and what their future holds. The show will feature a young and diverse range of guests that have achieved success at a young age without financial support and in a non-traditional way.

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