53 - What If? (The Musical!)

What If World - Stories for Kids

By Eric O'Keeffe

53 - What If? (The Musical!)

Monday, 13 November

In What If World's first mini-musical, Mama Jamma, Poppa Loo, Zack and Zizi get sent off into three different fairytales, courtesy of Jenkins, the trickster fairy. Can they learn their lessons and find their way back to each other?

Lessons include: If you have something important to say, don't let yourself be silenced; be careful and use common sense in unfamiliar settings; rudeness seldom gets results

A HUGE thanks to Chris Kerrigan, who plays Jenkins and a few other characters, and who wrote all the original music and lyrics for this week's episode! Chris performs in and around LA and runs AllSTAR Cabaret, a theatre and performance workshop for kids in 3rd - 6th grade. If you're in the Los Angeles area and want to sign up to audition, visit AllSTAR Cabaret's website at http://allstarcabaret.starinc.org/.

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What If World is hosted and performed by Eric O’Keefe and edited by Karen Marshall, with a theme song by Craig Martinson.

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