78: Steps to Healthy Brain with Dr. Daniel Amen Part 3

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By Jim Kwik, Your Brain Coach, Founder www.KwikLearning.com

78: Steps to Healthy Brain with Dr. Daniel Amen Part 3

Friday, 2 November

This week’s podcast is all about building a healthy brain—and we welcome special guest Dr. Daniel Amen! This is the final part of a special three-part Kwik Brain series with Daniel, where we’ll be walking you through his seven steps to a healthy brain. 

Many of us struggle with focus, mental fatigue, brain fog, and memory loss, and today’s guest Dr. Amen—one of America’s leading psychiatrists who has helped millions of people change their lives and is a ten-time New York Times bestselling author—is here to tell us not only how to counter these problems, but how to build a healthier brain.

Our brain controls literally everything—our careers, relationships, health, and happiness. This talk is about getting some inspiration and instruction on how to unleash the power between your ears. 

Dr. Amen’s book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life has impacted so many people's lives, including mine. It’s an honor to have him as an extraordinary guest on the podcast, and today we’ll be diverging from our usual guest interview format in order to give you access to an exclusive talk by Dr. Amen that we hosted at a private gathering for our Kwik Brain students.

In this episode, Dr. Amen will tell what we should be avoiding, and what we should be doing, to achieve great brain health.

As Dr. Amen says in the introduction: “if you pay attention to me, this information has the ability to improve everything in your life”—so don’t forget to take lots of notes and enjoy!

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