77: How To Turn Knowledge Into Action

Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik

By Jim Kwik, Your Brain Coach, Founder www.KwikLearning.com

77: How To Turn Knowledge Into Action

Tuesday, 30 October

In this episode, I’m coming to you live from Instagram!

I get this question often - “Jim, I know what to do, but I’m not doing what I know. How do I take knowledge and turn it into power? How do I take knowledge and apply and act on the things that I know?”

Have you ever felt or done something like this before? You go to a seminar, listen to a podcast, read a book, but nothing changes.

Knowledge is not power, but it has the potential to become power only when you apply it and use it. All the books, podcasts, seminars, online programs, coaching; none of it works unless you work.

So I’m here to share with you the 3 keys to take knowledge into action because if you don’t act, then you’re not going to get the results.

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