Austin Summer Jam: Kyle Lucas

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By New School Critics

Austin Summer Jam: Kyle Lucas

Thursday, 30 August

Kyle Lucas reveals some of the highs and struggles of his musical journey.



Marietta, Georgia • Emcee/Songwriter • Movie Watcher • Whiskey Drinker • Hopeless Romantic • Young, Fly & Jiggy •

==== Austin's Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Soul Artists are beginning to take the city by storm. In appreciation of these artists' creativity and hard work, KUTX'S The Breaks, EQ Austin and The Hakone Agency are presenting Austin's inaugural Summer Jam event on Friday August, 31st. The event will be hosted by Austin's #1 hip hop radio show, The Breaks, who have selflessly merged both national and local acts on their Saturday night radio show. The hosts, Confucius and Fresh, not only want to highlight the hottest artists in the city, but also to bring various pieces of our community together, uniting in appreciation of Austin's vibrant music community.
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