The Kanye West Thanksgiving Special

Watching the Throne: A Lyrical Analysis of Kanye West

By New School Critics

The Kanye West Thanksgiving Special

Tuesday, 28 November

Cake. Licorice. Klondikes. Croissants. Fish filets. Sweet 'n sour sauce. Open-fridge sandwiches.

What do these all have in common? They are all Kanye West's favorite foods, of course!

As it turns out, Chris and Travis did not get to eat enough food this Thanksgiving and are looking for seconds. Thus, they're digging into Kanye West's discography and pulling out every food reference they can find. And being the over-analyzers they are, they found a narrative arc to Kanye's love of grub.

So, put on your bib, loosen your belt, and strap in for this mess.

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