How could a chicken fly in the sky and lift all the stuff that he sees?

What If World - Stories for Kids

By Eric O'Keeffe

How could a chicken fly in the sky and lift all the stuff that he sees?

Monday, 29 October

It’s the return of Charlie Chicken (episode 43), as our plucky hero sets out to cure his corn cobb papa of the common huitlacoche (whee-tla-KO-cheh). Will Charlie’s neighbors be willing to help?

Lessons include: By helping people outside your inner circle, you can help teach them to do the same; it’s okay to feel frustrated during a disagreement, but lashing out in anger will never change someone’s mind.

Disclaimer: huitlacoche looks yucky to some, but makes for a great vegetarian taco! Mr. Eric apologizes in advance for his mispronunciations. It’s a mouthful both literally and figuratively!

This week’s episode is part of the Kids Listen Halloween Sweeps! If you haven’t heard the wonderful Be Calm on Ahway Island, you can start with their Halloween Special: "Our dragon notices lots of strange monsters and creatures wandering through the streets. Dragon feels a little frightened until the creatures begin to laugh and Dragon realizes it just the kids trick or treating."

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