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Mam Sham - "it's all about good grub and lols"

Mam Sham - "it's all about good grub and lols"

By Studio71 UK

Joining us on the show for the series finale are a pair of creatives that specialise in good grub and lols.

Mam Sham are Rhiannon and Maria and they're the new bastions of banqueting; bringing a fresh kind of ironic brassiness and frequent female focus to the dining experience.

They regularly organise amazing interactive dinners, during which guests can expect to be entertained unremittingly, while chowing down on delicious foods prepared by a range of guest chefs.

This is the show that explores the 5 most important days that have changed the lives of the World’s best young creators, entrepreneurs and inventors. Hosted by Tyler West, each week will feature a new guest telling us about their extraordinary journey, how they’ve hustled their way to success at a young age and what their future holds. The show will feature a young and diverse range of guests that have achieved success at a young age without financial support and in a non-traditional way.


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