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Ranking the Scrooges

Ranking the Scrooges

By Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery

Merry Christmas! For this year’s festive special, we’re looking back at some of the most memorable adaptations of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Tom and Morgan pick three Scrooges each, to decide which one is the very best (not including Scrooge McDuck or efforts by Henry Winkler or Kelsey Grammer, sorry boys).

The episode also features an exclusive interview with Muppet Christmas Carol star Meredith Braun, where Tom chatted with her about the film’s fan favourite song ‘When Love is Gone’ and how great Michael Caine was as Scrooge.

Developments since broadcast:

Christopher Plummer starred as Scrooge in a semi-biographical film about Charles Dickens, The Man Who Invented Christmas, in 2017.Guy Pearce played Scrooed in a gritty new version of A Christmas Carol by the BBC and FX in 2019.Disney announced plans to re-release The Muppet Christmas Carol in HD, including the discovery of the original tapes of ‘When Love is Gone’! We like to pretend we had something to do with it.
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