My StorYe: Travis Grier

My StorYe: Travis Grier

By New School Critics

Watching the Throne: A Lyrical Analysis of Kanye West

Friday, 30 November

Travis Grier firmly believes it to be true: Kanye West invented music. He sits down with WTT to tell his StorYe, which encompasses writing about Kanye for various publications, having honest conversations about Kanye's recent behavior with Trump, and hiding all of 50 Cent's CDs at the local Target when Graduation dropped—needless to say, Travis is a stan for life.

Travis Grier, 27, was born and raised in Baltimore, and since some of his earliest moments that I can remember, music—especially Kanye's music—has been crucial to his life's story. By day, he serves as an editor and writer for various music publications, along with doing social media management.

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