Dilan Rajasingham-  Builder of the Mesh Economy

Dilan Rajasingham- Builder of the Mesh Economy

By Simon Spencer

As head of emerging technologies at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Dilan Rajasingham is building a mesh economy.     A mesh economy is about the convergence of new technologies;  Artificial Intelligence will interact with the Internet of Things, and we will have an economy where the convergence of technologies will be machines talking to machines without human intervention. Dilan sees the bank of the future as an enabler of that economy of convergence, but also we have to safeguard our humanity and talk now about the ethical implications of our technological choices.   Unless we are conscientious, and we look at how these technologies layer,  then we could create convergence that doesn't lead to improvements as AI becomes more prevalent in our lives.   When quantum computing is layered under IOT under AI under voice interface, then we will have a mesh economy because we will have a world built on a mesh of technologies. But Dilan also sees that AI and IOT give us unprecedented opportunities to make life better.  The help of voice assistants in running our homes is a more natural haptic than any other interface.   Technology will be embedded into our worklives, homes, and bodies.    Eventually, we may interact simply through our thoughts.   Bio: Senior Executive, Banker and practical futurist with deep understanding of emerging technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, AI, Quantum Computing and AR/VR. Converting technology into operational efficiencies and incremental and future revenue. Created cross-industry, and ecosystem partnerships, 10+ years working with Executive Committees in Global 500 companies; and 20+ years in banking, consulting and technology. Extensive business and technology transformation experience with billion dollar programs of work. Trusted presenter and media spokesperson – widely covered in conferences, radio, video, print, paper and online. Published White Papers on my favourite topics - disruptive technology and their implications to business and society. Produced by Rachel Morrissey, Senior Producer, Provoke Media
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