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The Cribs

Seasonal Slacker Greetings! Hello to you all! I hope you're mince pies are full of raisins and your pockets full on tinsel. This is number 12/16 of Season 1 of The Slacker Podcast. 

This week I am joined by a full on family. The Cribs are this weeks subjects of the Slacker Podcast. I love this band for many different reasons. Mainly because they are a formative band for me. When I was in my band all i wanted to do was go on tour with The Cribs. They are the most legitimate rock and roll band going in the UK. This was the first ever Slacker Podcast I recorded, just under a year ago. I hope you enjoy it...

Before I forget. The Slacker Club Night is going on tour in February. The Magic Gang will be headlining each night of the tour along with a super secret support and myself DJ'n. We are playing in

Feb 20th - Engine Rooms - Southampton

Feb 21st - Sub89 - Reading

Feb 22n - Dreamland - Margate

You can buy tickets here -

@philytaggart on Instagram

@philytaggart on Twitter

Here is a link to the magnificent Mad Notions Podcast - This is the best music podcast I listen to. I love it loads. Try it out and tell those buttholes i sent you!


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