109: Self-Compassion + Looking At The Nuances of Life

109: Self-Compassion + Looking At The Nuances of Life

By Meg Kissack | The Rebel Rousers: Creativity, Inspiration & Dreamchasing

This episode is part two of a three-part series of wrapping up this year Couragemakers style. We started part one talking all about fear and uncertainty, and this week we’re diving into looking back on the year with self-compassion.

Show Notes

Couragemakers Patreon Page Reflection exercise:

Create the space and take the time to write yourself three letters:


Letter 1: imagine yourself a year ago and write a letter to your present self.

Letter 2: write a letter to your past self. 

Letter 3: from the perspective of your future self, write a letter to the past and present you.

About Meg & That Hummingbird Life

I’m Meg and I’m the host of Couragemakers and founder of That Hummingbird Life. I’m an INFJ creative and multi-passionate who has a bit of a notebook and post-it note obsession, loves foot-stomping country music and likes her hot chocolate with way too much chocolate.

I started Couragemakers because I wanted to create a platform for passionate and unconventional women to have honest conversations and to share their stories, struggles and dreams. The intention behind this podcast is to inspire and encourage creative and mission-driven women to live a wholehearted life and follow the beat of their drum.

When I'm not recording episodes, writing bullshit-free Sunday pep Talks to my wonderful Couragemakers community or working 1:1 with clients, I'm usually covered in paint and thinking of imaginative ways of hide my would-be dog from my landlord. 



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